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Tuesday, December 28, 2021 -- Biden Lied & People Died, Preparing For War, Targeting The Troops

Biden Lied & People Died


Joe Biden said repeatedly throughout 2020 that he had a plan to "shut down the virus."  But according to the CDC, nearly 427,000 Americans died from COVID this year.  What happened to Biden's plan?  It's been "quarantined." 


In a call with the nation's governors yesterday discussing the Omicron variant, Biden made a stunning admission when he said, "Look, there is no federal solution.  This gets solved at the state level." 


How's that for passing the buck?!  Harry Truman must be rolling over in his grave.  Last year, Joe Biden claimed he had all the answers.  Now, it sounds like he's setting up the nation's governors for failure.


But there's another scandal brewing. 


As we reported, Biden made a big deal last week about ordering the production of 500 million test kits so people can self-test quickly and isolate if necessary.  But his administration turned down a plan months ago that would have gotten 700 million tests kits in homes and on store shelves in advance of the holidays. 


Yesterday, a reporter asked Biden why the plan was rejected, and he said, "We didn't reject it."  Really?  The Vanity Fair story was well sourced with multiple people quoted.  So, someone's lying.


It seems the Biden White House fumbled the ball big time.  Multiple outside experts warned the administration that it needed to massively ramp up testing production going into the holidays.  But the Biden/Harris team prioritized vaccines over testing. 


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's aren't secrets.  Everyone knew the holidays were coming up, and testing is the major way to help people know whether they should self-quarantine. 


But now it appears that Biden is either lying or this is yet another example of no one telling him what's going on.  In either case, this is a huge scandal.  There should be a congressional investigation, but that won't happen as long as the left controls the House and Senate.




Preparing For War?


Many people believe communist China is preparing for war with Taiwan.  But I believe there are disturbing signs that Beijing is preparing for a major war with the United States. 


There is a huge effort by the Chinese Communist Party to stir raw nationalism among the Chinese people.  Beijing seems particularly intent on getting their youth ready for something big.  Communist authorities banned Chinese children from playing video games more than a few hours a week. 


They issued an edict to all media outlets banning certain men from the radio and TV.  Who are these men?  Well, the Chinese translation was "girlie guns" or "sissy men." In other words, they don't want effeminate men seen in social media or entertainment because they want Chinese boys to be manly. 


Almost overnight, the Chinese built a major missile field in the middle of a desert capable of accommodating ICBMS with nuclear warheads.  They are testing highly sophisticated first-strike weapons


A top Pentagon commander conceded recently that communist China has been trying to disable our military satellites "every single day."  That sounds like an act of war to me.


Here's the latest thing that caught my attention:  China has about 20% of the world's population.  But the communist regime is massively stockpiling essential grains in amounts far exceeding their normal needs.  It's also contributing to food inflation and shortages in some countries. 


Any one of these issues is cause for concern.  But taken together, they paint a very disturbing picture of a regime on war footing. 




Biden Targets The Troops


Apparently, one of the big job openings that Joe Biden filled at the Pentagon this year was that of Grinch. 


Tens of thousands of military personnel are assigned to posts in extremely expensive locations around the country, places like New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.  To compensate for the extraordinarily high cost of living in those areas, those troops qualify for an additional cost-of-living allowance that can be hundreds of dollars a month. 


But after spending trillions of dollars this year, Biden has finally found something he wants to cut – the state-side cost-of-living allowances.  If Biden and his politically correct officers at the Pentagon were trying to alienate our men and women in uniform, they couldn't do a better job. 


The botched Afghanistan withdrawal gutted the morale of every soldier.  But it goes beyond that. 


Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Biden's Justice Department was trying to pay illegal immigrants hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But they can't pay our soldiers an extra stipend to deal with Bidenflation? 


In the name of "readiness," this White House threatened to dishonorably discharge any servicemember who refuses the COVID vaccine.  This is the same White House that is fighting for the "rights" of transgender soldiers in the military and demanding taxpayers pay for the "gender affirmation surgery." 




ICYMI:  Christmas Greetings From Israel


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted a special message to Christians around the world last week.  He noted that while Christians are facing persecution throughout the Middle East, the Jewish state was the only place "that protects Christian life -- where the Christian community is growing, thriving, and prospering."


This is a major reason why I believe so strongly that American Christians must stand with Israel -- because Israel is the only country in the Middle East that truly respects religious liberty.  It is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are safe.


Bennett closed his message by thanking Christians for "caring about us.  We know you're out there fighting for the state of Israel."


Indeed, we are!  And the work of pro-Israel groups like American Values and Christians United for Israel will be even more important next year as the Biden/Harris Administration desperately continues to appease Iran.