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Tuesday, December 13, 2022 -- Biden's House Party, The Twitter Files, School Satan Clubs

Biden’s House Party


Joe Biden held a big party at the White House today for the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.  The bill has nothing to do with respecting marriage.  Its purpose is to restrict religious liberty and rights of conscience.


According to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, there were hundreds of guests, including Hollywood celebrities and entertainers.  Predictably, the LGBTQ+ movement was well represented. 


Most Americans have never been to the White House for an event.  To be invited for a celebration is a real honor.  But Biden’s guest list raised some eyebrows -- it included several controversial drag queens. 


That may seem redundant.  I remember when men dressing up like flamboyant women was in itself controversial.  But one of the drag queens is known for hating cops and for performing in front of little children.  Another performed in front of high school students in a church.


The Supreme Court shocked the country when -- in a 5-to-4 vote -- it struck down the definition of marriage that prevailed in most of Western Civilization and since the founding of America.  That happened under the Obama/Biden Administration.  You may recall that in celebration of the court’s decision, Obama ordered the White House to be bathed in the colors of the gay rainbow. 


More than 30 states had voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  But that didn’t stop the Obama/Biden White House from taking a very “in your face” victory lap. 


It would be politically impossible to project a Cross on the White House.  But leftists don’t think twice about projecting the colors of the gay pride movement on “the people’s house.” Not surprisingly, Biden is doing the same thing today with his celebration.


Meanwhile, I can’t help but compare this over-the-top celebration to how many pro-life Republicans ran for the tall grass when the Supreme Court finally gave us a victory on the sanctity of life in the Dobbs decision.


It doesn’t faze the left to “spike the football” because they understand the importance of symbolism in politics.  People want to be on the side of a winner.  And when the left wins, they make sure you know it.  Our side seems too worried about offending someone.




The Twitter Files


The latest release of internal files from Twitter revealed that one of the people speaking up against the overwhelming progressive impulse to censor people and topics, specifically Donald Trump, just happened to be from communist China. 


In an exchange discussing banning Trump from the platform, this employee wrote, “Maybe because I am from China, I deeply understand how censorship can destroy the public conversation.”


What a powerful comment!  But the Silicon Valley leftists rolled right over this brave employee.  It’s unfortunate that this individual just didn’t realize that they were working with a bunch of commies! 


There was another revelation from the Twitter files that seemed to confuse some people. 


Twitter executives were desperate to find any excuse they could to justify banning Trump.  It was clear to them that he had not actually violated any of Twitter’s policies or standards, so they had to make something up.  They claimed he was “inciting violence,” and they zeroed in on his frequent references to “patriots.” 


The commentators on Fox News this morning didn’t understand why Twitter would link “patriots” with “violence.”  Well, we know that Twitter executives were meeting regularly with FBI officials, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they got the idea from the FBI. 


Leftists have been labeling historic American patriotic symbols as “racist” and “violent” for years now.  The Obama IRS was caught years ago investigating any group with the word “Patriot” in its name. 


And the Biden Administration, which includes many of the same left-wing bureaucrats who targeted Trump in 2016, has attempted to purge “patriot extremists” from the military.


Once upon a time, we wanted people to be patriots. Now, the left views them as threats to democracy. 




School Satan Clubs


A controversy erupted recently in Chesapeake, Virginia, when an “after school Satan club” was approved to meet at a local elementary school.  Last night’s school board meeting was packed. 


School board members claimed they had no choice.  They argued that once they make school facilities available to one group, they must be open to all groups.


Here’s the real story:  This controversy is part of a national campaign targeting schools with “Good News Clubs” -- that is evangelical and Catholic kids meeting in the schools.  So, they swoop in with their “Satan Club” and demand that the school boards allow Satan “equal time.”  The real goal is to get the Christian clubs closed down.


This is part of the ongoing national effort to silence and marginalize Christians.  The purpose is to ensure that there are no “safe spaces” in public schools for Christian kids, while every possible “alternative lifestyle” is openly celebrated.


So, this is actually a very big deal.  It’s further proof that “live and let live” is not on the table.  It’s not an option with the intolerant, totalitarian left.


Universities have been actively undermining Christian student groups for years.  They demand in the name of tolerance that the organizations be open to anyone and that non-Christians be allowed to serve as officers. 


We know what that game is all about – it’s an invitation for leftists, atheists and Marxists to hijack the Christian groups.  In the face of such hostility, some Christian groups give up and move off campus.  Now we’re getting down to your local elementary school. 


Sadly, the Church and far too many Christians still don’t seem to understand the culture war that is raging all around them.




Crypto Kingpin Arrested


If you needed any more evidence of the political weaponization of the Biden Justice Department, we got it last night. 


Crypto kingpin Sam Bankman-Fried, aka “SBF,” has been giving public interviews for weeks.  He was scheduled to testify under oath before Congress today.  Everyone knew he would be asked about his financial partnership with the Democrat Party.  The bankrupt billionaire is second only to George Soros in his lavish gifts to progressive causes and candidates. 


Well, we wouldn’t want SBF testifying to that in public now, would we?  So, he was arrested in the Bahama’s last night at the request of the Biden Administration.


Presumably, he will be tried for securities fraud and money laundering related to his failed crypto currency exchange, FTX.  His political donations won’t be relevant in those legal proceedings. 


So, by arresting him the day before he was to testify, the Biden Justice Department once again blocked information that would be embarrassing to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Just like the FBI suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.