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Tuesday, March 12, 2024 -- Hur On The Hill, Standing Firm, Wray's Warning


Hur On The Hill


Special Counsel Robert Hur testified for hours before the House Judiciary Committee today. Prior to his testimony, the transcript of his interview with Joe Biden was released to the public, and we learned that Joe Biden lied when he accused Hur of making an issue of his son’s death.


Think about that for a moment. Joe Biden exploited his son’s death in order to smear Special Counsel Hur. We also learned Biden joked that investigators might find risque photos of his wife. Weird.


I was struck by a number of things Hur told members of Congress today.


In response to critics who blasted his report as a “partisan hit job on the president,” Hur replied that he set a high standard to thoroughly explain his decision when “investigating the attorney general’s boss.”


As for Biden’s “willful retention and disclosure” of classified material, Hur noted that Joe Biden told the ghostwriter of his book, “I just found all the classified stuff downstairs.” So, he clearly knew he had classified information.


Asked to explain why he didn’t charge Biden, Hur said he needed to ascertain the president’s state of mind, adding that he did not sanitize his explanation or unfairly disparage the president. And he stood by his description of Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory.”


When pressed to clarify his findings, Hur said that he did not find Biden innocent, only that Hur would likely lose a jury trial.


That left me wondering how a man too befuddled to stand trial can be capable of governing the country.




Standing Firm


Several Christians have been in the news lately for taking bold, principled stands. Of course, their courage has consequences, but I hope that it also serves to convict and inspire others to boldly step out and stand up for our values.


The first is the Christian family of Laken Riley, who was murdered because of Joe Biden’s failed and immoral open borders policies. Her family could have grieved in private. But after Laken’s death, they wanted people to know how strong her faith was and how much she loved America.


When Biden ignored Laken’s death, her parents boldly stepped out and called out the failure of this administration to keep us safe.


The second person is Riley Gaines, a young Christian lady who is taking on radical transgender ideology. She gets death threats. She has been assaulted. But she is standing firm. Why does she speak out and take this abuse?


In an interview, Gaines said she had been planning to go to dental school to become an endodontist. But she added, “I quickly learned that the fastest way to make God laugh was to make plans for myself.”


Gaines knew that she had to drop everything and follow the calling God laid on her heart to be a voice for female athletes against men pretending to be women. She said:


“I’m done competing, this is not about me. . . This is bigger than just sports -- the changing of the language, words that apply to women, the silencing of women’s voices. . .


“When you see the bigger picture -- looking at how universities, corporations, even political officials, are denying objective truth -- we’re living in a George Orwell dystopian novel where they’re telling us to say that 2+2=5 and we all know it’s not 5.”


The third individual is Steve Nikoui. He’s the Gold Star father who stood up during the State of the Union address and yelled, “Remember Abbey Gate!” That’s where his son, Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, and 12 other soldiers were killed during Biden’s disastrous, ill-conceived retreat from Afghanistan.


He was arrested and faces 90 days in jail. Why did he do it? He didn’t plan it. He said, “It was like the Lord convicted me. The Holy Spirit got in me,” and he knew he had to defend his son.


These Americans love Jesus and love America. Each one, in their own way, is fighting to save our country and defend our liberty.


I don’t know where they attend church. It would be interesting to find out if their pastors are clearly explaining to their congregations what their responsibilities are as Christians in a nation built on the revolutionary idea that our rights do not come from any man or government, but from God.


More pastors should be taking similarly bold stands the way Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. did during the Civil Rights movement.




A Threat To Democracy


I was connecting the dots on some headlines this morning, and it led to a disturbing observation that the Biden administration is threatening democracy in other nations around the world.


For example, Joe Biden said recently that it was a “red line” for him if Israeli troops moved into Rafah to finish off Hamas. So, instead of drawing red lines about what Hamas cannot do, Biden is drawing red lines by telling Israel what it can’t do.


The annual threat assessment from our intelligence agencies was just released, and certain details were leaked to the New York Times. Among those details is shocking speculation from U.S. intelligence agencies that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may be overthrown by mass protests.


They believe Netanyahu is in deep trouble politically in Israel, and even though the next election isn’t until 2026, our intelligence community doesn’t believe the Israeli people will wait that long.


They seem giddy that Netanyahu might be replaced by a moderate leader who won’t resist a nuclear deal with Iran and who will support a “two-state solution.”


This isn’t just idle speculation. The Obama/Biden administration tried to overthrow the Israeli government, and so has the Biden/Harris administration.


Before the October 7th massacre, there was a huge debate in Israel about reining in its left-wing Supreme Court and making it a co-equal branch of government, not a superior branch. The left-wing groups demonstrating against Netanyahu’s judicial reform legislation were funded by the Biden State Department.


Biden’s first ambassador to Israel infamously said, “I spend 60% of my time trying to help the Palestinian people.” Really?


What would our reaction be if an ambassador from Russia or communist China said, “I spend 60% of my time trying to save minority Americans from their systemically racist government”?


During the Cold War, our intelligence community manipulated opinions to spur revolutions in countries moving in a direction we did not like. They did that in the name of stopping the enemies of the United States and saving democracy.


Sadly, we now know that the CIA evaded domestic laws by getting foreign intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign.


And just as the weapons we gave our intelligence agencies to protect us from our foreign enemies have been turned against U.S. citizens, those skills we developed to undermine foreign governments are being turned against nations that have elected populist conservative leaders.


So, Biden has been actively undermining Bibi Netanyahu. His administration regularly berates the democratically elected leader of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who has said repeatedly that he wants Hungary to remain a Christian nation.


When Guatemala elected a conservative government that Biden didn’t like, his administration undermined that government and even denied the former president a visa.


When Uganda refused to bend to the administration’s pressure to promote abortion and the LGBTQ agenda, Biden banned their officials from visiting the United States. So, they turned to communist China.




Wray’s Warning


FBI Director Christopher Wray made headlines yesterday for his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Wray warned senators that the FBI is “seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats” emanating from Biden’s open borders policies.


Wray added that much of the violent crime in America is committed by violent gangs involved in fentanyl distribution.


When asked about foreign terrorists coming across the border, Wray said he is very concerned about a particular smuggling network with ties to ISIS.


As we have reported, it’s not just Mexicans and Venezuelans (I believe Venezuela has emptied its prisons) who are coming across our border. The number of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border has increased exponentially.


There are also many illegal aliens coming from the “Stans” – Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. As a reminder, it only took 19 people here on expired visas to pull off 9/11.


So, that got me thinking about something else. Remember when Donald Trump wanted to send the National Guard into some cities that were overwhelmed by crime? The progressive politicians in those cities refused the help and accused Trump of being a dictator.


Now all of a sudden, the Democrat governor of New York has deployed National Guard troops to patrol New York City’s subway system. There are calls to do the same in Chicago.


Is it possible that some individuals have been briefed on the growing danger we are facing from a potential attack from ISIS or other terrorists? Mass transit is always a prime target.