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Tuesday, March 21, 2023 -- GOP Leaders Find Their Voice, The Tyrants Of Tolerance, School Choice Revival

GOP Leaders Find Their Voices


Today is the day when reports initially suggested Donald Trump might be arrested.  That seems unlikely as an unexpected witness testified before the grand jury yesterday and another is scheduled to testify tomorrow. 


Nevertheless, multiple media outlets report that Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s Soros-funded district attorney, is moving forward with plans to arrest the former president over what is essentially a minor campaign finance violation that federal officials refused to prosecute.


Fox News stated last night that Bragg will not allow Trump to be arraigned virtually, but will insist on perp walking him into a New York City courtroom.  That’s all the evidence you need to prove that this entire operation is being orchestrated by the Democrat National Committee.


Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are expressing their outrage over the criminalization of politics and the weaponization of law enforcement.


Sen. Ted Cruz said, “[The case] is flimsy. It is weak.  It has been rejected by prosecutor after prosecutor after prosecutor.  And it is obviously political retribution and political persecution.”


Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “It will blow up our country, and this is a bunch of B.S.”


Sen. J.D. Vance tweeted, “I’ve been asked by multiple reporters if an indictment would lead me to rescind my endorsement of Donald Trump. The answer is: hell no. A politically motivated prosecution makes the argument for Trump stronger. We simply don’t have a real country if justice depends on politics.”


Sen. Rand Paul wrote, “A Trump indictment would be a disgusting abuse of power.  The DA should be put in jail.”


Speaker Kevin McCarthy wrote, “An outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump.  I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told reporters, “This is a Soros-backed, crazy, left-wing prosecutor… and he is doing this purely political sham.”


Rep. Elise Stefanik said, “I think we should hear Alvin Bragg testify before Congress, under oath, about his vision, the fact that this is wildly political, that this was not pursued by federal courts and that the Department of Justice passed on this.”




The Tyrants Of Tolerance


A recent Wall Street Journal editorial takes aim at the growing “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) bureaucracy on college campuses.  This bureaucracy exists to push critical race theory into every aspect of campus life. 


The recent debacle at Stanford Law School, which saw the school’s DEI officer join a woke mob in shouting down a respected federal judge, only underscores how the entire DEI complex is designed to silence conservative thought and enforce neo-Marxist groupthink.  So, in reality it is the exact opposite of “diversity” and “inclusion.”


The DEI bureaucracy is growing much faster than most people realize. 


According to the Heritage Foundation, the average university now has 45 personnel devoted to DEI functions.  DEI staff on most universities were 4.2 times the number of staff dedicated to assisting students with disabilities and 1.4 times the number of history professors on campus.


Sadly, the Heritage Foundation also found evidence that many DEI staff express anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views, again totally contrary to “diversity” and “inclusion.”


That speaks volumes about the left’s misplaced priorities, and how your tax dollars are being wasted. Remember this the next time you hear about the high cost of college tuition and leftist demands that you further subsidize it.


Thankfully, legislators in more than a dozen states are taking steps to downsize this bureaucratic behemoth.




School Choice Revival


One “silver lining” of the COVID pandemic is that many parents were forced to become more involved in the education of their children as schools closed or went online.  Many parents saw for the first time the radical indoctrination being pushed on our kids, whether it was anti-American history, critical race theory or radical gender theory.


In addition, the school shutdowns, which were supported by the left-wing teachers’ unions, resulted in serious educational and emotional damage to many of our children. 


Not only are test scores falling, but research suggests that average IQs are also falling.  And that’s not at all surprising given the left’s focus on indoctrination rather than education.


Needless to say, there’s been a revival of sorts in the school choice movement as parents demand accountability, quality education and better results.  States like Arkansas and Iowa have recently passed major school choice legislation that empowers parents and funds students, not bureaucratic school systems.


But not everyone is on board with these commonsense changes.  State Rep. Lydia Glaize (D) caused a firestorm this week when she attacked parents during a debate over a school choice bill currently under consideration in the Georgia legislature.  Rep. Glaize said:


“A lot of those parents did not finish high school. . .  I am extremely concerned that we would put money in their hands and that entire piece of life in the hands of parents who are not qualified to make those decisions.”


Who is she talking about?  Well, she’s talking about a lot of low-income, hard-working families, many of whom are minorities. 


The left works really hard to ensure that these same people are registered to vote so they can pick the president.  But they’re not smart enough to pick a school or decide what’s best for their own children? 


That’s incredibly insulting!  It’s also a perfect example of the left’s arrogance, its desire to control everything and its hostility to parents


When Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child that was code for what they really believe, which is that it takes Big Government to indoctrinate a child.




War Without End


Yesterday, Biden Administration spokesman John Kirby was asked about the prospect of a ceasefire in Ukraine being announced at the summit currently taking place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s communist dictator Xi Jinping.  Kirby’s response was surprising. 


“We've been very, very public about any concerns about some sort of a ceasefire announcement right now,” Kirby said, adding, “We would reject it.”


That’s at least the second time that we know of where the Biden Administration has blocked or shut down any talk of a ceasefire or negotiations to end the fighting in Ukraine.  But a year after this war began, the American people do not share Joe Biden’s apparent enthusiasm for risking World War III over Ukraine.


  • A recent Fox News poll found the country split 50% to 46% over whether we should support Ukraine “as long as it takes” or only for a “limited timeframe.” 


  • Last year, a Pew Research Center poll found that 74% of Americans felt U.S. support for Ukraine was either “about right” or “not enough.”  Now, it’s just 51%.


  • A new Morning Consult poll finds that only 49% of Americans believe the Ukraine represents a “vital U.S. interest.”  When asked to rank Ukraine among a list of other priorities, it finishes 15th out of 18 issues – just ahead of climate change, COVID and LGBTQ rights.


I continue to pray that we will use our considerable leverage to get a ceasefire in the Ukraine war.  I fail to see why a war with Russia, led by Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, is a good idea.




19 And Counting


Wyoming is now the 19th state to ban boys playing in girls’ sports.  There’s a common thread among these states:  They voted for Donald Trump, they had Republican governors and they had Republican legislatures. 


The point is simply that these cultural battles are often won or lost on Election Day. 


So, if you think it’s insane that your sister, daughter, granddaughter or niece might be forced to share a bathroom or a shower with boys or might be forced to compete against a team of boys and lose out on scholarship opportunities, start voting Republican! 


That’s the only thing that is going to stop the insane left. 


Stand with CWF to defeat the demented Democrats!