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Tuesday, April 30, 2024 -- Columbia Chaos Continues, Root Causes, The White House Responds

Columbia Chaos Continues


Another deadline for campus protesters at Columbia University to disperse expired yesterday afternoon. When the university warned that the remaining students at the “Gaza Solidary Encampment” faced suspension, the student radicals took note and moved.


They forcibly occupied Hamilton Hall, which is a historic building.


It is named after Alexander Hamilton. It has Tiffany stained-glass windows of the Roman poet Virgil and the Greek playwright Sophocles. Hamilton Hall was also the site of a famous student takeover in 1968 by actual anti-war students.


Today’s occupiers of Hamilton Hall are not anti-war protesters. If Hamas was winning the war with Israel, none of these students would be demonstrating for an end to the fighting.


They would be cheering the deaths of Israeli Jews. Just as they would have cheered if Iran’s missiles had found their targets two weeks ago.


Notice that they are not demonstrating against the war in Ukraine. They are not demanding a ceasefire in Ukraine. They are not demanding divestment from Ukraine.


They are not anti-war protesters, and they are not peace activists.


The Hamas Youth occupying Hamilton Hall hung a large banner from the building with just one word: “INTIFADA.”


That word has a specific meaning. It is a reference to violent Palestinian uprisings against Israel. It is a call for violence against Jews, just like so many other threats that have been made on Columbia’s campus, as well as other U.S. college campuses.


There is a video of Hamas Youth at Columbia frantically yelling, “Where did the Jews go?” I’m pretty sure they weren’t interested in finding Jews so they could hug them. It’s also what the Hamas jihadists who invaded Israel on October 7th were yelling, “Where are the Jews? Get the Jews!”


In the spirit of Hamas, Columbia’s Islamist sympathizers also took hostages. They eventually thought better of it and released them.


But it’s striking just how much these campus radicals reflect Hamas in their Jew-hatred. Radical Islamists have been taking hostages for decades. Of course, they also use the civilians of Gaza as human shields, literally hiding behind them.


And as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz warns, many of these “useful idiots” on our campuses today “are being groomed to be the terrorists of the future.”


No doubt Hamas and Iran are praising these “useful idiots” yet again.




Root Causes


Much of this anti-Semitism stems from students from Islamic countries we have unwisely allowed to come here on student visas. Any foreign student found participating in these protests should have their visa revoked immediately and they should be returned to their home country.


Some of the anti-Semitism is homegrown from leftist students indoctrinated at home and at these universities. There are also professional agitators involved, just like the 2020 summer riots. We may be headed toward similar unrest again this summer.


At the University of Texas in Austin, officials cleared the Hamas Youth from the campus. Law enforcement found stacks of “baseball-sized rocks strategically placed within the encampment.”


I remember how the same thing happened in multiple American cities in the summer of 2020. A few hours before rioting broke out, trucks would pull up with “rioting supplies.”  In other cases, rioters conveniently found bricks and rocks waiting for them.


I think the evidence is growing that we are in the middle of a slow-motion, Marxist inspired revolution that has been going on for some time.




The White House Reacts


The White House responded this morning to the latest outbursts of campus anti-Semitism. The deputy press secretary issued a statement condemning the use of the word “Intifada,” threats of violence, and the occupation of buildings.


I suppose a statement from the deputy press secretary is better than nothing. But it shows just how much the Biden White House is afraid to confront the Hamas wing of his party.


Statements from the deputy press secretary don’t carry the same weight as statements from the White House press secretary. And statements from the White House press secretary don’t carry the same weight as statements from the president of the United States.


Where is Joe Biden?! In his own voice, he regularly calls MAGA supporters “haters,” “semi-fascist,” “a threat to the country,” etc., etc.


If black students or LGBTQ students were facing this much hatred and threats of genocide on dozens of college campuses across the country, Biden would be delivering televised addresses to the nation every day and calling out the National Guard.




Parallels To The Past


The student occupation of Hamilton Hall isn’t the only parallel to 1968.


There was rampant crime then in our big cities and rioting on our college campuses, just as there is now. Law and order was a key theme that drove the 1968 election, which resulted in Richard Nixon’s victory over Hubert Humphrey.


Another key event that came to symbolize 1968 and Humphrey’s defeat was the utter chaos at the Democrat National Convention, which was held in Chicago.


Well, guess where Democrats are holding their national convention this year? That’s right – Chicago. And there are plans in the works to “recreate 1968” at Biden’s big bash later this year.




The Left’s War On Normalcy


The neo-Marxist left launched a massive assault on normalcy when the Biden administration issued new regulations rewriting Title IX.


That historic law was written to promote opportunity for women and girls. But the extremists in the Biden administration are now distorting the law to promote insane theories about sex and gender. 


According to Biden’s new rules, Title IX now allows boys pretending to be girls to use your daughter’s bathroom at school. Schools that try to keep boys out of girls’ bathrooms will be guilty of harassment and risk losing their federal funds.


But wait. . . There’s more!


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is getting in on the act. It issued new guidelines instructing employers to use so-called “preferred pronouns” and to allow employees to use any bathroom based on their “gender identity.”


America’s small businesses have bigger concerns right now, like rampant crime and Bidenflation, than employee pronouns!


This is more evidence of the culture war the left is waging against normalcy and reality as it fights to “fundamentally transform America."