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Tuesday, August 18, 2020 -- Biden Praised By A Socialist & A Turncoat, Covid Update, Confronting Communist China

Biden Praised By A Socialist & A Turncoat
There was a stark contrast during the first night of the Democrat National Convention.  Democrats were simultaneously trying to appeal to some disaffected Republicans while spotlighting socialist Bernie Sanders. 
Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union and has heaped praise on communist Cuba.  Sanders wrote much of Biden's platform.  And he was triumphant about it last night, bragging that his radical ideas are now mainstream within Biden's Democrat Party.
Indeed, today's Wall Street Journal editorial warns:
"The 110-page Biden-Sanders manifesto is the most radical policy document of either major party in our lifetimes. It leaps to the left of the Obama Administration on nearly every policy area, from education to taxes to climate change."
Then there was John Kasich, the former Republican congressman and governor from Ohio.  He must think we're idiots.  Kasich attempted to assure us that Joe wouldn't be a radical left president.  (I guess he must be comfortable with a possible President Harris too.)
Being a virtual convention, there was no chance for Kasich and Sanders to meet behind the scenes.  That would have been an interesting conversation because one of them is seriously wrong.
Sanders is convinced Biden will be the most left-wing president ever.  Kasich seems to think Biden will be another Harry Truman or Bill Clinton.
When a president is elected, you elect more than just one person.  You elect his vice president and all the people who will come into powerful positions in Washington, D.C., as well as the judges they will nominate.
Kasich, who claims to be pro-life, just endorsed the most pro-abortion ticket in history. 
Kasich, who presents himself as a blue-collar hero, is backing the globalists who helped to gut Ohio of its manufacturing jobs, shipping our factories to China.
Kasich, who touts his Christian faith, is backing the candidate who supported efforts to bankrupt the Little Sisters of the Poor and whose running mate (Kamala Harris) has repeatedly attacked the Knights of Columbus. 
Between Bernie Sanders's abhorrent left-wing socialism and turncoat John Kasich's bed-wetting brand of conservatism, I respect Sanders more. 
Kasich is a sad reminder of the weak Republican Party that drove so many conservatives to rally around Donald Trump because they were sick and tired of being betrayed.  If the GOP is to have a future, people like Kasich must be left in the past.
Most Chutzpah
If they made awards for chutzpah, Governor Andrew Cuomo would win hands down.  Last night, Cuomo blamed Donald Trump for the coronavirus when he presided over more Covid deaths (33,000) than the states of California, Florida and Texas combined (31,000).
It's the "Chinese coronavirus," but Cuomo gives communist China a pass.  He refers to it as the "European virus" and blames Trump for it.
Most Angering Performance
Former First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the keynote address last night.  I will always remember her for saying she was never proud of America until her husband secured the 2008 Democrat nomination. 
Mrs. Obama attacked the chaos that surrounds the Trump Administration, knowing full well that the chaos was caused by the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bidens, and their media allies. 
They libeled the president with a false charge of collusion.  They spied on his campaign.  They tried to sabotage the Electoral College.  They rioted in the streets of Washington on inauguration day.  They suggested he was insane.  They said he would get us into war.  They impeached him over a phone call. 
They have lied, leaked and used left-wing judges to block Trump's agenda every step of the way.  And now they have the audacity to blame him for the chaos.  They are like the boy who kills his parents and then begs the judge for mercy because he's an orphan.
Most Bizarre Performance
I hesitated to include this, but last night the Democrats closed their convention with Billy Porter and Stephen Stills using an ode to the 60s street protests to promote the demonstrations in the streets today.  The background featured an American flag that looked like communist China had just taken over.  You can see it here.
After you recover from the initial shock of this bizarre performance, be certain to browse the viewer comments.  I promise they're worth it!  Most people hated the Porter/Stills performance.
Covid Update
Every day the media bombards the American people with the latest Covid stats – from new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Listening to the hysteria, you'd think Covid-19 was everywhere.  But as the Heritage Foundation notes, the virus outbreaks are actually very concentrated
For example, just 30 counties, representing 17% of the total U.S. population, account for 43% of all Covid-19 deaths.  As you might expect, 23 of these 30 counties span the Amtrak corridor from Philadelphia to Boston.
By the way, we're being told ad nauseum that wearing masks is the most important thing we can do to defeat the virus.  Well, in that case, why can't we vote in person with masks on?  Even Dr. Fauci acknowledges that "there's no reason" we can't do in-person voting this November. 
Votes For Women!
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees women the right to vote. 
President Trump signed a proclamation recognizing this historic achievement, and also announced that he was issuing a posthumous pardon to famed suffragette Susan B. Anthony, who was fined $100 in 1872 for voting illegally.
By the end of the day, the left will be condemning Trump once they learn that Susan B. Anthony was not only a proud feminist but staunchly pro-life. 
Confronting Communist China
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe issued a stark warning regarding communist China.  In a recent statement, Ratcliffe declared:
"China poses a greater national security threat to the U.S. than any other nation – economically, militarily and technologically. That includes threats of election influence and interference."
It's not hard to guess which candidate China supports.  Joe Biden has been Beijing's chief apologist in the United States for decades.  And you don't have to take my word for it.  Biden admits it!
At a White House China Summit in 2011, Biden bragged about meeting with Deng Xiaoping in 1979, saying:
"As a young member of a Foreign Relations Committee, I wrote and I said and I believed then what I believe now:  That a rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China but for America and the world writ large."
Of course, we know that China has had a positive development on the Biden family's personal fortunes.  And there's more.  Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Joe Biden, once cited Mao Zedong, one of history's worst mass murderers, as one of her "favorite political philosophers."
In recent days we have seen the seriousness of China's threat.  A former CIA agent and FBI linguist was arrested Friday on charges of spying for Beijing.  Thankfully, the Trump Administration is cracking down big time. 


  • FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledged that half of the Bureau's counterintelligence investigations involve China. 
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is forcing the Confucius Institute U.S. Center to register as a foreign agent because it is "advancing Beijing's global propaganda and malign influence campaign on U.S. campuses and K-12 classrooms." 
  • Yesterday, the Commerce Department blacklisted dozens of companies affiliated with the Chinese tech giant Huawei, potentially "dealing a lethal blow to China's most important global technology company."