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Tuesday, July 2, 2024 -- Trump Hearing Delayed, Bernstein v. Biden, Left-wing Lunacy

Trump Sentencing Delay


After yesterday’s big victory at the Supreme Court granting presidents broad immunity for certain actions, Donald Trump’s attorneys immediately filed motions to suspend his sentencing and dismiss Alvin Bragg’s ludicrous case against him.


Bragg’s office today agreed to delay the sentencing hearing so Judge Juan Merchan can reconsider the case in view of the Supreme Court’s decision, and Merchan rescheduled the hearing for September 18th.




Bernstein v. Biden


Carl Bernstein is a legend among the Washington, D.C., press corps. He was half of the Woodward and Bernstein “dynamic duo” that took down Richard Nixon. When Bernstein speaks, people listen.


Last night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Bernstein what political insiders are telling him, and Bernstein dropped this bomb on the Biden campaign:


“Well, these are people . . . who are very close to President Biden, who love him, have supported him . . . who have raised a lot of money for him. And they are adamant that what we saw [at the debate] . . .  is not a one-off, that there have been 15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half when the president has appeared somewhat, as he did in that horror show that we witnessed.


“What’s so significant is the people that this is coming from, and also how many people around the president are aware of such incidents, including some reporters, incidentally, who have witnessed some of them. . .

“And yet, these people who have supported him, loved him, campaigned for him, see him often, say that in the last six months particularly, there has been a marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity.”


While Bernstein’s comments are certainly revealing of what Washington insiders have seen and are saying about Biden, this really isn’t news. We’ve seen it with our own eyes.


We see it in the way Biden walks, even with his special shoes.


We see it when he avoids the iconic main stairs to Air Force One, a critical part of every modern president’s image, and instead goes up the short stairs.


We see it when aides attempt to hide him during short walks to Marine One.


We see it when he gets lost on stage.


We see it when he freezes up.


We see it in the way he not only garbles words but also how he mangles whole sentences.


And, as we have previously noted, we see it every time the White House “calls a lid” early in the day.  


As we have seen and as Carl Bernstein noted, the evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden is not up to the job. Yet, the powers that be in the Democrat Party will not remove him. Just ponder that.


The president is suffering from some sort of dementia, so he can’t be expected to make rational decisions. His wife and children are circling the wagons, blinded by their love of power.  


Some people are speaking up, and they are being attacked. The people who could do something won’t because, for whatever reason, they still think Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump.


It’s more evidence that the left is willing to sacrifice the country in order to finish the job of “fundamentally transforming” the country by any means necessary.




Tapper v. Biden


Carl Bernstein isn’t the only media figure speaking out against efforts to gaslight the country regarding Joe Biden’s condition.


CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper began his show yesterday by blasting the Orwellian attempts of “Democratic officials seemingly trying to convince you, the public, to not believe what you saw and what you heard with your eyes and with your ears on Thursday night.”


You know things are really bad when a Democrat president loses Carl Bernstein and Jake Tapper!




Democrat Disarray


Politico published a disturbing report today, saying that White House aides are terrified of Joe Biden’s temper. They often keep bad news out of his daily briefing books and only give him good news.


One senior official said, “It’s a Rorschach test, not a briefing. Because he is not a pleasant person to be around when he’s being briefed. It’s very difficult.”


Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is facing a revolt among the party’s donor class after Thursday’s debate trainwreck. The Washington Post reports that an informal poll among top donors found that their preferred path forward was “Plan B” – a new nominee. Some big donors are even demanding refunds.


Biden’s top campaign officials have been scrambling to smack down any talk of finding a new nominee while struggling to explain how they can recover from the debate.


The Biden campaign did make one thing clear: If Joe Biden withdraws from the race, “Plan B” is Kamala Harris. She is the only one who can use the vast Biden/Harris war chest. And the limited polling on a Trump/Harris match-up won’t do anything to encourage Biden’s donors.


But the damage control efforts by the Biden team don’t appear to be working. Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas just became the first elected Democrat to call on Joe Biden to bow out of the presidential race.




Left-wing Lunacy


Left-wing politicians and pundits lost their collective minds yesterday after the Supreme Court found that presidents have broad immunity for their official acts.


Before anyone had a chance to thoroughly examine the court’s opinion, the entire left-wing media establishment immediately smeared the conservative justices and adopted the most absurd and the most extreme narrative imaginable.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid declared that the Supreme Court just gave Donald Trump permission to “use SEAL Team 6 to try to assassinate one of his political opponents.” That outrage talking point has been repeated ad nauseam over the last 24 hours.  


There is only one reason to use such over-the-top rhetoric: Unable to win the debate on the issues, all you have left is fear and division.


But it’s the neo-Marxist left that is aggressively targeting its political opposition, whether it’s Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, pro-life activists, or anyone who set foot on the Capitol lawn on January 6th.


And while all that is happening, the left is telling its “low-information voters” that Republicans want to jail people who disagree with them.


Here’s the real reason why the left is so angry over yesterday’s ruling: The Supreme Court just neutered the left’s most effective weapon against Donald Trump – lawfare.


Unfortunately, some unhinged leftists are making really sick arguments, like suggesting that Joe Biden should use SEAL Team Six to “take out” Donald Trump or order a drone strike on Mar-a-Lago.


One so-called “lawyer” involved in the Ukraine impeachment effort suggested that Biden “should have the military execute Steve Bannon in the prison shower.”




Left-wing Hate


I believe the left is directing so much vitriol against the Supreme Court justices in order to stoke violence against the court. The left hates the Supreme Court because it is the one institution standing in the way of the left’s radical agenda.


Conservatives suffered ill-conceived Supreme Court decisions for decades. What was our response? We worked through the process to elect people who would restore balance on the court. That’s a quaint afterthought for the left.


They want to fundamentally transform the court by packing it with left-wing judges, they want to impeach the justices, or they’re using rhetoric that will inspire some unstable left-wing nut to attempt to assassinate the justices.


That’s why the justices now have an unprecedented level of personal security. They never needed it before, but they do now because of the left’s hate.




Absurdities And Atrocities


I ran across a quote recently that got me thinking about the absurdity of the left’s positions and the atrocities that often result from them.


Read more in my latest opinion piece at AFA’s The Stand.