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Tuesday, February 4, 2020 -- Chaos Wins, Biden's Bad Night, Impeachment Insanity

Chaos Wins
The Iowa Caucuses have come and gone, and as of this writing we still have no idea who won.  The Iowa Democrat Party hopes to have some results available later this afternoon. 
But that didn't stop Pete Buttigieg from declaring victory last night . . . without any results at all.  (Shouldn't that be an impeachable offense?)
Of course, Bernie Sanders disputed Buttigieg's claim to victory, and issued internal numbers suggesting he was having a good night.  Elizabeth Warren's campaign refuted that as well, saying it was too close to call between the three of them. 
Having campaigned in the Iowa caucuses during the 2000 primaries, having done five, six or seven events day after day after day, I know how frustrated the candidates are.  For many of them, this was their moment. 
And after months of campaigning and millions of dollars spent in the state, the Iowa Democrat Party proved itself to be utterly incompetent.  They have provided pundits and comedians with enough material to last weeks.  A lot of money and candidate time may all be for naught.
(In all fairness, I recall another famous app failure.  This one occurred during the 2012 campaign and it had much more serious consequences.  Orca was supposed to coordinate a huge grassroots effort by the Romney/Ryan campaign, but it collapsed on Election Day.  Technology is great, but nothing beats old-fashioned door-knocking!)
Here's something to think about:  The party that fashions itself the party of science, that thinks more government is the solution, that believes it can tell the temperature of the entire planet 100 years from now, that thinks it can make better healthcare decisions for all for us, could not even use a phone app to count votes. 
And its backup telephone system failed too.  County officials were stuck on the phone for hours waiting for help to little avail.  Perhaps they should have used another communication system – smoke signals.  But that might have given Warren, AKA Pocahontas, an unfair advantage.
I think a strong argument can made that the ultimate winners are Michael Bloomberg, who skipped the Iowa caucuses, and Donald Trump, who crushed his two opponents in the Republican caucuses by winning 97% of the vote!
Biden's Bad Night
It's worth noting that all the candidates generally agreed on one thing:  Joe Biden had a very bad night. 
The Biden campaign responded to the chaos with a scathing statement from its general counsel blasting the Iowa Democrat Party for the "considerable flaws" and "acute failures" throughout the caucuses.  Translation:  Biden is preparing to reject and contest the final results, whenever we get them.
There were several indications from various sources that Biden is likely to finish fourth or worse.  If true, that's devastating for the establishment favorite. 
Biden has been on the political stage for four decades.  He's run for president twice before.  He was on the world stage as Barack Obama's vice president for eight years.  He had the field almost entirely to himself for the past two weeks while Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar were stuck in Washington for the impeachment trial.  
Yet he can't do better than fourth?!
And, really, what are the odds that the Des Moines Register can't report its polling results and the Iowa Democrat Party can't report its caucus results?
Impeachment Insanity
If you need more evidence of just how insane and unhinged the left has become in its obsessive quest to resist and remove Donald Trump from office, look no further than the closing arguments offered on the Senate floor yesterday by Rep. Adam Schiff. 
Incredibly, Schiff suggested that unless Trump is impeached, he might try to sell Alaska back to the Russians!
I just want to clarify this now:  If President Trump sells any state, it will be California, not Alaska.
The State Of The Union
President Trump will deliver the annual State of the Union address tonight at 9:00 PM ET.  You have to tune in tonight because the left is so unhinged there's just no telling what they may do.  Pray for the president and the country that the left's reaction won't further divide our nation. 
Here's my unsolicited advice to the president. 
I almost always think he's right when he chooses to aggressively hit back at his opponents.  For too many years our side took blow after blow and did nothing.  But tonight, I would urge him to remember that it is not always necessary to "punch down." 
Tonight, the president of the United States will command the cameras as he lays out his agenda for the year ahead.  This is a time to be presidential.  If someone yells something rude or offensive, Trump should just shake his head and go on with his address.
The Russia hoax is behind us.  Pelosi's impeachment push has failed.  The leader of the free world will be standing tall tonight, still leading this great nation.
And the president has every reason to be confident.  The latest Gallup poll finds Trump's overall approval rating at a record high, with a majority of Americans opposing impeachment, and whopping 63% approving of Trump's handling of the economy – the highest rating of any president since 2001. 
Moreover, Gallup reports that Americans' satisfaction with the economy is the highest it has been in the past 20 years!  And there's good news for the GOP too. 
For the first time since 2005, a majority of the country (51%) views the Republican Party favorably, while 45% have a positive view of the Democrat Party.  In addition, 48% of Americans now say they identify with the GOP, while 44% identify with the party of Pelosi. 
Clearly, impeachment has not played well.