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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 -- The Anti-American Mob Returns, Trump Gets Tough, Putting America First

The Anti-American Mob Returns
There was chaos in Washington, D.C., again last night.  There was no police shooting or provocation, but we're back to mobs in the streets just outside the White House. 
It started when a group of men appeared on the streets wearing helmets and carrying black shields.  Some also had baseball bats.  They moved in formation into Lafayette Square.  This was not a spontaneous demonstration against police brutality or a protest against racism.  
They formed a perimeter around the area and a mob quickly rushed into the square.  One of the first things they attempted to do was pull down a historic statue of President Andrew Jackson.  They vandalized St. John's Church again.  (See next item.)
Fighting quickly broke out and police reinforcements were called in.  Thankfully, the Jackson statue was saved. 
Meanwhile, the protesters attempted to set up their own autonomous zone at St. John's Church, calling it "BHAZ" or "Black House Autonomous Zone."  They even had the required sign, "You are now leaving the United States." 
I wish they would leave the United States!  I would pay for them to leave.  But they are not taking my country with them! 
Selective Outrage
St. John's Episcopal Church, located just across the street from the White House, is known as "The President's Church."  Beginning with James Madison, our fourth president, every president has attended services at St. John's. 
Now consider these three things:  

  • Somebody sets the church on fire. 
  • Somebody vandalizes the church with graffiti. 
  • The president walks to the church and holds up the Bible.  

Which one of these events do you think would generate the greatest negative reaction from the media? 
Not setting the church on fire. 
Not vandalizing the church. 
But President Trump's brief visit to show his solidarity with the historic church ignited a firestorm of protest.
Trump Gets Tough
President Trump responded to this latest left-wing attack on our history and culture by invoking the Veteran's Memorial Preservation Act. 

Signed into law in 2003, the act allows for fines and 10-year jail sentences for anyone who "willfully injures or destroys . . . any structure, plaque, statue, or other monument on public property commemorating the service of any person or persons in the armed forces of the United States."
This must happen!
In recent weeks, scores of memorials honoring key figures of our history have been destroyed by mobs.  For those who think some of these statues should come down, I hope you would agree that it should be done legally, not by mobs. 
When the mob prevails, nothing is sacred, not even Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or Ulysses Grant.  Nor is any veteran who defended the country. 
Monuments to heroes of the Revolutionary War, World War I and World War II have been defaced and desecrated.  Even a memorial to an all-black Union regiment was vandalized. 
What would the veterans of those conflicts think about the passivity of the American people today in the face of these Marxist mobs who are destroying our heritage?
A Christian friend said to me this week, "Gary, I've had it.  I'm devoting my time and energy to my church waiting for Jesus."  Well, we're all waiting for Jesus, but those of us who remain passive in the face of evil will have some explaining to do when He arrives. 
They're Coming For Jesus Too!
As tempting as it may be to retreat to our pews, the church will not be a sanctuary either.  I have observed before that while the media looks the other way, numerous churches and synagogues have been attacked and vandalized during the riots.  It's no surprise that the mob attacked St. John's again last night.
Yesterday a malcontent named Shaun King, who was featured in a television ad for the Bernie Sanders campaign, warned what may be coming next. 
King declared:
"Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down.  They are a form of white supremacy. . .  All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form of white supremacy."

If you don't think this can happen, churches are routinely attacked and burned in France, where there is a large movement of anarchists and Islamists who hate Western Civilization.  It is clear that a similar movement is taking root here too.
It's no coincidence that King's preferred presidential candidate was an avowed socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.  And, as I have noted before, the Black Lives Matter movement is led by "trained Marxists" who have an extremely radical agenda that is far removed from racial reconciliation. 
Ray of Hope
Rationality appears to be taking hold in Seattle or perhaps Mayor Durkan has seen some bad polling.  Either way, she has finally decided that CHAZ/CHOP must end after recent shootings. 
Meanwhile, her tolerance for progressive insanity is costing Seattle big time.  A billion-dollar investment firm announced that it is leaving the Emerald City and relocating to Phoenix, Arizona.
Putting America First
President Trump took an important step yesterday to put American workers first as the nation recovers from the Covid pandemic.  The president issued an executive order extending and expanding his previous suspension of immigrant work visas. 
Experts predict as many as 500,000 foreign work visas will be suspended as a result of the president's new order.  Polling shows the president's decision is overwhelmingly popular with the American people, and for obvious reasons.
With millions of Americans forced out of work due to the pandemic restrictions, it makes absolutely no sense for us to be importing more foreign labor to compete against unemployed Americans.  Yet, that's exactly what many special interest groups in the DC swamp were demanding.
Kudos to President Trump for putting America first!
By the way, President Trump recently sat down with CBN's David Brody to discuss the 2020 election. The president rightly warned that if Joe Biden is elected, religious liberty will be gone and the pro-life movement will be crushed by Biden's left-wing judges.
Please take a moment to watch the interview and share it with like-minded friends and family members.  Everything is at stake this November!