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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 -- Hidin' Biden Runs Again, Tucker's Termination, Hunter's Hearings

Hidin’ Biden Runs Again


Joe Biden announced his reelection campaign by releasing a video on social media this morning around 6:00 AM.  That tells you what his strategy is going to be. 


He’s going to campaign out of the White House basement while the left’s hit squad invents a new controversy every day about whoever the GOP nominates. 


This slash and burn strategy has worked for the left in the past.  It worked in Georgia.  It worked in Pennsylvania when the Democrat candidate couldn’t articulate a complete sentence.  It worked in Arizona against a Republican nominee who was intelligent and media savvy. 


The left would invent turmoil every day even if we nominated Jesus!


Between their cheating and their smear machine, the left is able to control the narrative.  Remember what the left did to Mitt Romney?  They turned him into a tax-dodging, woman-killing racist!  The problem isn’t the personality of our candidate. 


But the fact of the matter is that a vote for Joe Biden in November of 2024 is really a vote for President Kamala Harris.


Biden is 80 years old now.  Days after the election, he’ll turn 82.  He’d be 86 at the end of his second term.  And two-thirds of Americans think he’s too old to run again!


That’s why Democrats are hiding Biden in the White House basement.


By the way, Biden’s announcement video making the case for why he deserves four more years didn’t include even a single reference to any significant accomplishment. 


There’s a lot of talk about “MAGA extremists” and abortion.  But there’s nothing about what Biden has done in his first term to deserve a second term, which isn’t terribly surprising. 


I doubt most Americans want to be reminded about record inflation, record gas prices, record illegal immigration, record drug overdoses and record crime.  The Biden/Harris record is one of record failures!


Biden ends his video with a call to “finish the job.”  What he really means is that he’ll finish America!


America is at a tipping point.  We cannot survive four more years of the Biden/Harris nightmare!


Stand with CWF now!  Help me defeat the neo-Marxist left!




Tucker’s Termination


As I was watching the news last night, I was struck by the incredible timing of Tucker Carlson’s termination from Fox News.  Think about this:  Tucker Carlson is taken off the air just as Joe Biden announces he’s running again.  That’s a huge gift to the Biden campaign and the DNC! 


There are lots of rumors about what happened and why.  Only a handful of people really know the truth.  Sean Hannity and Mark Levin were totally blindsided by the news.


But I do know this: Tucker Carlson had become one of the most effective media combatants in the war for America.  He was bucking the GOP establishment and the Murdochs in a variety of ways. 


Not the least of which was his regular questioning of why we’re in a proxy war with Russia and why GOP leaders are urging a doddering president to be even more aggressive in Ukraine when the right’s whole narrative is that he’s clueless and incompetent. 


Why would anyone be cheerleading for Joe Biden to lead us into World War III?  Seems like a legitimate question to me.


Unlike most so-called “journalists,” Carlson constantly went outside the box.  He brought Elon Musk on his show to talk about how Big Government was working with Big Tech to censor and silence the American people.


Just the other day, Carlson had Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on for a major interview.  Among other things, they discussed Big Pharma’s role in partnering with the Biden Administration to force us to take, at the time, experimental and unproven vaccines and then silencing anyone who had questions about the side effects. 


Glenn Greenwald, a staunch liberal, was a frequent guest.  More recently, Greenwald has raised serious questions about how federal security agencies are using the powers we gave them to protect us from our enemies against us, the American people. 


And while many Republicans were running for the tall grass over January 6th, Carlson was virtually alone among leading media figures to point out the gross hypocrisy between the riots of 2020, which lasted for weeks and devastated whole communities, and a protest that distributed the Swamp for a few hours. 


None of this likely made the Murdochs or their corporate GOP board members, like Paul Ryan, very happy. 


I think Fox has made a huge mistake by attempting to silence Carlson’s voice.  Many conservatives are canceling their Fox Nation subscriptions.  Given his talent and values, Tucker won’t be without a platform for very long.  In fact, offers are already in the works. 




Coming For Our Children


Dr. James Dobson and I have been warning for years that the radical left is using public education to undermine traditional values and indoctrinate our children.  That’s become painfully obvious in recent years as critical race theory and anti-American history have infected our schools.


But there’s no doubt that the left thinks it owns our kids.  They’ve repeatedly told us that.  Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” 


When parents show up at school board meetings demanding to know what’s going on in the schools and classrooms we pay for, leftist bureaucrats tell them to get lost.  And then Biden sends the FBI after them for daring to ask questions.


During a White House ceremony yesterday, Biden declared, “There’s no such thing as someone else’s child.  No such thing as someone else’s child.  Our nation’s children are all our children.”


That mentality is how radical teachers and politicians justify changing a child’s gender or even performing extreme medical procedures on a child without a parent’s knowledge or permission


It’s why some neo-Marxist politicians want to put parents in jail if they don’t “affirm” their child’s gender confusion.


It’s why Joe Biden condemns you as “cruel” and “sinful” if you want to protect children from mutilating transgender surgeries.




Hunter’s Hearings


Hunter Biden is headed to court.  No, it’s not the federal tax evasion case, but it’s related.


He’s facing a paternity suit in Arkansas over child support payments for a four year-old daughter he fathered out of wedlock.  Lunden Alexis Roberts is attempting to use financial records discovered on his infamous laptop to bolster her case that Hunter owes a lot more. 


Hunter wants the payments reduced, and his lawyers are disputing that the laptop is even his!  Keep in mind that Hunter’s attorneys recently demanded criminal investigations of several individuals because they supposedly leaked the contents of HIS laptop. 


He can’t have it both ways.


Judge Holly Meyer has clearly had enough of these antics.  She ordered Hunter Biden to show up in person at a May hearing to clear up once and for all whether the laptop is his and whether the financial details contained on it are accurate.