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Tuesday, March 31, 2020 -- Thank You, Blame China, Keep Calm & Carry On

Thank You!
I've been thinking during these challenging weeks about the attitude of many left-wing, privileged coastal elites toward people in middle America – the folks Hillary once called "deplorable and irredeemable."  A few weeks ago, CNN pundits adopted fake southern accents to mock them as illiterate hicks.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo once said that pro-life conservatives who believe in traditional marriage and the Second Amendment weren't welcome in New York. Well, yesterday Cuomo was begging medical workers from other states to "please come help" his state. I doubt whether he'll be asking those doctors and nurses whether or not they're pro-life.
All this got me thinking about how much the heroic things being done in America right now are being done by people who progressive elites all too often mock.  So today, I’d like to thank some of them.  
Thank you to the farmers who get up each morning to plant and sow and reap the food that we all depend on.
Thank you to the truckers who drive all day and night to deliver vital goods to every community in America.
Thank you to the cop on the beat who continues through this crisis to keep our streets safe.
Thank you to the National Guard being deployed to big cities to protect people who are sometimes disdainful of men and women in uniform.
Thank you to the doctors and nurses working long hours to heal the sick.
Thank you America's entrepreneurs who are coming up with new ways to provide desperately needed supplies and protective gear.
Thank you to those flying our flag.  Your simple act of patriotism reminds us of the great country we're blessed to live in.
Thank you to each and every one of you -- America is grateful for your courage, prayers, hard work and dedication.  
Blame China, Not Trump
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that when this crisis has passed, there will be an investigation of what President Trump knew and when he knew it.  In other words, they want a Watergate-style investigation that will become the left's new impeachment rallying cry. 
What Pelosi should be doing is putting a commission together to discover what the Chinese Communist Party knew and when they knew it.  That would actually be good for the American people to know. 
The Chinese Communist Party lied to its own people.  It arrested doctors who warned about the outbreak.  It lied about the severity of the disease, insisting it wasn't contagious.   And it is lying to the rest of the world even today.  For example: 

It is shocking how dependent we are on medical products made in China, including the forehead scanning thermometers. The head of a Chinese factory was caught in an online conversation recently joking about miscalibrating thermometers sent to America so that the virus spreads. 
Coincidentally, Carol and I had just ordered one of those thermometers.  I checked the package and, sure enough, it was stamped "Made in China." 
Serious people have questioned whether the outbreak was intentional or the result of an accident at a biological research facility in Wuhan.  That would be another good topic of investigation, Speaker Pelosi. 
Meanwhile, there's shocking news about a number of Chinese scientists carrying live virus strains through U.S. airports in their carry-on luggage.  The FBI labeled three such incidents as "biosecurity risks." 
And while we're at it, maybe we should ask what other administrations knew and when they knew it.  At least 10 government reports issued from 2003 to 2015 warned of severe medical shortages in the event of a viral outbreak like the one we are confronting now.
Choose Life
Planned Parenthood is suing four states to continue aborting pre-born children during this pandemic.  The left-wing mind is really a strange thing. 
At the same time progressives are attacking Trump for not doing enough to save lives, they are fighting to the death for the "right" to keep taking more lives.  Clinically, this would be called schizophrenia, but today we call it progressivism.
Keep Calm & Carry On
There was a very revealing moment during yesterday's White House press briefing.  President Trump took a question from CNN's Jim Acosta knowing it would be an outrageous attack and an opportunity to remind America of how unhinged the left-wing media has become.
Acosta asked the president, "What do you say to Americans who are upset with you over the way you downplayed this crisis? . . . What do you say to Americans who believe that you got this wrong?"  Trump responded:
"I want to keep the country calm. I don't want panic in the country.  I can cause panic much better than even you. . . But you know what? I don't want to do that.  I want to have our country be calm and strong and fight and win, and it will go away."
By the way, Acosta could ask Nancy Pelosi and New York officials the same question.  But I'm not holding my breath.
Carlson's Prediction
Tucker Carlson is predicting that Joe Biden won't be the Democrat nominee in November.  Carlson said people close to Biden have told him that the former vice president isn't up to the task of taking on Trump.  "He's not going to make it, and the people around him know it," Carlson said.
He also predicted that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the "most likely" Democrat to replace Biden on the national ticket.
Stay tuned!