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Tuesday, April 5, 2022 -- Fox Under Fire, Media Malfeasance, Romney Goes Rogue

Fox Under Fire


Here's some "breaking news" from reporters at the New York Times and CNN:  Joe Biden REALLY doesn't like Fox News.  And he's not a fan of Fox owner Rupert Murdoch either.


Biden says Fox News is "one of the most destructive forces in the United States," and he thinks Murdoch is "the most dangerous man in the world."  That's not only harsh, it's a good indication of the president's misplaced priorities.


In what universe is Fox News more destructive than Antifa, critical race theory or the left forcing gender insanity on our children?  In what world is Rupert Murdoch more dangerous than Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or Ayatollah Khamenei?


I have a lot of complaints about Fox News, and the list is growing.  But while there are some alternatives, like Newsmax, there is no question that Fox News is the largest center-right media outlet in America.  And that's exactly why the left can't stand it.


The left really isn't tolerant at all when it comes to differing opinions, and it can't stand diversity when it comes to diversity of thought and views. 


This "breaking news" about Biden's simmering hatred of Fox News seems to be part of a coordinated attack against the news outlet in the months leading up to the November elections.


The Washington Post just published a long story about a recent study attacking Fox News for the "damaging role" it plays in the media. 


The study suggests that conservatives are brainwashed because they listen almost exclusively to Fox News, while liberals are much more open-minded because they get their news from a variety of sources like ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times and the Washington Post.


Seriously, folks, you can't make this up!


The only variety there is that the names are different.  When it comes to a variety of views and opinions, your options are left, hard left and socialist left!




Media Malfeasance


Just as major outlets are doing their version of a "mea culpa" for how badly they bungled the Hunter Biden laptop story, they're attacking Fox News as unreliable. 


The only people in America who knew about Hunter's laptop were people who watched Fox News or who read the New York Post and other conservative news outlets.  But the censorship of Hunter Biden's laptop was not an aberration. 


There are many important stories that break only to be at best completely ignored by the "mainstream media" or, worse, falsely spun to fit the left's narrative.  For example, the left-wing media has done its best to ignore the border crisis, while suggesting that Ketanji Brown Jackson was treated far worse than Brett Kavanaugh!


Here's something else to consider:  Every day, Joe Biden sadly provides additional evidence that his cognitive abilities are failing.  Over the weekend, he said he was proud of the work that his wife was doing with Michelle Obama "when she was vice president."


Neither woman was ever vice president!


The fake news media was exceedingly interested in Donald Trump's mental health, even though he was and is mentally sharp.  But the media have no interest at all in Biden's mental health challenges, even when we're on the verge of a showdown with nuclear-armed Russia. 




Way To Go, Joe!


Hillary Clinton thinks Joe Biden is doing a great job as president.  Seriously, she really said that.  She went on Meet the Press this weekend and declared:


"From my perspective, President Biden is doing a very good job. . .  I'm not sure what the disconnect is between the accomplishments of the administration and the Congress . . . and the impact it will have on the American public.  We've got a great story to tell and we've got to get out there and do a better job of telling it."


Referring to the November elections, Clinton added, "I don't think the average American, frankly, wants to be governed by people who live in a totally different reality."


I think Clinton and the left are living in a totally different reality.  The left clearly has a problem with biological reality.  It keeps insisting that men can be women!


Joe Biden's record has been one of record failures – record COVID deaths, record gas prices, record inflation, record illegal immigration, record homicide rates.  Now we've got the first major European war in nearly 80 years. 


Maybe Hillary thinks that's a "very good job," but Americans overwhelmingly believe the country is headed in the wrong direction!




Orban Prevails & Europe Pouts


I realize most Americans have never heard of Viktor Orban.  But as we're living in a time when foreign policy is dominating the headlines, I thought I'd offer some thoughts on this week's election in Hungary. 


Orban is an unapologetic Christian, and often insists that Hungary is a Christian nation. That does not mean that only Christians can live in Hungary, but Orban is clear that the nation's values are guided by Judeo-Christian values. 


Orban refuses to bow to the liberal dictates of the European Union, including demands from Brussels that Hungary accept hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants from the Middle East, which would undoubtedly change Hungary.  There is only one country for ethnic Hungarians, while there are approximately two-dozen Arab nations that are proudly Muslim. 


And even though Hungary is a small country with limited resources, it has devoted tens of millions of dollars to rebuilding devastated Christian communities in the Middle East.


Before Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban and the conservative government of Poland were seen by Europe as the most evil things on the planet.  Joe Biden banned Hungary from his "Summit for Democracy."  George Soros routinely attacks both Hungary and Poland, as does the international media. 


Well, Orban just secured his fourth landslide victory.  We should applaud it because the election interference from the European Union and elements of our own Deep State didn't work in Hungary.


By the way, one of the major attacks against Orban is that he and his government are anti-Semitic.  That is a lie.  One of the first world leaders to congratulate Orban on his latest victory was former Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu




Romney Goes Rogue


Senator Mitt Romney went rogue yesterday.  He broke ranks with his GOP colleagues and joined Senate Democrats to advance Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court.


No one was surprised that Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voted for Judge Jackson.  Neither senator is pro-life.  Murkowski is fighting for her political life in conservative Alaska, and Susan Collins is likely in her last term. 


And I can only assume that Mitt Romney is, too.  His vote yesterday for Judge Jackson was the biggest signal yet that Romney has no future in the GOP.


Nine months ago, Romney opposed Jackson's confirmation to the D.C. Circuit of Appeals.  But now he thinks she deserves a promotion?  Even after she rejected the Declaration of Independence and was unable or unwilling to define what a woman is?


Over the decades, we've seen the kind of Republicanism that seems most comfortable when it's losing gracefully.  (Remember when Romney lost a key presidential debate not just to Barack Obama, but to moderator Candy Crowley?!) 


It's the same kind of Republicanism that only talks about economic issues, while demoting cultural values like the sanctity of life, illegal immigration and the meaning of marriage and family. 


Romney believes that the GOP will eventually shed its conservative populism, best personified by Donald Trump, and return to the party that loses gracefully (like he did), and that never breaks a sweat in the fight for faith, family and freedom.  Romney certainly didn't in 2012.