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Thursday, September 14, 2023 -- Biden Indicted, The Most Important Issue, Combatting Anti-Semitism

BREAKING NEWS: Biden Indicted


A Delaware grand jury today indicted Hunter Biden on three felony gun charges for illegally owning a gun when he was a drug user and for lying on the ATF form when he purchased the firearm.  The charges reportedly carry a possible sentence of 25 years in prison.  Various reports also indicate that more charges are likely in the days ahead.




The Most Important Issue


There are so many things overwhelming the country today.  A failed foreign policy.  Runaway inflation.  Open borders.  Skyrocketing federal spending and budget deficits.  A failing educational system.  A struggling health care system.


If you poll the American people and ask what their top concerns are, these are the issues that show up in polling. 


While it is hotly debated in some communities around America, the issue of transgenderism in our schools does not register as a top issue.  While Republicans are dealing with it in a variety of ways, the consensus is that it doesn’t impact most people so it’s not yet a major emphasis for the party. 


But I disagree.  I believe a strong case can be made that it is, in fact, the biggest issue facing the country and should be openly debated in the larger context of what it tells us about America today.


Make no mistake about it:  The left is attempting to enforce the idea that it has complete authority over your children from kindergarten on, and that their authority has no limits. 


The left intends to force you to accept the insane ideas that boys can be girls and that gender is meaningless.  These are lies, and the left intends to make you lie by forcing you to call a man “she.”


Even worse, the left believes it is allowed to lie to you about the medical condition of your child in school.  Leftists believe they can lie to you about the psychological difficulties he or she is wrestling with. 


Leftists also insist they have the power to allow boys to see your daughter exposed in her bathroom or locker room.  And if you fight back, you may be prosecuted as a “domestic terrorist.”


It’s not just leftists in progressive states like California or Massachusetts.  Joe Biden is all in on this insanity.  If your local schools attempt to resist, Biden will cut off funding for school lunches for poor children.  (Joe Biden is not a “nice guy.”)


In many ways, this is THE ISSUE for this simple reason: 


If the government is powerful enough to take total charge of your children, if it has full authority to teach your children whatever it wants about love and sex, biology and American history, if it has the right to lie to you about their medical condition, and has the power to expose your daughters to danger, then its power in all areas of our lives is truly unlimited. 




The Culture War


If the government has that much power, then why couldn’t it control when our churches can be open? 


Why couldn’t it dictate what kind of car we can drive, what kind of stove we can have and what kind of food we can eat? 


Why couldn’t it decide how or whether we are allowed to defend our families? 


Why couldn’t it control what we can say on social media? 


If the government has the right to rip our children away and indoctrinate them, then anything else the left wants to do is small potatoes. 


That’s why totalitarian movements, long before they take total control of a nation, first seize control of the schools.  Totalitarian societies not only rip children away from their parents, in short order they turn children into snitches for the government who turn against and turn in their parents. 


We have often warned that neo-Marxists are running the American left today.  From the local school board to the Oval Office, they are pushing neo-Marxism every day. 


And while they’re committed to “fundamentally transforming America,” too many Republicans, like Chris Christie, don’t want to get involved in the culture war. 


But is anyone in the Republican Party thinking about the big picture? 


Is anyone connecting the dots so Chamber of Commerce politicians can appreciate how balancing the budget by cutting spending isn’t going anywhere if we don’t stop the government from controlling our children?


Here’s a simple fact:  We’re losing the youth vote by greater and greater margins not because our positions are wrong, but because the left is indoctrinating and brainwashing our children.  They are being taught to believe lies.


If we don’t win the culture war, we will lose our country.  But you won’t win any war if you refuse to fight it.


For the good of the country, politicians like Christie should step aside and let those who are willing to fight for Faith, Family and Freedom take charge before it’s too late.




Washington’s Favorite RINO


Today’s Washington Post has a front-page article praising Mitt Romney’s legacy now that he’s leaving public office.  The Post glowingly noted that Romney was the “the only member of his party to twice vote to convict Donald Trump in politically charged impeachment trials.”


What the Washington establishment loves about Republicans like Mitt Romney is that they are graceful losers who, more than anything else, just want to be loved by the Washington Post and the New York Times


When asked about the 2024 race, Romney told the Post, “If I had to bet, I’d say it could go either way.”  But Romney’s true feelings came out when asked about the possibility of Joe Manchin running on the “centrist No Labels” ticket as an independent candidate. 


You might think Romney would support Manchin, but no.  Romney said, “I lobby continuously that it [a third party effort] would only elect Trump.”  So, defeating Trump is Romney’s bottom line.


And that’s what the left loves most about “Pierre Delecto” – he isn’t willing to fight back hard enough to actually save the country.  It’s a problem that infects too many GOP politicians.


Just a reminder, the same people praising Mitt Romney today viciously smeared him when Romney was the GOP presidential nominee.  They called him “a racist,” “a tax cheat,” “an animal abuser,” “a cruel bully,” “a misogynist,” and even “a murderer.” 


When it comes to journalism, I’ll take the satire of the Babylon Bee over the Washington Post any day!  The Bee ran this headline in reaction to Romney’s retirement:  “Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement For Retiring Mitt Romney.”




Combating Anti-Semitism


The University of Pennsylvania is under fire for hosting a Palestinian literature festival next week.  I’m sure there are plenty of accomplished Palestinian authors.  The problem is that this isn’t a literary festival.  In fact, it is an anti-Israel hate fest dominated by anti-Semitic bigots. 


Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame will be there.  He’s compared Israel to Hitler’s Third Reich and recently wore a Nazi-style uniform during a performance in Berlin. 


Disgraced academic Marc Lamont Hill is another speaker.  CNN fired Hill after he called for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea.”  That’s a popular slogan among the jihadists of Hamas and Hezbollah who want to destroy Israel.


Local Jewish groups and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania have lobbied against the event, but the university refuses to cancel it.  I have an idea that might help. 


Joe Biden claims to be a friend of Israel.  There’s a center named after him (the Penn Biden Center) sponsored by the university.  Surely the university would accept a call from the president explaining why it is wrong to host anti-Semites who are attacking our most reliable ally in the Middle East. 


Hopefully, Biden could tear himself away from his latest effort to appease Iran just long enough to make this call!




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


In this week’s “Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I reflect on the story of Coach Joe Kennedy, his historic victory for religious liberty at the Supreme Court, and what his courageous stand means for all of us.