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Tuesday, June 25, 2024 -- Biden's Pogroms, Biden Blocked Again, Pray For Our Children

Biden’s Pogroms


Over the weekend, I saw several references to pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashing in Los Angeles. I thought to myself, “What else is new?” But as I looked into it, I realized that even I had fallen for the media’s lie.


What happened in Los Angeles was not at all what the media described.


It was not just a disagreement over the war in Gaza any more than what happened on university campuses was “mostly peaceful protests” between two opposing sides of a foreign war. Jews were hunted down and beaten up on university campuses!


Several days ago, an anti-Semitic mob got on a New York City subway car and demanded that any Jews identify themselves. More recently, a Jewish family was beaten by Hamas sympathizers at an elementary school graduation ceremony.


Now, in Los Angeles, we just witnessed an American version of what for centuries in Europe was called a “pogrom.”


A mob of anti-Semitic haters marched into a Jewish neighborhood, looking for Jews to beat up. They vandalized property as they marched. Then, they surrounded a synagogue and threatened and physically attacked Jews going into their house of worship. A Jewish woman was beaten to the ground.


Pogroms often ended in the killing of Jews. Late last year, a Jewish man participating in a pro-Israel demonstration was killed when a Muslim college professor smashed his skull with a megaphone.


Imagine the media narrative if an angry mob of Christians marched through a Jewish neighborhood, started attacking any Jew they found, and stopped Jews from entering their local synagogue. I know it’s impossible to imagine because Christians are prohibited from doing such a thing and Evangelicals know that anti-Semitism is a sin.


But would any media outlet in America downplay such an event as “Christians and Jews demonstrated this weekend over Israeli foreign policy”?


Imagine any mob marching to a gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village, beating up homosexuals, and trashing a gay bar. Would any media outlet in America refer to such an event as, “Pro-gay and anti-gay demonstrators marched in Greenwich Village this weekend”?


If anything remotely like that actually happened, there would have been a lot more from the White House than just a social media post. The president would be on nationwide TV. His campaign would be saying for days, “This is the hate that has been unleashed by Donald Trump and the Christian nationalists threatening our democracy.”


Every Republican politician and conservative influencer must be saying, “The Democrat Party and the progressive left have empowered anti-Semitic bigots and extremists on our college campuses and across America.”


By not charging the pro-Hamas rioters at Columbia University, Alvin Bragg has unleashed them. By falsely accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza, Joe Biden has unleashed them.




Biden Blocked Again


Last year, the Supreme Court smacked down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional scheme to “forgive” student loan debt. It’s not really forgiveness, the debt still exists. Biden just forced you to pay off someone else’s loan with your tax dollars.


Biden defied the Supreme Court, and came up with another student debt scheme. He even bragged about it, saying, “The Supreme Court blocked it. But that didn’t stop me.” While his “Plan B” is currently being challenged in the courts, it wasn’t the only thing Biden did.


His administration also radically overhauled an existing student loan repayment program. The overhaul, in some ways, also amounted to a quasi-debt forgiveness scheme.


Two Republican state attorneys general sued, claiming that this overhaul was also unconstitutional. Yesterday, two federal judges in Kansas and Missouri agreed, and issued temporary injunctions blocking Biden’s repayment overhaul scheme.


The judges ruled that the radical changes to the terms of repayment exceeded the Department of Education’s authority and went far beyond what Congress authorized in the law.


This gets us back to last year’s Supreme Court decision. If it’s unconstitutional for the Biden administration to change the terms of student loans, it’s obviously illegal for Biden to say, “You don’t have to pay anything at all.”


By the way, both judges are Obama appointees, so Biden can’t blame this on “MAGA extremists,” although he’ll try.


Yesterday’s rulings are yet another reminder that the neo-Marxist Biden/Harris regime is ignoring the Constitution and pushing the boundaries of the law in every possible way.


And when left-wing Obama judges call you out for ignoring the Constitution, that’s saying something!




The Debate


Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off Thursday evening in a debate hosted by CNN. While the stakes are high for Biden, he also has the benefit of very low expectations.


I can hear the left-wing talking heads now: “Look! He stood for 90 minutes!” “He knew the names of his cabinet appointees!” “He walked off the stage all by himself!”


In addition, he will be greatly assisted by the two moderators – Dana Bash and Jake Tapper. Both Bash and Tapper hate Trump and his voters.


The idea that Bash and Tapper can impartially moderate a debate featuring Donald Trump is laughable. Among other things, both of them pushed Hillary Clinton’s absurd “Russia collusion hoax” to undermine the 2016 election.


It would be nice if they apologized to Donald Trump during the debate, but they won’t.


Dana Bash was once married to Jeremy Bash, one of the 51 so-called “intelligence experts” who signed the letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.


The existence of Hunter’s “laptop from hell” was confirmed to be real beyond all doubt when the Biden Justice Department entered it into evidence during Hunter’s gun trial.


So, I look forward to Dana Bash questioning Joe Biden Thursday night about that “Russian disinformation” lie he repeated in the 2020 debate, his campaign’s role in creating that lie, and all the shady foreign business dealings that are outlined on that laptop.


In Tapper’s defense, I must note that he may have been the first “mainstream media” journalist to debunk the Charlottesville hoax when Joe Biden launched his 2020 campaign.


As you may recall, Biden said he decided to run for president after he heard Donald Trump call neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.”


To his credit, Tapper fact-checked Biden, saying at the time, “Trump did condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists. So, he’s not saying that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists are very fine people.”


Now that the guardians of truth at the left-wing site Snopes have finally accepted reality, I look forward to Mr. Tapper pointing out during the debate that Joe Biden’s claimed justification for running for president was based on a disgusting lie.


Just thinking again about the Deep State’s role in the Democrats’ 2016 “Russia collusion” hoax and the 2020 “Russia disinformation” hoax makes me absolutely furious!


That was the real “election interference.”


That was the real “disinformation.”


And that is the real threat to our democratic Republic.




Pray For Our Children


Yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the Biden administration’s challenge to Tennessee’s law protecting children from sterilizing and mutilating transgender procedures. I wish I could tell you this would be a slam dunk for our side. It should be, but I can’t tell you that.


Unbelievably, some have argued that this issue is about parental rights – the right of parents to direct “medical care” for their children. Others say it is about preventing child abuse, preventing corporate greed, preventing bureaucrats from superseding parental rights, and defending normalcy from the left’s insanity.


But four years ago, two of the Supreme Court’s center-right justices (Gorsuch and Roberts) agreed with the left that laws against sex discrimination include so-called “gender identity,” which we’re told is a “fluid” concept.


In that 2020 decision, Justice Gorsuch acknowledged that he was opening Pandora’s box. He predicted there would be future challenges on a host of issues, including “sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes.” He was right. But he also stated that his decision then was limited in scope and did not address any other issue.


Because this case has such an impact on children and tremendous implications for parental rights, religious liberty, women’s sports, and more, I hope and pray Justices Gorsuch and Roberts get it right this time.




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