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Tuesday, June 4, 2024 -- Trump Takes A Hit, Biden's Border Baloney, Pride Before The Fall

Trump Takes A Hit -- Maybe


It’s still early, but there is some measurable evidence that Alvin Bragg’s kangaroo court may have succeeded in its ultimate purpose.


Two polls that previously showed Donald Trump tied or leading Joe Biden now have him narrowly trailing, suggesting that the Manhattan conviction may hurt Trump’s standing with committed voters.


That said, other polls find Trump is still leading Biden. In addition, a new Fox News survey finds Trump dominating Biden on major issues like the economy, crime, immigration, foreign policy, and fitness for office.


Steel yourselves, my friends. It’s going to be a long, tough slog to November 5th, when the fate of our country will be decided.




Biden’s Border Baloney


After nearly three and a half years of open borders and plummeting approval ratings, President Joe Biden finally decided to pretend to care about the border crisis. The left-wing media will try to convince you that Biden is really getting tough. He’s not.


Biden said he would shut the border if illegal crossings exceed 2,500 a day. Really? How? He’s given us no indication whatsoever that he is capable of shutting the border. If he won’t do that now with the men he has, he should be impeached!


Don’t forget that Biden previously said he didn’t have the authority to do what he just did. He was lying then and he is lying now. The executive order he issued today is full of loopholes. For example:


  • Biden claims that his new enforcement measures only kick in when the level of illegal immigration reaches a daily average of 2,500 border crossings over a seven-day period. That still allows more than 900,000 illegal aliens to enter the country every year.


  • Barack Obama’s secretary of Homeland Security said, “I know that 1,000 [border crossings a day] overwhelms the system.” Joe Biden is allowing more than twice that. That’s not border security!


  • Border crossings are not the only way illegal aliens are getting into the country. They are applying online and Joe Biden is flying in hundreds of thousands directly from their home countries!


  • In addition, he is still allowing illegal aliens to apply for asylum at ports of entry. They’re not included in the 2,500 daily figure at all.


  • We know a significant percentage of Border Patrol agents have been diverted from guarding the border to baby sitting and processing illegal aliens. That’s why there have been at least 1.8 million “gotaways” since Biden took office. His order today does nothing to address that problem.


Here’s the bottom line: Biden’s performance today at the White House was just that – a show. It was empty, meaningless words from a man full of lies.


If Joe Biden and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris win this November, they will go right back to their open borders business as usual. If you have any doubt about that, keep reading.




Biden’s New Infrastructure Projects


Journalist Katie Pavlich reported yesterday that Joe Biden approved three new border construction permits at key places like Eagle Pass, Texas, where illegal immigration has been a big problem.


But don’t get your hopes up. It’s not for border wall construction.


These are permits for roads, pedestrian crossings, and railroads going into America. This will make the transportation of migrants even easier!


Don’t let your friends or family members fall for this “lipstick on a pig.”


If they think Joe Biden is finally getting tough on the border, he isn’t. Remind them that his Justice Department is still going into court trying to stop any state that attempts to secure the border or cracks down on illegal immigration.


And we just learned that he is conducting an unannounced amnesty by “terminating” bogus asylum cases, allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to remain in the country. That is the ultimate goal -- to get them here and turn them into voters.


Meanwhile, an illegal alien from Venezuela shot two New York City police officers yesterday. Thankfully, both will survive.




Hunter’s Trial Begins


The jury in Hunter Biden’s felony gun trial was selected yesterday, and opening arguments began this morning. Witnesses on the prosecution’s list to call for testimony include Hunter’s ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend, and Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow, with whom Hunter had an affair.


Ironically, the prosecution actually used audio excerpts -- in Hunter Biden’s own voice -- from his book “Beautiful Things” as evidence against him.


But it’s funny how things work. Donald Trump is tried in front of a jury of Manhattan Democrats and gets convicted just before Hunter goes on trial in front of a jury of Delaware Democrats. Amazing!




Pride Before The Fall


Proverbs tells us, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Bud Light and Target learned that lesson last year. It seems other corporations got the message and are scaling back their “Pride” displays this month.


Matt Skallerud, president of a leading LGBTQ marketing firm, recently said that he would normally be “pretty busy” this time of year, but “I have not been -- and I think it’s across the board.”


He credits the conservative backlash and boycotts for this development. Skallerud added:


“Nobody in the media, marketing, and advertising world wants to admit how heavy and hard this has been. Ever since Target and Bud Light had their fiascos last year, a tremendous number of brands have decided it would be much better to sit on the sidelines.”


And there is evidence to support his claim.


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest gay rights lobbying group, publishes an annual ranking of the most pro-LGBTQ corporations. For years, corporate CEOs tripped over themselves to get a perfect 100% score from HRC.


Well, after Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney disaster, 297 companies lost their 100% scores because they were all backing off the LGBTQ propaganda.


We have seen a general backlash, not just against corporations but against the constant promotion of the radical LGBTQ agenda in the popular culture. It’s in your face everywhere.


You really have to work hard to find a movie during “Pride Month” that is free of gay themes and trans characters on streaming channels. But on July 4th, there might be a few patriotic movies, but otherwise, it’s just like any other day.


But the good news is that last year’s boycott efforts had a measurable impact. Congratulations to everyone who took action last year against Bud Light, Target, or another company or product. Your efforts made a difference!


Now, here’s another who deserves the “Bud Light” treatment.




Leave Our Kids Alone!


Years ago, whenever Dr. James Dobson and I tried to warn about the LGBTQ agenda targeting children, we were mocked as if we were conspiracy nuts. Well, there’s no denying it now.


Children in our elementary schools are being bombarded with LGBTQ propaganda. And they’re even getting it at home, too.


Rachel Accurso, better known as “Ms. Rachel,” is a popular YouTuber. Ten million people follow her “toddler learning videos” on YouTube. But what exactly are the toddlers watching her videos learning?


She’s all in on “gay pride” and even invited Dylan Mulvaney to be on her show. That is totally inappropriate!


Her target audience is kids four and under. But she doesn’t care who she offends.


I imagine a lot of busy parents are allowing their kids to watch Ms. Rachel, assuming that it is safe and age-appropriate. No, it’s not.


If you’re a parent letting your kids watch her shows, stop now. And let “Ms. Rachel” know why. You can contact her at this link.




Tune In To Family Talk


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