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Tuesday, April 2, 2024 -- The Big Picture, Statement Of Support, Damage Control

The Big Picture


The understandable controversy regarding Joe Biden’s smear of Easter Sunday was the timing of his “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation, which he released on Good Friday. But, by itself, that misses the main point. 


What did Biden’s proclamation actually say? It was two pages long and more than 630 words. The content of that proclamation is a good marker of what Biden’s agenda is and what a second term would look like.


It is clear that the purpose of the proclamation is not to provide aid and comfort to individuals, and particularly children, who are suffering from gender dysphoria. Its purpose is to increase the number of children who experience gender dysphoria by literally encouraging it.


Transgender individuals are not suffering from a biological disease. They are suffering from a mental disorder, even if so-called “medical professionals” refuse to admit it.


If a president issued a statement on World Schizophrenia Awareness Day, it would not begin by honoring the “extraordinary courage” of schizophrenics. Nor would it declare that they “help America thrive.” That would make no sense. They are suffering from a disease.


Let’s say a president issues a proclamation that says we should love children confused about their gender. One might wonder why that particular group of suffering people was being singled out, but you could do that in a paragraph or two, just like Biden’s Easter statement. 


The reason Joe Biden took two pages for his “Transgender Day” proclamation is because he professed his total support for the ideological agenda of this fringe movement.


He also expressed his disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. There was more language in the statement hating on parents and normalcy than there was loving on trans kids. 


For example, the president of the United States took a shot at parents who don’t want their young children exposed to confusing ideas about choosing their gender and the rest of the LGBTQ agenda. That’s most Americans. But Joe Biden claimed they were “banning books.”


He said that laws protecting girls’ sports and protecting children from mutilating surgeries were “hateful,” “terrifying,” and “un-American.”


Biden again endorsed the misnamed “Equality Act” in this proclamation. This legislation seeks to elevate transgenderism as a protected civil rights class equal to race and religion. 


If a school didn’t allow black athletes to play on an all-white team, there is a moral and legal consensus in America that such bigotry is wrong, and the school would lose its federal funds.


But in Biden’s statement issued on Good Friday, he indicated that he would punish any school that refused to allow a 180-pound boy to play on the girls’ basketball team and shower with the girls. In Biden’s opinion, any school or community against that is in the throes of bigotry and no different from racists.


That’s what Joe Biden wanted us to celebrate on Easter.




A Statement Of Support


As I noted above, Biden’s proclamation pledged his loyalty to the extreme transgender agenda. It was a statement of support and encouragement.


He declared to the trans community, “You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. . . You are America . . . and I have your back.”


Can you imagine Joe Biden saying that about MAGA Americans? There are about 80 million of us. No, he wouldn’t. In fact, he’s called us “semi-fascist.”


Would Biden say that about people who love Jesus and love America? They’re being attacked left and right. They’re being excoriated in the media and popular culture.


They’re being labeled “a danger to the country.” Elements of the federal government seem to think they are dangerous terrorists. Organizations that embrace Christian values are smeared as “hate groups.”


Would Biden ever say about pre-born children, the most defenseless and voiceless victims in society today, “You are made in the image of God and are worthy of respect and dignity. My administration will protect you”?


No. He would never say that. In fact, he just sent the vice president to an abortion center.


Can you imagine Joe Biden cautioning the progressive left that Americans who love our country and love God deserve to be treated with “dignity and respect”? Has he ever told American Christians, “You are America, and I have your back”?


That would be a great statement for him to make on July 4th, when the people most likely to celebrate the day are followers of Jesus who love America. 




No Concern For The Persecuted


While Biden’s proclamation went on at length about how transgender individuals are persecuted in America, his brief Easter statement did not have one word about the persecution of Christians taking place all over the world. At best, it could only be inferred.


Christians are the most persecuted people in the world – not transgender people. From communist China to Nigeria, Pakistan to Nicaragua, Christians who went to Easter services on Sunday knew it could be the last thing they and their families ever did. 


And the president of the United States did not say one word indicating that he was hoping and praying persecuted Christians would be able to worship in safety.


Attacks on churches in America are at record highs. There was not one word by the president this weekend calling on people (his voters) to stop attacking churches and synagogues.


It’s impossible to take every refugee in the world, although Biden seems intent on testing the idea. Under Donald Trump, the State Department prioritized persecuted Christians in refugee and asylum programs. 


In stark contrast, Biden prioritized LGBTQ refugees. If any illegal alien tells a Border Patrol agent they are a persecuted LGBTQ individual, that’s a free ticket into America.




Damage Control


The Biden White House is a sophisticated operation, and his campaign has incredible amounts of data. That proclamation, with all those attacks on conservatives and normalcy, was blasted out to the LGBTQ community, young voters, secularists, and those who don’t identify with any religion. 


Biden’s Easter statement telling transgender people they were “made in the image of God” was sent to woke churches. As this effort is being made to demonize normal Christian views, they are trying to replace those views with the leftist neo-Marxist agenda.


They want you to believe that Jesus supports open borders. The vice president said there is no contradiction between the Christian faith and abortion. Biden uses God to advance radical gender ideology contrary to God’s word and dangerous to young boys and girls.


But the left’s plans for Good Friday and Easter blew up in their faces, at least in part. There was enough controversy that people who weren’t supposed to hear about the trans agenda heard it loud and clear. Now the White House is trying to clean it up.


This does not help them with blacks and Hispanics. A popular Hispanic radio host went ballistic and blasted Biden’s transgender proclamation, saying, “This is an abuse, a lack of respect.”


Maybe that’s why Biden denied doing it yesterday and said Speaker Mike Johnson’s criticism was “thoroughly misinformed.”


Now what are we supposed to believe?


Does Biden really not remember doing it? Is his dementia that bad?


Or did someone else release it without his knowledge? 


Having worked in one White House and being involved with others, I assure you that it’s virtually impossible for a detailed policy statement to go out without the president’s knowledge or is in any way contrary to the president’s policies.




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Pastor Hibbs urges Christians not to make the mistake of thinking the church is immune to the lies that are so prevalent in our culture today. We must be vigilant and steadfast in sharing God’s Truth.


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