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Tuesday, January 23, 2024 -- Open Borders Biden, The Stupid Party, Get Serious

Open Borders Biden


I was very disappointed yesterday to learn that Chief Justice John Roberts was able to convince Justice Amy Coney Barrett to join him and the three liberal justices in ordering Texas to remove wire barriers on the southern border.


While this 5-to-4 order wasn’t a decision on the merits, which the justices will consider later, it was a bad sign for the future of the case.


But why is this case even before the Supreme Court? Because Joe Biden is refusing to secure the borders.


As soon as Gov. Abbott put up the wire, the Biden administration rushed to the Supreme Court, claiming it was “an emergency” that Texas officials were trying to stop illegal aliens from entering America.


There’s nothing we can do about that vote in the Supreme Court, as disappointing as it is. But the biggest disappointment is being hatched right now in the U.S. Senate by some Republicans who claim to want your vote.


For whatever reason, these Republicans are working with Chuck Schumer and the Biden White House on yet another bad border deal. And they are joining Democrats in pressuring Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republicans to sign on to this bad deal.


Did these Republican senators, who are dealmaking with the Biden White House on immigration, even notice that he ran to the Supreme Court to stop Texas?  Biden has no interest in stopping this invasion of the United States.




The Stupid Party


These Senate Republicans are once again earning the nickname “The Stupid Party.” Any Republican who thinks they’ve got a deal to stop Joe Biden from doing what he has been doing is delusional.


They’re not going to stop a man who, on Day One of his administration, stopped construction of the border wall, repealed Donald Trump’s immigration orders and gutted enforcement of our immigration laws. It’s hard to imagine that any Senate Republican could be so stupid!


As Sen. Marco Rubio put it, “How can there be a ‘border security deal’ with a Biden administration that just went all the way to the Supreme Court to stop border security?”


Joe Biden only wants a deal to take his biggest liability and the top concern for voters off the table by allowing him to say, “The Republicans agree with me.”


Biden was furious that Texas was stopping illegal aliens from entering the country at one place. It’s insane to think he will enforce a new immigration law when he’s refusing to enforce the immigration laws we already have!


And if Senate Republicans think the Supreme Court will force his hand, think again. Biden is violating Supreme Court rulings now. The justices told him that he can’t unilaterally forgive student debt. But he regularly does it. He just magically waived away another $5 billion last week.


Biden has no respect for the rule of law. He regularly attacks and seeks to circumvent state laws. (See below.)


He doesn’t care what the Senate does. He is busy changing the makeup of the American population, while too many Republicans are busy chasing the “bipartisanship unicorn.”


If they keep this up, they will depress the conservative base and guarantee that Joe Biden fills the next Supreme Court vacancy. There is no excuse – NONE! – for Senate Republicans to be bailing Joe Biden out of this crisis he created.


ACTION ITEM: Call your senators now at 202-224-3121. Tell them to oppose any border deal with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.




Speaker Johnson Responds


Here’s Speaker Mike Johnson’s response to yesterday’s Supreme Court order:


“Today’s order underscores that keeping our southern border open to traffickers and cartels is part of a deliberate strategy by President Biden.


“For over three years, the President’s reckless policies have endangered Americans and devastated communities across Texas, like those I visited earlier this month.


“Governor Abbott is doing exactly what any leader must: taking action to protect his state’s sovereignty and his citizens’ security. Rather than providing federal help, the President is shamefully undermining these efforts. It is an outrage.”




Biden’s Abortion Crisis


What I saw Friday at the March for Life was very encouraging. At least 100,000 Americans, many of them young Christians, marched through our nation’s capital begging for mercy for their unborn brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.


They represent one of the most selfless movements in America today. They will personally gain nothing if their cause succeeds.


Contrast that with the most powerful man in the world doubling down on ensuring the death of more innocent babies, which is exactly what Joe Biden did yesterday.


And he is doing it for selfish reasons. He gains directly if he can make abortion the most important issue in the election by convincing women that conservatives “hate” them.


President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris delivered major speeches yesterday, vowing to encourage as many abortions as possible – as if the idea that one baby might be saved was some kind of “crisis.”


He had the audacity to say that pro-life restrictions on abortion, laws that are overwhelmingly popular, risk lives. As usual, he’s got it exactly backwards. The purpose of every abortion is to take life by causing a human death.


Joe Biden’s pro-abortion policies aren’t just “risking lives.” They are taking lives!


Think about this: Joe Biden is staking his claim to four more years as president on a promise to restore Roe v. Wade, an extreme legal regime that made America’s abortion laws indistinguishable from Communist China and North Korea.


We deserve better!




Get Serious


Every day that passes draws us closer to the November election and what may well be the last chance to save America. It’s time to buckle down and get serious.


Charlie Kirk sounded the alarm when he posted this warning:


“We are 288 days out from Election Day. Way too much cockiness right now on the right. The DNC and their dark money network have a plan - the RNC does not.


“We need to hire 1,500+ full-time ballot chasers immediately. If not, we’re going to have a repeat of the 2022 ‘red wave’ that didn’t happen. Stop looking at the ‘polls’ and let’s get to work – quit celebrating.”


I couldn’t agree more!


And if you agree, I hope you will stand with CWF right now as we work to elect more pro-family, pro-life, America First conservatives!




The Honesty Of Hamas


As Israel’s war against the terrorists of Hamas rages on, President Biden and the entire American foreign policy establishment (including the State Department and the Pentagon) are all saying that the only solution is the two-state solution. Well, they’ve got a big problem – and it’s not Bibi Netanyahu.


Here’s what Khaled Mashal, one of the primary leaders of Hamas, said in a recent interview:


"People are saying now that the October 7 war has opened a new horizon for a vision of a political settlement . . . two-state solution. I would like to say two things about the two-state solution.


“First, we [Hamas] have nothing to do with the two-state solution. We reject this notion because it means you . . . you are required to recognize the legitimacy of the other state, which is the Zionist entity. This is unacceptable. . .


“The position of Hamas, and the position of the vast majority of the Palestinian people, especially following October 7, [is] the hope for Palestine from the River to the Sea. . . This has also become a slogan chanted in the U.S., and in western capital cities, by the American and Western public. . .


“The Palestinian consensus . . . is that we will not give up on our right to Palestine in its entirety, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.”


So, there it is. Hamas fully intends to destroy Israel.  How do you negotiate with that?


Yet, while Israeli soldiers are bravely fighting and dying (21 were killed yesterday), Joe Biden is busy trying to restrain Prime Minister Netanyahu and is telling him that “Hamas can’t be defeated.”


Biden wants Israel to surrender and give up more land, while the terrorists Israel is fighting are refusing to accept such a “solution.”