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Tuesday, August 23, 2022 -- Faith Under Siege, Fighting For Our Values, Fauci's Farwell

Faith Under Siege


Kudos to Grace Christian School in Valrico, Florida!


As many schools do at the beginning of the school year, Grace Christian School sent out a reminder to all parents about the school’s standards of conduct.  Included in that notice was a statement that sexual activity outside of marriage was not permitted by the school. 


The school also prohibits the growing transgender ideology that insists we all lie about a person’s gender if they decide they are something other than their biological sex.  In other words, there are no “preferred pronouns” in this school!  Boys are addressed as “he/him” and girls are addressed as “she/her.” 


This is not a new policy for Grace Christian School and it is exactly what you would expect at any Christian school.  But the school is now facing a barrage of hate for reiterating these commonsense, biblical principles.  


Barry McKeen, an administrator at Grace Christian School, told Fox News:


“It’s funny for us to. . . be painted as hateful. We have fielded . . . probably thousands of phone calls . . . with just some of the most outrageous things: People threatening to burn my house down, threatening to kill my family. . .


“Maybe God has picked us for this particular time to just encourage [like-minded people] that, ‘Hey, there are things worth standing up for, and we’re going to do that.’”


Please take a moment today to contact Grace Christian School at  Let them know that you appreciate the stand they are taking for biblical values and that you are praying for the safety of their students and staff this school year.




Fighting For Our Values


Here’s what you must understand, my friends.  This controversy is not about some school you’ve never heard of in a Florida city you’ve never heard of.  This is clear evidence of a powerful trend in America.  The hateful, intolerant left intends to criminalize or suppress any individual or institution that stands for biblical values. 


I strongly support Christian schools.  I have done so my entire life.  I wish more churches would open their own schools. 


But no one should assume that just because they send their kids to a Christian school and attend a good church that there’s no need to be actively involved in our political process because you’re shielding your family from negative cultural influences. 


The left is demonstrating once again that it will “come and get us” if we do not have the political influence and strength in government to stop them.


Remember, before Donald Trump was elected, the Obama/Biden Administration was attempting to destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor because they would not bow at the alter of abortion on demand. 


Right now, Joe Biden is threatening to cut off school lunches for poor children unless schools enforce the radical transgender ideology in their classrooms. 


Thankfully, the three Trump/Pence Supreme Court appointees created a solid majority on the Supreme Court to defend religious liberty.  But if -- God forbid – anything happens to one of the conservative justices (if the left’s continued vicious rhetoric actually results in an assassination of a conservative justice), that majority could be lost.


This country was built on the belief that we are “one nation under God,” that our liberties come from God, not government.  That central belief is one of the things that stands in the left’s way of “fundamentally transforming America.”  Every believer must stand firm now and, as Barry McKeen noted, stand up for what we believe.


Please stand with me as we fight for faith, family and freedom!




The Mar-a-Lago Mess


Here are the latest developments in the outrageous FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home.


  • Trump’s attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit alleging violations of his Fourth Amendment rights.  They are demanding that the government stop sifting through the seized material, and they are seeking the appointment of an independent “special master” to essentially act as an interim custodian for the material.


  • Contrary to the media’s spin that Trump simply grabbed whatever he wanted on his way out of the White House, it is being reported that staffers for the Government Services Administration (GSA) packed up the materials that were shipped to Mar-a-Lago.  Perhaps the FBI should raid the GSA now.


  • New reporting suggests that the Biden White House was certainly well aware of, if not directly responsible for, the launch of the investigation that led to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.  What initially looked like a fishing expedition is now starting to look like a potential case of entrapment.




“Trust Us” Doesn’t Cut It


Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley has written an excellent column explaining why all the demands for us to blindly trust Big Government in the Mar-a-Lago raid just don’t cut it.  Most Americans now believe the FBI is little more than “Biden’s personal Gestapo.” 


Attorney General Merrick Garland should have realized the necessity for transparency.  But, as Turley points out, Garland missed one opportunity after another to reassure a skeptical public. 


From the negotiations that took place before the raid, to the conduct of the raid itself, to Garland’s inexplicable silence for days after the raid, and now his attempts to keep the affidavit secret – it all looks suspicious and far from reassuring.


But Turley zeroes in on the search warrant itself, writing, “It allowed the seizure of any box containing any document with any classification of any kind — and all boxes stored with that box; it allowed the seizure of any writing from Trump’s presidency.”  


Essentially, Garland authorized the FBI to seize virtually everything in sight!  And Turley isn’t the only one deeply concerned by the overly-board search warrant. 


Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, David Rivkin and Lee Casey, who served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations, argue that the Mar-a-Lago search warrant was illegal and in violation of the Presidential Records Act, which logically assumes that a former president’s records will include classified information.


In related news, FBI whistleblowers are coming forward to expose corruption and cover-ups in multiple Bureau field offices around the country.  Agents allege that they were pressured to sign false affidavits, ordered to inflate statistics around domestic terrorism cases and covered up “illicit sexual activities” of other FBI personnel.


I hope we are witnessing a turning point where good people inside the FBI are stepping up to protect the agency’s honor and reputation before it is utterly destroyed.  But these additional allegations prove that concerns about corruption are valid, not just “crackpot conspiracies,” and that the corruption is likely far more extensive than realized.


After the Russia collusion hoax and a long list of other FBI’s failures, Director Wray and Attorney General Garland are going to have do a lot better than, “Trust us.”




Fauci’s Farewell


Dr. Anthony Fauci announced yesterday that he will retire at the end of the year.  That’s not soon enough in my view!


Presumably, Fauci determined the odds are strong that his conservative critics will take back the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate, too.  So, he’s getting out while the getting’s good.  And I was pleased to see multiple Republicans say that Dr. Fauci won’t get away that easily. 


As Sen. John Kennedy put it, “Unless Dr. Fauci decides to seek asylum in some foreign country . . . , then Dr. Fauci . . . is going to be spending a lot of time in front of congressional committees.”