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Tuesday, August 8, 2023 -- Gold Star Families vs. Biden, Zero Accountability, Left-wing Hate

Gold Star Families vs. Biden


There was an incredibly important congressional forum held yesterday in Escondido, California.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) convened the forum to hear testimony from the Gold Star families of the 13 American heroes who were killed at the Kabul, Afghanistan, airport two years ago.


Last month, Joe Biden denied any responsibility for the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.  These Gold Star families disagree.


They gave the greatest sacrifice you can for our country, and their sons and daughters paid with their lives.  They are buried in graves because President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the entire military chain of command failed them.


Darin Hoover, whose 31 year-old Marine son died in the attack, called on Joe Biden to be the man his son was, to learn from his mistakes and resign immediately. 


The lives of these families have been shattered forever, and they are convinced that the Biden Administration has repeatedly lied to them and disrespected them, even as they buried their children.  


Cheryl Rex, who lost her 20 year-old son, recalled a bizarre interaction with Biden during the dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base.  Biden said, “My wife, Jill, and I know how you feel. We lost our son as well, and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin.”


That’s just not true.  Beau Biden did not die in combat.  He died from brain cancer at Walter Reed Hospital, and Cheryl Rex knew the truth!  “How could someone be so heartless,” Rex asked.


In 2016, the media gave an incredible amount of coverage to a Muslim Gold Star couple because Donald Trump wanted to suspend immigration from countries infected by radical Islamist hatred.  The media accused Trump of mocking and disrespecting them, and it couldn’t get enough of that story. 


But other than Fox News, there wasn’t one second of televised media coverage for these Gold Star families who feel totally betrayed and disrespected by the Biden Administration.  To the left-wing media, these Gold Star families and their sacrifice count for nothing. 


To the left, they are an “inconvenience.”  If more Americans hear about the tragic price they and their sons and daughters paid Biden’s incompetence, it might delay the “fundamental transformation of America” the left desires.




Zero Accountability

A major concern expressed by many of the Gold Star parents was the total lack of accountability for anyone involved in the Kabul disaster. 


Do you remember when White House Spokesman John Kirby attempted to gaslight the entire country?  Kirby said he didn’t see any “chaos” in Kabul from “his perch.”


Kelly Barnett, who lost her son, blasted Kirby’s callous remark, saying, “I don’t know what perch he was on.  Maybe he was sitting on the beach drinking a margarita. I think he should have talked to some people who were on the ground to get a better perspective.”


Sadly, Kirby is still perched in a White House office earning good money making sure the American people don’t figure out how utterly corrupt this administration is.  And when he’s not doing that, he’s pushing abortion or covering for the fools in the Pentagon who are busy planning next year’s Pride Month!


General Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley and other commanders testified that they opposed Biden’s withdrawal plan.  The Gold Star families said they should have done more to resist it, including having the honor and the decency to resign in protest. 


Sadly, no matter how many military medals you pin on a progressive’s chest, they’re still just another leftist worried about “white rage” and coddling communist China.


There was another occasion when Milley demonstrated his true loyalties.  It was the summer of 2020.  The White House was under constant siege by radical leftists.  Dozens of Secret Service agents were injured defending the White House, and left-wing revolutionaries tried to torch a historic church just across the street.


Milley walked with President Trump to the church to demonstrate that such behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated.  But he later leaked to the media that his stand with Trump was a mistake and he almost resigned over that. 


Really?  He thought about resigning for standing with Donald Trump in defense of religious liberty, but not over the fiasco at the Kabul airport?  If Milley is too weak to stand up to radical leftists, he shouldn’t be leading our men and women in battle.




The Recruiting Crisis Continues


The military recruiting crisis is so bad that some are suggesting a new draft.  While the crisis is real, a new draft isn’t the solution. 


The families whose sons and daughters are most likely to join the American military overwhelmingly come from Middle America. They love God and they love this country.  They don’t believe men can get pregnant.  And they don’t understand why America needs a whole month to celebrate private bedroom behaviors. 


But millions of those families were reminded yesterday of what could happen to their sons and daughters if they trust them to incompetent political leaders and woke generals.  No advertising budget or recruitment bonus is big enough to fix that. 




Media Malfeasance


I have often noted that media bias is more than just how left-wing reporters spin the news.  It’s also what they refuse to cover, and the Gold Star families weren’t the only significant news Biden’s Big Media boosters ignored lately. 


The major Sunday talk shows completely ignored Devon Archer’s testimony about Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter’s foreign influence peddling schemes.


Speaking of spin, NBC’s Dasha Burns was spinning out-of-control for the abortion industry and the Democrat Party during her interview with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.


When DeSantis pointed out that its Democrats who have the extreme position on the issue with their no-limits, abortion until birth policies, Burns pushed back, saying, “There’s no indication of Democrats pushing for that.”


Really?  I guess Burns must have missed the national outrage when Virginia Democrats proposed legislation to allow abortion up to the moment of birth.


As the Daily Caller notes, virtually every Democrat in Congress has voted for the pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act, which states, “It is the purpose of this Act to permit health care providers to provide abortion services without limitations. . .”  Joe Biden has endorsed this extreme legislation.




Biden’s Money Guy


While the media obsesses over Jack Smith’s prosecution of Donald Trump, we’re learning more about the growing Biden scandals. 


For example, Eric Schwerin, one of Hunter Biden’s primary business associates, visited the Obama White House and the official residence of then-Vice President Joe Biden at least 36 times.


Like Devon Archer, Schwerin was a key player in Hunter’s influence peddling schemes.  Peter Schweizer described him as the “money guy” in the Biden crime family, who had access to Hunter’s bank accounts and even Joe’s bank accounts.  In fact, Hunter’s ex-wife once admitted that Schwerin “managed almost every aspect of our financial life.”


And that begs the question:  Why was Schwerin visiting the Obama/Biden White House so often?




Left-wing Hate


Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a bill signing ceremony yesterday for legislation to protect women’s sports from men who claim to be women.  In spite of the overwhelming popularity of this commonsense legislation, hundreds of left-wing radicals turned out to protest the event.


Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines and other advocates for women were assaulted, screamed at, threatened and spat on when they left the event.  One conservative activist said the best way to describe the protestors was “rabid.”


Just another reminder of where all the hate and divisiveness is really coming from.  It’s not coming from Donald Trump or Middle America.  It’s coming from the radical neo-Marxist left that is waging war on normalcy.