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Tuesday, August 30, 2022 -- Prime Time Politics, Irony Overload, A Critical Victory

Prime Time Politics


The White House announced yesterday that President Biden will deliver a prime-time address Thursday evening outside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The theme of Biden’s remarks will be that our “freedoms are under attack” and our “democracy is at risk.”


First of all, we don’t have a democracy.  We have a constitutional republic, and there’s a big difference.  But I digress. 


As some reports have noted, Biden began his 2020 campaign with a rally in Philadelphia, and this speech is clearly aimed at influencing the 2022 elections.  So, Biden is now in campaign mode, fresh off his attack last week in which he called most Republicans “semi-fascists.”  (How’s that for promoting unity?)


But the choice of Independence Hall is an interesting one. If you are a typical young leftist, you probably don’t know the significance of Independence Hall. 


Many of Biden’s political allies tell us that the location is famous only because a group of “slavers” met there in order to create an evil country built on genocide and white supremacy.  They wrote a document there that many leftists consider to be “trash.”


So, does Biden know what his radical base thinks?  Or is he exploiting what most Americans feel about Independence Hall, that the greatest nation the world has ever seen was birthed there? 




Irony Overload


Whenever presidents deliver major speeches, there’s often an audience of honored guests.  It seems more than likely that the White House will have a plethora of left-wing luminaries on hand as Biden waxes eloquent about “saving our democracy.”


Maybe there will be representatives of the teachers’ unions, who are teaching our children that America is evil and must be “fundamentally transformed.” 


Perhaps far-left activists like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe and James Comey, who tried to use the power of the FBI to destroy a duly-elected president of the United States, will be on hand to hear what Biden has to say about “saving our democracy.” 


He could have the 51 former heads of intelligence agencies who knowingly spread the lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation when they certainly knew it was not.  (See below.)


I assume Biden will prominently feature Attorney General Merrick Garland, who labeled concerned parents attending school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”  That would be a great reminder for Americans worried about attacks on our freedoms and threats to our democracy.


There could be special sections of the audience reserved for the leftist foot soldiers of Antifa, who violently attack conservatives in the streets, for Jane’s Revenge, who firebomb crisis pregnancy centers, and for the BLM radicals, who burned our cities in the summer of 2020.  Biden is counting on all these people to “save our democracy.”


Will Biden be honest enough to feature all the progressive governors who used COVID as an excuse to attack our rights by closing our businesses, schools and churches while demanding that abortion clinics stayed open? 


And we can’t leave out the elected Democrats who are making tremendous efforts to bring us all together, like Charlie Crist, who told Republicans he doesn’t want their votes.  Like Kathy Hochul, who told Republicans to leave New York because they’re not welcome in her state.  And Jena Griswold, who said Colorado Republicans are plotting to take away your right to vote.  They should be seated in the special “Unity” section.


Let’s not forget the delegation from Silicon Valley, the social media oligarchs who love to censor conservative views.  Their efforts are essential to “saving our democracy” and protecting our rights, since the government can’t directly censor speech yet because of that pesky First Amendment. 


And right next to them, should be reserved seating for Michael Bloomberg and others who are working feverishly to take away our Second Amendment rights to defend our families.


There’s buzz in town that Biden’s event will be opened by a drag queen choir, assuming they’re not too busy at the local library story hour, where they are doing the “really important work” of confusing little boys and girls about biological reality.  After all, “Drag is what America is all about,” says Nancy Pelosi.


While I hope I have brought a few smiles to your face, we all know this is extremely serious. 


America is at a tipping point, and the left is all in when it comes to attacking the Constitution and our fundamental rights. 


They do not believe liberty comes from God.  They believe our rights come from government, and they will decide who gets them and who doesn’t. 


Their strategy is to convince a majority of the country that conservatives are the equivalent of Nazis who must be crushed.


Meanwhile, here’s my advice to any elected Republican who is convinced that our biggest problem is Donald Trump:  GET OUT OF POLITICS!


The biggest problem we’re facing is the myriad of powerful forces trying to label half the country as “deplorable and irredeemable,” and you’re not fighting back because you don’t recognize the real threat!




The Swamp’s Revolving Door


There’s good news and bad news from the Swamp. 


The good news is that Timothy Thibault, a senior FBI official who oversaw the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, has left the Bureau.  Some “mainstream media” outlets are reporting that he “retired.”  But numerous sources report that Thibault was “escorted out of the building” Friday afternoon, suggesting that he resigned under pressure.


That pressure is coming from many conservatives on Capitol Hill, including Senator Charles Grassley, who vowed over the weekend, “I’m not going to give up exposing political bias in the FBI.”


The bad news is that Joe Biden just appointed Jeremy Bash to the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board.  Bash was among the group of so-called “former intelligence experts” who labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation.”  (Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up!) 


Either Bash lied or he’s incompetent.  Neither is a good explanation, and he has no business serving on any intelligence advisory board.


In related news, Rep. Jim Jordan is launching an investigation of Michael Horowitz, the inspector general of the Justice Department.  Horowitz is supposed to be an internal watchdog who investigates abuses at the FBI and the Department of Justice.  You may recall that he helped to expose the FBI’s corruption in repeated abuses of the FISA court and its conduct in spying on Donald Trump.


Rep. Jordan, however, is concerned about reports that Horowitz’s office played a role in the seizure and search of Rep. Scott Perry’s cellphone.  If that’s true, then the watchdog, who is supposed to investigate FBI abuses, has compromised his independence and may have participated in serious abuses of power himself.




A Critical Victory


Conservatives have been working hard in recent years to pass election integrity legislation.  And we’ve succeeded in many states.  Not surprisingly, the left is working hard to undo that progress.


After Arizona passed election integrity legislation in 2021 and 2022, left-wing groups funded by George Soros started collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would repeal these election integrity laws . . . just in time for the 2024 presidential election.


I am pleased to report that advocates for election integrity, including Ken Blackwell, Ken Cuccinelli and others, quickly moved to stop this effort to undermine Arizona’s elections by challenging the ballot initiative signatures submitted by the Soros-funded groups.


The Arizona Supreme Court agreed with the challenge and ordered a Maricopa County court to verify the collected signatures.  The trial judge found that the left-wing groups just barely met the required threshold to certify the ballot initiative.


Thankfully, the justices of the state supreme court didn’t just take the trial judge’s word for it.  They demanded to see the judge’s calculations to verify his work.  But he refused to provide it.  So, the justices were forced to disqualify the ballot initiative for lack of sufficient signatures.


This critical victory is an important reminder that the left is desperate to cheat in elections and that it never gives up.  Other states that have passed election integrity measures must be on guard for similar left-wing efforts to undermine them.