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Tuesday, March 23, 2021 -- A Deliberate Crisis, Noem's Nonsense, Another Mass Murder

A Deliberate Crisis
The whole country sees the crisis at the border.  And they know it is a crisis, even if the Biden Administration refuses to admit it. 
A new Rasmussen poll finds that 67% of voters say the situation at the border is a crisis.  A Hill-HarrisX poll finds that 76% of voters say the situation at the border "is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately."
But some administration critics on the right still don't get it.  They think President Biden made a mistake when he scrapped all the effective border security policies Donald Trump put into place.  They think Biden was just clueless, and that he really didn't mean to cause a massive wave of migration into the country. 
My friends, I can't emphasize this often enough:  Joe Biden is doing exactly what he intended to do.  And you don't have to take my word for it.  


The left wants to flood America with millions of people from developing countries who will accelerate the process of transforming America.  Why would they want to transform America?  Well, the left is telling us every day that they think we are a racist country. 
They want to transform America because they don't want a conservative to win the White House ever again.  And if they can change the demographic makeup of America, they believe they will switch one state after another from conservative to liberal. 
What They're Saying & Doing
Just listen to what Biden officials are saying about the border crisis.  For starters, they adamantly insist there is no crisis.  So, I suppose they must be okay with what's happening.
They're not saying that they need more time to secure the border.  They're saying they need more time to process more illegal aliens.  If they wanted to stop the mass migration, Biden would announce that he's going to finish the border wall.  But he's not saying that.
Now let's review what they're doing. 


  • In the middle of a pandemic, they have allowed detention facilities to operate at 700% capacity.
  • FEMA has been sent in, not to secure the border, but to set up more migrant housing and assist with additional processing.
  • The Biden Administration is paying $86 million to put migrants in American hotels.
  • They are flying migrants at the southern border to processing centers along the Canadian border.
  • Nearly 90% of migrant families are being released into the country.  Only 13% are being sent back to Mexico.
  • Many migrants are being released without court dates.
  • They have thousands of National Guard troops protecting the U.S. Capitol from tourists, but no one in the Biden Administration has ordered the National Guard to secure our southern border. 

In other words, nothing is being done to secure the border or stop the massive wave of migration.  And everything that is being done is intended to accommodate the massive numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our border.
This complete policy reversal from one administration to the next is not a mistake.  This whole-of-government approach from border security to open borders is not an accident.  It requires direction and orders from the top. 
Noem's Nonsense
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is a rising star in the Republican Party.  In fact, she was mentioned yesterday by President Trump as a potential 2024 contender for the White House.
But she's hit a bump in the road.  After telling South Dakota how "excited" she was to sign legislation that protected young female athletes from being forced to compete against biological boys who claim to be women, Gov. Noem instead vetoed the bill.
If voters are sick and tired of anything, it's politicians who say one thing and do the opposite.
So what happened?  It appears as though Noem caved to pressure from the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and the NCAA
This is just another example of woke corporations attempting to impose their values on the rest of America.  It happened in Georgia.  It happened in Indiana.  It happened in North Carolina
Not only that, but big corporations are also advocates for amnesty and cheap labor.  They're not only undermining the values of most Americans, but they are also undermining their economic security as well.
They're using their power to intimidate conservative governors and legislators from passing legislation that the people support.  And they do it by threatening the jobs of the people in those states.  It's outrageous! 
It's one thing for conservatives to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.  But we should feel no sense of obligation to woke multinational corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. 
Another Mass Murder
Yesterday, we witnessed the second horrific mass murder in a week.  There is some evidence that just like the murders in Atlanta, the murders in Boulder were committed by an individual who may well be mentally ill.  So, in that sense there is a commonality between them. 
But the way the two shootings have been treated reveals how the left is exploiting such tragedies to promote their false narrative that America is evil and filled with racism.
The mentally ill attacker in Atlanta was repeatedly described as "white," and the media jumped to the conclusion that he was motivated by anti-Asian bias.  The president and vice president also jumped to this same conclusion, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
The perpetrator in the Boulder murders is a Syrian man who complained on social media about racist and Islamophobic America.  He also posted anti-Trump comments.  He killed ten people in a grocery store.  His name was not made public until midday today.  The fact that his family is Syrian was downplayed by the media. 
President Biden ordered flags to half-staff after the Atlanta murders.  He just ordered the flags lowered again to honor the Boulder victims.  As tragic as these events are, why has Biden never lowered the flags for the multiple deaths (overwhelmingly black Americans) that occur every weekend in Chicago?
Election Time, Again
Israeli voters are heading to the polls today for the fourth national election in just two years. 
While polls show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party emerging as the largest bloc in the Knesset, they also predict that the conservative coalition will fall short of the 61-votes needed to form a government.
As of this writing, voter turnout is reportedly the lowest it has been in more than ten years, which could result in surprise showings for several parties, while others fail to reach the required threshold to take seats in the Knesset. 
We will keep you posted as the results become clear in the days ahead.