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Tuesday, March 1, 2022 -- Biden's War, The Left's Reaction, Abortion Bill Defeated

Biden's War


One of the greatest failures of the Biden Administration took place on its very first day.  One of the first things Joe Biden did when he entered the Oval Office was to shut down our pipelines. He also shut down new U.S. drilling and put us back in the terrible Paris Climate Accord


Later he approved Putin's pipeline to Europe and started buying record amounts of oil from Russia, feeding Putin's war machine. 


Seriously, we're paying Putin $70 million a day for oil we could be and should be producing here.


Joe Biden and the left have been waging war against the American energy industry non-stop.  They have an obsession to rebuild the entire economy around wind, solar and other so-called "green energy" alternatives. 


And because of that obsession, we're now in a huge mess.  Europe is dependent on Russian energy, and we cannot supply them and ourselves with our own drilling being hobbled by our own government. 


But far from acknowledging the mistake, Biden is doubling down -- even as gas prices have surged nearly $1.20 from this time two years ago. 


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked why the administration isn't doing more to produce more domestic energy.  Here's what he said in response:


"The president has taken a number of steps . . . including diplomatic efforts to increase global oil production. . . But let's be clear:  We're in the middle of a long-term transformation."


In other words, we're going to rely on hostile regimes around the world while we wait for a "long-term transformation."


We are inflicting damage on ourselves.  And, in the meantime, you're going to face a lot more pain at the pump for the left's "green" obsession.




The Left's Reaction


Now that Biden is facing a full-blown foreign policy crisis, it's worth reviewing how the left reacted during similar moments in the Trump Administration.  The left was so determined to destroy Donald Trump that even on foreign policy issues they undermined the only president we had every opportunity they had. 


When Trump confronted North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the left set its hair on fire screaming that he was going to get us into a nuclear war.


When Trump confronted communist China, the left fretted that he might start a nuclear war.


When Trump took out Iranian terror mastermind Gen. Soleimani, the entire political left attacked him.  They accused him of war crimes and of triggering a massive war in the Middle East.


We even discovered that former Secretary of State and Biden ally John Kerry was undermining American foreign policy by urging the mullahs of Iran to just hold on until Democrats were back in power and able to appease Tehran again, which Biden is doing right now.


When Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something previous presidents had promised to do but never did, the left insisted that the "Muslim world will erupt in violence" triggering a massive war.  It didn't happen.


When Trump warned our European allies that they had better take their NATO financial obligations seriously, the left accused him of undermining our alliance and alienating our allies.  (NATO nations who share a border with Russia, however, are grateful for Trump's leadership.)


When Trump had a phone call with the president of Ukraine, Democrats impeached him!  But keep in mind that Trump gave Ukraine lethal weapons that Obama/Biden wouldn't.


The left attacked and undermined everything Trump tried to do, and in doing so, they undermined a grand tradition of our Republic – politics ends at the water's edge. 


So, all the rules about unity and bipartisanship in foreign policy were shredded by the left.




What About Now?


Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, what about the idea of unity and consensus now? 


While many GOP establishment figures are being "good soldiers" and standing with Biden, the Democrats and their media allies are viciously attacking conservatives who aren't marching in lockstep to the drumbeat of war.


Incredibly, they are blaming Trump for Putin's invasion of Ukraine that is happening a year after Joe Biden took office.  Democrat leaders and many liberal media outlets are suggesting that any conservative who recommends caution in the current crisis is essentially part of a pro-Putin movement in the United States. 


If you point out, as many conservatives have, that it is jarring to see how quickly Democrats jumped to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine's borders while failing to secure our own borders, you are dismissed as a puppet of Vladimir Putin. 


Once again, the left is using any crisis it can to demonize and criminalize conservatives who fight back. 


For example, during a recent virtual event, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Barbara Lee actually tried to compare Putin's war against democracy in Ukraine to the efforts of Republicans to secure our elections.  So, if you support voter ID laws, you are the equivalent of a Russian tank driving into Kyiv. 


This is the left's absurd theme that Republicans are "authoritarians" and "against democracy," when in fact it is the left that is anti-democratic and dictatorial. 


It's the left that has shock troops in the streets beating up people who disagree with them.  That's what Antifa does.  That's what BLM does. 


It's the left that is trying to rig elections.  It's the left that wants to rig the Supreme Court.


Remember how the left treated the parents who protested arrogant school boards and their radical agendas? 


Angry parents frustrated that their children were being taught gender confusion, anti-American history and racist Marxist theories were accused of being "domestic terrorists."  The left called in the FBI, hoping to smash any dissent. 


Remember what the Department of Homeland Security said just a few weeks ago? 


This agency was created after 9/11 to protect America from radical Islamist enemies.  But it just warned that some Americans who are spreading "disinformation" about COVID and alleging voter fraud in 2020 were undermining the government and could incite violence. 


So, look at the pattern. 


If you question why we aren't securing our border, you're a Putin apologist. 


If you're cautious about rushing into a conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia, you're a Putin apologist. 


If you want to hold your school board accountable, you're a domestic terrorist. 


If you believe there were serious irregularities in the 2020 election, you're undermining democracy. 


If you raise questions about the often-wrong public health bureaucracy, you're undermining the government and stoking violence. 


And, as we saw in "progressive" Canada, if you protest against big government mandates, you're an enemy of the state, and that state has the power to confiscate your money and property, rendering you unable to provide for your family.


That's not freedom. That's tyranny.




What Do You Think?


I'd appreciate getting your feedback on the crisis in Ukraine.  Do you think:


  1.  This is a European problem that should be handled by Europe.  England, France and Germany should lead the way.


  1. The U.S. should continue to provide weapons and supplies to help the outgunned Ukrainians.  We should tighten sanctions, including on the Russian energy industry.  But we should not send U.S. forces where they could become engaged in direct conflict with Russian forces.


  1. We should deploy troops to the border of Ukraine and provide U.S. aircraft to impose a no-fly zone over the country so Russia cannot support its ground forces.


Please use this link to respond.




Abortion Bill Defeated


While the world is attempting to come to grips with the crisis in Europe, Senate Democrats were once again attempting to push their number one priority – abortion on demand.


Yesterday evening, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer forced a vote on the most radical pro-abortion legislation ever – the so-called "Women's Health Protection Act."  The bill would codify Roe v. Wade into federal law and eliminate every state pro-life law in the process.


Thankfully, the legislation failed to get even a simple majority vote and fell well short of the 60 votes needed to move forward.  Forty-six Democrats voted for the radical pro-abortion bill, while 47 Republicans and one Democrat (Joe Manchin) voted against it.  (See how your senators voted here.)


That was the same breakdown of the vote in the House last year.  All the votes for this radical pro-abortion bill came from Democrats, while all the votes against it came from Republicans and one Texas Democrat. 


These votes are very revealing.  They demonstrate clearly that a core principle of the Democrat Party is that the destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent preborn children every year must be continued with no restrictions at any point during all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason or no reason at all.