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Tuesday, January 30, 2024 -- Failing Again, That Terrible Deal, TPA vs. The RNC

Failing Again


Yesterday, we told you about the absurd statement from White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre on the deaths of three military heroes in Jordan. She referred to them as “folks fighting for the administration.” What?!


I realize that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is still recovering from an illness that he lied about. But his statement yesterday sounded like it was written by some of the White House interns who periodically go outside the White House to join the protests against Israel.


Every administration spokesman I heard yesterday began by saying, “We’re not looking for a major war with Iran.” Who are they trying to reassure? The American people or the ayatollah?


But not once did I see the level of anger that Biden routinely directs against the governor of Texas for securing the border.


Or against Americans who did their own research and decided they didn’t want the COVID vaccine.


Or against frustrated parents who don’t want their children subjected to leftist indoctrination.


Or pro-life activists who don’t believe innocent babies deserve to be ripped apart.


I could come up with more examples of Americans who are threatened, put on “watch lists” and treated with a mailed fist by our own government.


But if you’re the mullahs of Iran, the Houthis or the terrorists of Hezbollah, the best Joe Biden can come up with is “Don’t.” That’s his foreign policy.


Well, the radical Islamists obviously “don’t” care what Joe Biden says. They have attacked us 160 times in the past few months.


This is not worthy of the men and women in uniform whose lives Biden is recklessly sacrificing.




That Terrible Deal


I want to revisit the Senate border security deal and address some of the arguments that are being made by advocates of this disastrous deal.


Defenders, like Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, are blasting the critics for being “political” in their opposition. They claim that the only reason conservatives in the House and Senate, along with Speaker Mike Johnson, oppose this “wonderful bipartisan bill” is because they are afraid it will help Joe Biden and hurt Donald Trump by taking the issue off the table.


That’s a lie.


Even if the bill had some good things in it, three years of experience under Biden have proven that those provisions would be used to the detriment of our country. Here’s a simple example.


Sen. Lankford addressed the frustration many people have that illegal aliens claiming asylum are being released into the country with court dates that are years down the road. We all know they won’t show up and we won’t be able to find them.


Lankford said the bill has money for 375 additional immigration judges, so these cases can be quickly adjudicated. Well, I’m pretty sure that Sen. Lankford won’t be the one picking the judges. Joe Biden will fill these new positions with ACLU open borders advocates.


I would applaud that provision if Donald Trump were president. I know what kind of judges he would appoint to those courts.


Lankford said the bill adds more Border Patrol officers. We have plenty of Border Patrol officers. The problem is that Joe Biden turned them into babysitters and won’t let them do their jobs.


Under a Republican president, I would have more confidence that these additional Border Patrol officers would be allowed to guard the border and stop illegal aliens from entering the country.


But any Republican who thinks Joe Biden will allow them to do that is too dumb to be holding electing office!


By the way, our Border Patrol officers aren’t the only ones Biden won’t allow to do their jobs. Instead of protecting airline passengers, Biden has redeployed air marshals to the border – not to stop illegal aliens from entering the country but to help process illegal aliens more quickly.  


Incredibly, Lankford and other defenders of this deal are claiming that conservatives are attacking a bill they haven’t seen yet. They really should think twice about offering that as a defense. The senators are the ones not letting us see the bill!


This gang of senators has been negotiating for months, and no one (other than themselves and the Biden White House) knows what’s in the bill. Speaker Mike Johnson has been totally excluded from the discussions.


Oh, sure, they’re promising to give the rest of the Senate a few days to read it before a vote. How many times have we watched massive bills get passed that everyone supposedly read only to find out months later that page 857 does something no one understood?


Why aren’t they putting this bill through the normal open and transparent committee process? Will Chuck Schumer allow amendments to the bill? Will he allow open debate on those amendments?


One final point. According to leaks, there is nothing in this deal that restricts Biden’s “parole authority,” which he has used “at a historic scale” to resettle more than one million so-called “refugees” in the United States. In other words, he has opened the borders in every way imaginable.




Go Home & Ask The People


It seems Senator Lankford has gotten a bad case of “Swamp fever.” I’m begging him to go back to Oklahoma this weekend, before this bill hits the Senate floor, to recuperate.


If he announced today that he’s going to hold a town hall event in Oklahoma City or Tulsa to ask the people of Oklahoma what they want him to do on border security and immigration, I know he would get a totally different perspective.




A Bad Impersonation


Polling on the border crisis is crystal clear. The American people side with Texas and want the border secured. They support building a border wall by a 17-point margin. They overwhelmingly oppose Biden’s handling of the issue.


That’s why Joe Biden is suddenly doing a really bad Donald Trump impersonation and claiming that he will shut down the border.


Don’t fall for it. He’s gaslighting the country again.


Here’s the bottom line: Joe Biden has spent the last three years refusing to enforce existing immigration laws and repealing every border security order Donald Trump put into place. Now he’s claiming he needs a new law to give him the authority to do what he has refused to do.


By the way, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris have repeatedly assured us that “the border is secure.” Well, if that’s true, then why does Biden need another new law to secure the border?


Of course, they’re lying, and it’s totally absurd to trust this gang to secure the border.




TPA vs. The RNC


Conservative activist Charlie Kirk says his organization, Turning Point Action, has identified more than 4.5 million low-propensity or “disengaged” conservative voters in ten key states, six of which Joe Biden won. But there are more than enough of these “disengaged” conservative voters to flip all six of those states.


Turning Point Action is currently hosting an event in Las Vegas with dozens of county GOP chairmen called “Restoring National Confidence.” The Republican National Committee’s winter meeting also starts today in Las Vegas.


Kirk is inviting GOP committeemen and women to his event and guaranteeing they will get a more detailed proposal on how to win this November than anything they will get at the RNC meeting.