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Tuesday, June 18, 2024 -- Intelligence Insanity, Biden's War On Normalcy, A Note Of Caution

Intelligence Insanity


There is growing resistance to the left’s woke insanity. We saw it last year in the tremendous backlash against Bud Light and Target.


I am also hearing more liberals say they are done with today’s Democrat Party because it has just gone crazy. It’s no longer the party of working, middle-class America. It’s the party of bizarre.


The latest example is what’s happening during -- drum roll – “Pride” month.


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is the top intelligence agency of the U.S. government. It supervises the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and all military intelligence offices. It’s their job to keep us safe, and they must be really busy right now.


Russian ships are docking in Havana.


North Korea has added twenty more nuclear weapons to its arsenal.


Communist China is in the middle of a massive military buildup.


Foreign terrorists are crossing our wide-open borders.


And Joe Biden just signed us up for 10 more years of war in Ukraine.


Surely, our intelligence officers are burning the midnight oil.


But wait – it’s “Pride” month.


Evidently, the agents at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, who are supposedly keeping us safe, are taking a little break from all the stress to get their fingernails painted at your expense.


And it’s not just limited to women. Even men can get their fingernails painted by “artistes” in the colors of the gay “pride” flag or the trans flag.


Our intelligence agents can also attend a lecture by a transgender, non-binary Filipinx, whose preferred pronoun is “they.” This individual will “educate” our intelligence agents on transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse identities.


Feel safer now? Of course, you don’t. Who could anyone possibly feel safer when our top intelligence officers are indulging in delusional theories about gender?!


This is insane. It’s crazy. And it’s why the people currently in charge must be fired this November!


More Leftist Insanity


The Biden White House went crazy yesterday, attacking the recent videos of Joe Biden’s bizarre behavior at his Los Angeles fundraiser and the G7 summit in Italy. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denounced the videos as “cheap fakes.”


In other words, don’t believe your lying eyes.


This is all part of their attempt to convince us that Joe Biden is just fine. No, he’s not! We’re being gaslighted again. A major article recently quoted more than 40 Washington insiders, all saying that Biden is “slipping.”


The evidence is overwhelming. Biden’s staffers now send him up the “short stairs” on Air Force One, so there is less risk of the Big Guy tripping and falling down.


Multiple staffers now escort Biden to Marine One because they are trying to prevent anyone from seeing how frail he is.


And Biden frequently “calls a lid,” meaning no more interactions with the press or public early in the day.


Again, the reason Joe Biden should be voted out of office is not solely because of his age. It’s because of his radical policies. (See below.) But it is really rich for this White House to claim these videos are fake.




Lies & Cheap Fakes


Donald Trump isn’t the one putting out these videos. But let’s talk about real lies and cheap fakes. Joe Biden regularly lies about Donald Trump.


Biden frequently says Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.” No, he didn’t. He specifically condemned the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. That disgusting lie has been repeatedly debunked. (Here, here, and here.)


Biden says that Trump called our troops buried in a Normandy graveyard “suckers and losers.” No, he didn’t. People who were with Trump the whole trip, including some who don’t like Trump, all say that is an outrageous lie.


Biden says Trump wants to be “a dictator from day one.” That’s a lie, and Biden knows it.


Democrats said Trump called Milwaukee, where the RNC convention will be held, a “horrible city.” No, he didn’t. He said the crime in Milwaukee was horrible.  


And don’t forget that when news about Hunter Biden’s laptop first broke, Biden and his allies lied to you and said it was “Russian disinformation.” That was a huge lie, and everyone in the Deep State and the Biden campaign knew it was a lie.




Another Heinous Migrant Attack


There was breaking news this morning that a man was arrested for the heinous crime of raping a 13 year-old girl in a Queens public park in broad daylight.


The violent thug who did this is an illegal alien from Ecuador who crossed Joe Biden’s open border in 2021.


Again, Biden’s open border insanity is responsible for this preventable atrocity and many, many more.




Biden’s War On Normalcy


As we have reported, the Biden administration is attempting to impose insane gender ideology on schools across the country through a radical rewrite of Title IX. That law, passed 52 years ago, is intended to protect girls and women from discrimination.


Joe Biden, however, wants to include men who pretend to be women. Thankfully, three federal judges have blocked this insanity from being enforced in several states.


First, a judge blocked enforcement of Biden’s Title IX rewrite in Texas. Then, a judge blocked the new regulations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho.


Yesterday, a federal judge blocked the regulations in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.


The judge in this latest case blasted the Biden administration for rejecting “society’s enduring recognition of biological differences” and for attempting to compel schools to “permit biological men into women’s intimate spaces . . . based entirely on a person’s subjective gender identity.”


The judge added that Biden’s attempt to enforce the myth that men can be women is “impossible to square with Title IX.”



Biden’s Persecution Continues


In response to the shocking news that many doctors were mutilating children under the guise of “gender-affirming care,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a statement in early 2022, calling such radical procedures “child abuse.”


Texas Children’s Hospital knew it had a big PR problem and announced that it would no longer perform such surgeries. In 2023, Texas banned so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors entirely.


But Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital, discovered that the hospital lied and hadn’t stopped anything.


So, he gathered evidence on the operations, blacked out all identifying information about the patients, and became a whistleblower, hoping to protect children from these barbaric procedures. He was right to do so. As a medical professional, Dr. Haim is obligated to report child abuse.


However, it wasn’t long before three armed federal marshals showed up at his house early one morning to deliver an indictment against Dr. Haim.


Yesterday, Biden’s Justice Department unsealed the indictment. Dr. Haim was charged with four counts of violating patient privacy laws. He is facing 10 years in prison for trying to protect children.


There is absolutely no doubt about why Biden’s Justice Department got involved in this case so quickly. It’s because of radical LGBTQ ideology and to intimidate other medical professionals into keeping their mouths shut.


This kind of outrageous, heavy-handed government tactics against American citizens, whether it’s Donald Trump, conservative activists, pro-life activists, or doctors looking out for children, is totalitarianism at its worst.


That’s the real threat to our democracy.




A Note Of Caution


Before we get too confident regarding the presidential poll results and start suffering from “irrational exuberance,” our friends at The Federalist recently published a note of caution.


The article pointed to several warning signs that strongly suggest the GOP is suffering from a deficit of enthusiasm while Democrats seem to be overperforming. For example:


  • While Republicans prevailed in a special election for an open Ohio House seat, the GOP candidate only won by 9.4% in a district Donald Trump and the previous Republican incumbent won by 30 points. A 20-point swing anywhere is alarming, to say the least.


  • Last year, Democrats won a majority of special elections and overperformed in virtually every race.


  • In 2022, polling showed the GOP candidate winning the Nevada Senate race by 3.4%. He ended up losing, somewhat mysteriously, by 0.9%.


  • In addition, we have previously noted the surprising polling that indicates “disinterested voters,” and many who are not registered at all actually lean to the right. A new survey by the New York Times confirms those previous polls.


So, it’s time to get busy, friends. If you know one of these “disinterested” right-leaning voters, engage them and get them interested. If you know someone who leans our way but isn’t registered, get them registered. They can do so quickly and easily at