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Tuesday, June 7, 2022 -- America Last, Biden's Bordersgate, Biden's Gasgate

America Last


All day yesterday, the White House failed to recognize D-Day.  (Well, almost.)  It is incomprehensible that an American president would do that -- except that Joe Biden has done it before! 


He failed to issue any statement last year commemorating the Greatest Generation, which my father, a Marine, was proud to be part of. 


Yesterday, many conservative commentators were complaining about Biden’s disrespect for our heroes and our history.  Finally, the White House crisis team jumped into action and put out a tweet late last night.  How pathetic.


We already know how much disdain the left has for America’s founders.  Now we know they don’t care at all about the great men who liberated Europe from real Nazis!


By the way, the president I worked for, Ronald Reagan, never let a patriotic moment pass without trying to inspire America’s youth.  One of his greatest speeches was delivered at Pointe du Hoc, commemorating the 40th anniversary of D-Day.  You can watch it here.




Biden’s Bordersgate


What is Biden’s open borders / immigration goal?  Is he trying to merge Mexico and the United States into one country?  Don’t laugh!


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the president of Mexico, launched into a verbal attack on the United States yesterday, and called for a continental “superstate” that intentionally erases the border of the United States and Mexico, merging the two countries.  This would, of course, destroy America’s working and middle class. 


Obrador also made this disclosure:  He’s meeting with Biden at the White House next month to discuss this very issue of erasing our borders. 


I would argue that Biden has already done that.  He has handcuffed our Border Patrol agents and allowed millions of illegal aliens to pour into our country virtually unimpeded. 


Meanwhile, Biden is reportedly attending the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles this week, where he will sign a “declaration on migration.”  Among other things, it will commit the United States to “an equitable recovery in the hemisphere after the COVID-19 pandemic,” and “a focus on decarbonization, biodiversity, and clean energy jobs, and creating sustainable and inclusive trade.”


In other words, it’s a massive transfer of wealth and a hemispheric “Green New Deal.”


Why can’t Biden and Obrador talk this week in Los Angeles?  Well, Obrador is refusing to attend the Summit because he’s standing in solidarity with the communist dictators of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, who also are not coming to the Summit.


But wait. . . There’s more!


Mexico’s president insisted that he will no longer tolerate “insults to immigrants and Mexicans,” and he demanded immigration reform.  He attacked Cuban Americans for having disproportionate influence in our country, and he launched into a tirade against the Republican Party for its insistence on border security.


Can you imagine how Donald Trump would react to such statements?  It’s impossible to imagine because no president of Mexico would dare say such things if Donald Trump were president of the United States!


The image of weakness that Joe Biden and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris are presenting to the world has convinced even the president of Mexico that he can demand the end of America!


Every Republican official should be blasting Obrador’s obnoxious demands and his offensive remarks.  Every Republican candidate should be running hard against the left’s open borders agenda and the surrender of American sovereignty. 


Biden’s open borders policies are a national scandal.  They are a serious threat to our national security.  On this issue alone, Joe Biden deserves to be impeached!




Biden’s Gasgate


I wouldn’t normally consider impeaching a president over the price of gas, but in Biden’s case, it’s warranted.  As I have said repeatedly in these reports, your pain at the pump is all part of Biden’s plan.  Here’s the latest evidence.


Gas prices have doubled since Joe Biden took office.  They are up 59 cents in the past month.  And they have set records for 10 consecutive days, with the national average just under $5.00 at $4.91 a gallon.  Some California gas stations are approaching $10 a gallon.  Not surprisingly, 72% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s energy policies. 


So, it’s no great surprise that Biden finally invoked the Defense Production Act to address our energy crisis.  But you may be surprised to learn why. 


He’s not using the additional powers of the Defense Production Act to get more oil out of the ground and to get more gas for your car.  He is using it to make solar panels


Unless you’re driving an expensive electric car, which is what Biden wants, solar panels won’t do a thing to alleviate your pain at the pump.


But at the same time, Biden is dropping tariffs on Chinese solar companies, which means it will be harder for American solar companies to be competitive.  The Chinese solar companies are subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party. Their goal is to wipe out solar companies in other nations.  Why is Joe Biden helping communist China?


This can’t just be stupid.  Biden is giving stupid a bad name! 


I am now firmly in the camp that this is an intentional effort to lay America low.  They don’t want America to be great.  They believe it is bad for the world if America is great. 


And because of Biden’s disastrous policies, 55% of Americans now fear – not a recession – but another Great Depression.  Way to go, Joe!




Jihad In Nigeria


Fulani tribesmen, Nigerian Muslim herdsmen, entered a Catholic church in the town of Owo and slaughtered at least 50 Christians as they celebrated Pentecost last Sunday.


Nigeria used to be a majority Christian nation.  Now, it’s equally divided between Christians and Muslims, and it’s home to radical Islamist groups like Boko Haram.


There is an ongoing jihad being waged by Muslims against the Christians of Nigeria.  Nigeria’s president is a Muslim and member of the Fulani tribe.  He has done nothing to stop the violence. 


During my time as a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, I argued vehemently that this genocide needed to be called what it is, and we needed to be clear that it was driven by radical Islamists. 


I had to constantly fight the bureaucrats on the staff, who insisted that it was only a dispute between farmers and herdsmen, which is utterly absurd.


But this is not just a failure of Washington bureaucrats.  The American media doesn’t care about black lives or Christian lives in the heart of Africa.  Someone spreading bacon on a Minneapolis mosque would get more press coverage than 50 dead Nigerian Christians. 


Biden’s State Department and his White House are silent.  They can’t say anything because the Biden Administration removed Nigeria from the list of religious liberty violators.


While Christians were being gunned down in Nigeria, the LGBTQ movement had a gay pride parade in Italy that featured an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus, topless. 


Here in the U.S., where churches are being attacked over abortion, too many pastors and church leaders have convinced themselves that it is somehow against the faith to be involved in “politics.”  They probably won’t wake up until the wolf actually enters the sanctuary.


For example, one of the biggest megachurches in America is led by Andy Stanley.  Sadly, he’s making headlines for complaining that the church is “too involved” in the debate over the direction of our country.  I couldn’t disagree more.




Poll Position


CNN’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, is predicting a big victory for House Republicans this November.  Pointing to an in-depth analysis of polling data on historic midterm trends, the president’s approval rating and how Americans feel about the economy, Enten declared that Republicans are in their best position in 80 years.


To which I say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  And the GOP had better not blow this.  America cannot afford another two years of this Biden/Pelosi/Schumer nightmare!


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