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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 -- The Sham Trial Begins, Good News Ignored, Jeep Jumps The Shark

The Sham Trial Begins
The Senate today began the second fake impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  Yesterday, we noted that one major flaw in the Democrats' case against Trump is that many of them are guilty of the very charges they are making against him.
Here's another serious flaw in their case:  They are accusing the president of inciting a riot.  Well, more than 200 people have been charged so far in connection to the events on January 6th.  Federal investigators and prosecutors are methodically building a case against many of those defendants. 
According to investigative journalist John Solomon, "A dozen FBI affidavits supporting charges against the more than 200 defendants show rioters engaged in advance planning on social media sites" with "early actions dating back to November."
And as we have previously reported, the FBI had advanced warning that some people were plotting violent actions in Washington that day. The Capitol Hill Police were warned about the potential for violence, and their request for additional security deployments, made two days before the rally, was denied.
In other words, Trump cannot be guilty of inciting a "spontaneous riot" that other people had been planning for months.  Trump cannot be guilty of single-handedly causing violence that security officials in Washington knew was possible but failed to prepare for. 
If anyone should be on trial right now it should be the people who engaged in violence on January 6th and those who allowed it to happen by failing to heed intelligence warnings.
Former Judge Kenneth Starr blasted the House impeachment of President Trump as a "huge, colossal blunder" in which many politicians "rushed to judgment."  He is absolutely right!
Beyond these basic facts, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley argues that Democrats are violating the basic tenets of free speech.  "Trump did not call for the use of force," Turley wrote.  "He told supporters to go 'peacefully' and to 'cheer on' his allies in Congress." 
Case closed.
Good News Ignored
Dr. Anthony Fauci raised eyebrows yesterday when he was asked how much longer we might need to wear masks.  He said only when the virus was at such a low level that "it's not a threat at all" could we even "start thinking in terms" of not wearing masks.  And he doesn't expect us to reach that point until "late fall."
Showing her support for a national mask mandate, First Lady Jill Biden recorded a public service announcement that aired Super Bowl weekend encouraging Americans to wear masks while walking their dogs outside.  There's no science to support wearing masks outside.
Meanwhile, most of the media and the White House are strangely silent about the incredible improvement that is currently taking place.  According to the latest weekly trends, coronavirus cases are down 23%, hospitalizations are down 14% and deaths are down 12%.
To be clear, there is nothing the Biden Administration has done in the past few weeks to account for that improvement.  All they are doing is distributing the vaccines that the Trump Administration produced. 
We're also still in the middle of winter, which all the experts said would be a very dangerous time.  So what explains this large and sudden drop? 
Well, there have been more than 27 million diagnosed COVID-19 cases since last year.  The CDC has said that it believes many more people have actually been infected, perhaps as many as ten times the number of known cases.
In addition, more than 30 million people have received at least one vaccination shot.  And if the CDC is correct in its estimates, then as many as 270 million people may have already had the virus. 
In short, we could be experiencing this drop because we may be getting close to herd immunity, which is how President Trump said we would defeat this virus.
So, what explains our own government not giving us any hope by telling us that things are moving in the right direction?
Sadly, I suspect quite a few on the left want a continual crisis to exploit.  As Obama's former chief of staff put it, never let a crisis go to waste.  The pandemic enables the left to do all the things they want to do, from closing businesses and churches to massively increasing the size and scope of government.
By the way, are you ready for climate change lockdowns?  Many progressives are thrilled about last year's drop in carbon emissions caused by the pandemic lockdowns.  Believe it or not, they see the lockdowns as a model of success, and many are urging President Biden to declare a national climate emergency.
Communist China Cleared
Predictably, the World Health Organization has cleared communist China and its Wuhan Institute of Virology of any responsibility for the release of COVID-19. 
If you were a betting person, you could have bet the farm on that outcome months ago.  There was absolutely no chance that the WHO investigation would ever yield anything that implicates their communist overlords.  In many ways, the WHO is guilty of covering up for communist China. 
Meanwhile, in the "better late than never" category, left-wing media outlets like the Washington Post and PBS are finally starting to ask tough questions about what communist China knew and when. 
One can only hope that they might start pressing the Biden Administration to demand real answers from China, but I'm not holding my breath.
Jeep Jumps The Shark
Super Bowl ads are usually a highlight of Super Bowl Sunday.  Companies pay millions of dollars to air ads during this one night of the year.  They put a lot of time and thought into these ads.  Or so you might expect.
Jeep's Super Bowl ad featuring Bruce Springsteen lecturing to America about the need to "come meet in the middle" is a perfect example of corporate America jumping the shark. 
If I thought for a moment Springsteen was talking to his fellow socialists and radicals, then perhaps the ad makes some sense. 
But Springsteen, whose estimated net worth is more than $300 million, is a hard-core leftist who has lectured Americans for decades about the virtues of abortion on demand, socialized medicine and transgender rights. 
Over the years, Springsteen has viciously attacked Reagan, Bush and virtually every other Republican leader.  He vowed to leave America if Trump was reelected. 
So, after years of dividing America and doing everything he could to destroy Trump, now Springsteen and other leftists are suddenly all for "unity."  What they really mean is that conservatives should shut up and submit to the leftist agenda. 
Not doing it!
Last Race Called
Good news!  The last House race of the 2020 elections has finally been called. 
After weeks of legal wrangling and the discovery of missing ballots, Republican Claudia Tenny was declared the winner of New York's 22nd Congressional District by 109 votes.
Tenny's victory means House Republicans gained a total of 12 seats and are just five seats away from the majority.  In fact, one analysis found that the GOP came within 32,000 votes nationwide of winning the majority last November. 
Washington would be a very different place right now if we had a Republican House of Representatives.  That's just another reminder of how important every single vote is.