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Tuesday, February 21, 2023 -- Biden's Kyiv Performance, Stumbling Into World War, Biden's Slap To Middle America

Biden’s Kyiv Performance


The left-wing media are falling all over themselves to praise Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv.  Of course, it’s always a high-tension moment when an American president flies into any warzone, as every post-9/11 president has done.  But this was, first and foremost, a PR operation.


The U.S. government reportedly notified Russia that Biden would be flying into Ukraine. The unspoken message was clear:  Putin had better not bomb the country while Biden was there.


Nevertheless, the media reported that air raid sirens went off as Biden and President Volodymyr Zelensky walked through the streets of Kyiv, but they “bravely” continued strolling down the open road together.  In fact, neither man “flinched” when the sound of the sirens pierced the air.


I suspect that this performance was staged as there were no reports of missiles or bombs going off, and there was no fighting in the area. 


So, what we witnessed was not an act of Churchillian bravery, but likely the most expensive presidential campaign commercial ever recorded.  


Biden said nothing new to Zelensky.  He committed another $500 million to the fight, but Zelensky already knew those funds were coming. 


Some media commentators suggested that Biden bailed out Zelensky at a time when Zelensky most needed it.  But he has no opposition -- he shut it all down.  This was an attempt to bail out Joe Biden when he needed it most


We’re supposed to believe that a guy who was too afraid to shoot down a known communist Chinese spy balloon until it had done its dirty work is now brave enough to walk down the streets of Kyiv during an air raid? 


Give me a break!




Stumbling Into World War


Good people are divided over what we should be doing in Ukraine.  But with every passing day, no matter what side you are on in that debate, it is more and more likely that the three major nuclear powers in the world – communist China, Russia and the United States – are going to stumble into a potential nuclear war. 


There’s been no vote in Congress about the road we’re on.  Attempts to get clear votes are suppressed by both Democrat and Republican leaders.


As soon as Biden ended his photo op in Kyiv, Vladimir Putin announced that he was abandoning a major nuclear treaty, which limits nuclear weapons and their testing, and also allows for international inspections of nuclear sites. 


Meanwhile, communist China announced that it is considering sending lethal aid to Russia.  The European Union declared China’s aid to be a “red line.”  North Korea test-fired a long-range nuclear missile this weekend, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is reportedly producing weapons-grade uranium.


And the Ukrainians don’t appear interested in peace negotiations either.  Some are talking about reclaiming the Crimean Peninsula, while others are suggesting Ukrainian tanks will capture Moscow.


And again, there are no visible efforts to bring Ukraine and Russia to the peace table.




Biden’s Heart


Yesterday, President Biden tweeted, “Kyiv has captured a part of my heart.  I knew I would be back.”


If only hundreds of thousands of innocent babies could capture the president’s heart, he might not be so callous in promoting abortion on demand.


If only the families of gunned down police officers could capture the president’s heart, he might be less inclined to accuse law enforcement of “systemic racism.”


If only the parents of children poisoned by fentanyl could capture the president’s heart, perhaps he might do more to secure the border.


If only the beleaguered citizens of East Palestine, Ohio, could capture the president’s heart, perhaps he’d visit them and pledge $500 million to rebuild their shattered community.



Biden’s Slap To Middle America


East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway said that Biden’s visit to Kyiv was “the biggest slap in the face” to his community of working-class men and women, the people most likely to still be patriots in America today.


I would imagine Border Patrol agents and the Americans who live along our wide-open southern border feel the same. 


We’ve spent more than $110 billion to help Ukraine defend its borders.  Donald Trump could never complete his border wall because Democrats and Republican leaders said it was “too expensive.” 


Really?  Trump’s border wall was estimated to cost $25 billion -- on the high end.  Illegal immigration is costing us a lot more than that.


When Trump reprogrammed defense dollars to build the border wall, he was roundly attacked by Democrats and some Republicans, who claimed he was weakening national defense.  But border security is national security. 


We are now massively depleting our stockpiles of ammunition, weakening our national defense in a never-ending effort to defend the borders of Ukraine.  (Here and here.)


I would bet that millions of Americans who spend their evenings huddled in their apartments, because the streets of Austin, Baltimore, Chicago and New York City are unsafe, are wondering what they must do to get the attention of the Biden Administration.


And while we’re spending billions to defend Ukraine, far too many of our schools are failing to provide the most basic educational instruction.  (Here and here.)




How To Respond


What is the proper conservative response to an administration that is more interested in making Ukraine great than making America great again? 


Polls (here and here) show that there is increasing division over support for Ukraine. 


Republicans and conservative leaning independents are generally less interested in policing Ukraine’s borders, while Democrats and left-leaning independents generally approve of Biden’s actions in Ukraine and are inclined to do even more. 


Yet, the leading Republican voices all over the TV, including on Fox News, are arguing for more intervention, not less.


After the GOP underperformed in the November midterm elections, some experts observed that Republican voters did not show up in the numbers that were expected. 


I can’t prove it, but I believe a significant segment of the conservative base is frustrated by GOP leaders who are urging our mentally-challenged president to get further entangled in Ukraine at the risk of a nuclear conflict.


If my hunch is right, those same leaders are unintentionally doing their best right now to reelect Joe Biden. 


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked about Biden’s surprise trip to Ukraine and his reaction was very telling.  DeSantis wisely attacked Biden’s “blank check policy” and warned:


“I don’t think it’s in our interests to be getting into a proxy war with China . . . over things like . . . Crimea. . .  [Biden’s] very concerned about those borders halfway around the world.  He’s not done anything to secure our own border here at home.” 


Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis instinctively understand where the base of their party is.  But virtually everyone else who has announced or is likely to announce for the GOP nomination will be all in on leading the “War Party.”


I would urge those candidates to fine tune how they talk about Ukraine, and not be cheerleaders pushing this incompetent president into a wider war, but instead push him to focus more on the problems here at home.




Tackling The Radical Trans Agenda


A recent Rasmussen poll finds overwhelming public support for commonsense laws that protect our children from radical transgender surgeries.  Far from the “gender-affirming care” that the left calls it, these surgeries needlessly mutilate the healthy bodies of young children and teenagers. 


The only ones who “benefit” from these grotesque procedures are the so-called “doctors” and medical establishments that are getting rich while exploiting confused children and their parents.  It’s outrageous!


Concerned parents and grandparents should demand action from their elected representatives.  There’s no excuse to run from this issue.


Meanwhile, the state of Florida is taking steps to ensure that children are protected from obscene material in classrooms and school libraries. 


A state law requiring books to be age-appropriate is now in effect.  Some media reports are making it sound like great works of literature are being censored.  (That’s what the left does.) 


You can read more about the disgusting books being pulled from Florida schools here[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]  One book contains a glossary of sexually explicit homosexual acts.  Suffice it to say that no child should ever be exposed to such material.  Nor should taxpayers be subsidizing it!