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Tuesday, January 2, 2024 -- Thank You, A Great Resolution, The Assault On The Family

Thank You!


2023 is officially over. You have been generous in your response to American Values, my non-profit public policy organization, but AV still ended the year quite a bit short of our minimum goal. But if the pattern of previous years holds, there will be enough donations that arrive in the mail over the next week.


We are praying that the days ahead will provide the resources we need to ensure our success in this critical decision year. We will let you know the final results.


In the meantime, THANK YOU! to everyone who generously stepped up in support of American Values during our 2023 year-end fundraising drive. We couldn’t do it without you!




A Great Resolution


2024 is just beginning, but there are warning signs everywhere that it will be a very tumultuous year.


North Korea is threatening nuclear war. The Iranians are sending their warships into the Red Sea, threatening U.S. naval vessels. Communist China is threatening to seize Taiwan.


And America remains deeply divided politically, culturally and morally. Hoping for compromise on fundamental issues is a vain hope. One side will win.  For the sake of America’s future, hopefully it will be those of us who believe that God is the author of and the source of our liberty.


In the middle of all these crises over the last 3 years, Joe Biden has spent more time on vacation than any previous modern president. He seems mentally and physically challenged. One thing we can predict with certainty is that his physical and mental health will not improve this year. He’s at the age where physical and mental health get worse every year.


With all that in mind, I was encouraged by a new poll regarding 2024 New Year’s resolutions. It seems that a whole lot of Americans plan to take their faith more seriously in the year ahead. Now, there’s one resolution we should all do our best to keep!


There’s no sure rock in times of trouble greater than the God of the Bible. He is our foundation. His word tells us over and over again, “Fear not because I am with you.”


The best chance of America surviving the stormy seas of 2024 may very well depend on whether millions of our fellow citizens can keep the resolution they have made to turn their hearts back toward God.


And there are other things you can do, too.


  • Do whatever you can to support and heal the wounds in your own family.


  • As parents and grandparents, make a resolution to spend more time bringing up your children and grandchildren in the ways you want them to go.


  • Become a more active Christian citizen. It’s clear from recent elections that many Christian conservatives have dropped out. Why would anyone concerned about values issues drop out when so much evil is loose in our country?


With your continued support and God’s blessing, we will protect Faith, Family and Freedom and restore our constitutional Republic!




The Assault On The Family


Not surprisingly, but disturbingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently made it clear that it intends to fully embrace the idea that every person has a human right to determine their own gender and receive all medical care and options they need to realize their own “gender identity,” irrespective of biological reality.


The WHO announced the formation of a panel that will develop new guidelines for nations to follow when it comes to healthcare for “trans and gender diverse people.”


As you might imagine, this panel is stacked with left-wing activists who are all in on the radical trans ideology. (Some even refer to themselves with plural pronouns.) And, of course, there is no one representing those in the scientific community who are challenging this insanity.


As a reminder, American Values, the James Dobson Family Institute, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, myself and others have warned repeatedly that the Biden Administration is trying to turn over more and more of our healthcare decisions to the WHO and the United Nations.


Their excuse is that we must follow the WHO’s direction during the next pandemic emergency. Well, the WHO cannot be trusted. It notoriously caved to communist China time and time again during the COVID pandemic. A representative from North Korea currently sits on the WHO’s executive board.


Now, it’s jumping into the trans issue. This so-called “health organization” is waging war with cultures, religions and parents all over the world.


And the Biden Administration, liberal politicians and left-wing judges will start citing the WHO as their excuse for passing more insane trans laws that assault and undermine the family and the values of the American people.




The Epstein Documents


Court documents related to a case involving deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are expected to be unsealed and released to the public this week, perhaps even sometime today. Numerous reports indicate that many high-profile individuals, including Bill Clinton, will be named in the documents.


There have been aggressive efforts to prevent these documents from becoming public. I’ll believe it when I see them. But we should avoid jumping to conclusions or assuming that the information ultimately released is accurate.


Epstein island was visited by very powerful people who have gone to great lengths to prevent this information from becoming public. We shouldn’t assume they haven’t done something to keep some names out of these documents or put names of people who weren’t there in the documents.


2024 is going to be a year of discernment. We must be prudent, and we must fully investigate everything that will be thrown our way.




Gay Is Gone


Harvard President Claudine Gay, who failed during recent congressional testimony to clearly condemn the anti-Semitism sweeping her campus, announced her resignation today after yet another round of plagiarism accusations. Her departure marks the shortest tenure of any Harvard president, and it is good news.


But just to repeat – Gay is not the cause of the problems at Harvard. She and other university presidents are just a symptom of the cultural atmosphere at these universities.


Anti-Semitism is growing because of radical neo-Marxist ideologies, like “critical race theory” and “diversity, equity and inclusion,” that dominate our college campuses. It’s also growing because of our stupid and suicidal immigration policies that are literally importing hate into America.




Goodbye, Don


Reverend Don Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association, passed away late last week. I worked with Don Wildmon for decades. He was a good friend and a stalwart warrior for our faith. In everything he said and did, his love for our Lord was obvious.


He built the American Family Association, which began in 1977 and is now being led by his son, Tim, into one of the key organizations in this great battle to save America. Don was one of the organizers of the Arlington Group, which met for years to develop strategies that conservative groups could agree on.


He was always the voice of reason and strength. Because of Don’s leadership and unapologetic defense of our values, he and AFA were often targets of disgusting smear campaigns by the radical left. The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled AFA a “hate group.” Nothing could be farther from the truth!


I learned a long time ago that when the SPLC labels you a “hate group,” you are a group that they hate. So, AFA wears their scorn as a badge of honor, as they should.


Don’s leadership will be deeply missed. But I have no doubt that he was welcomed home to the words we all long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Please join Carol and me in praying for his wife, Lynda, the entire Wildmon family and all our good friends at the American Family Association.