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Thursday, October 19, 2023 -- Media Malfeasance, Uniparty Tricks, Stand With Israel

Media Malfeasance


According to a new Gallup poll, trust in the media is at a record low.  In fact, more people (39%) distrust the media than trust it (32%). 


Their left-wing bias is bad enough, but their basic inability to tell the truth and get the facts right is a tremendous disservice to the American people and it’s downright dangerous. 


We saw a perfect example of that from the media’s coverage of events in Israel this past week.


When reports broke late Monday that “Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza,” my immediate reaction was to check the source.  Hamas-controlled government entities in Gaza were the ones making this outrageous claim.


But as soon as the murderers who attacked Israel made that claim, the entire left-wing media complex and several members of Congress accepted the propaganda of terrorists as truth and spread that obscene lie. 


When Israel said, “We didn’t do it,” the media and leftists demanded proof.  But they never demanded proof from Hamas that Israel bombed the hospital! 


They wanted to believe the word of Israel-hating, Jew-hating, Christian-hating, America-hating terrorists!  And now they have blood on their hands. 


Because of the lie they spread all over the world, U.S. embassies were attacked.  U.S. military bases were attacked.  The Israeli embassy in Jordan was attacked.  There were riots in Europe and there were mass arrests on Capitol Hill yesterday.


All because of a left-wing media complex that specializes in spreading lies.


“Donald Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election.”  Lies.


“The Wuhan virus came from a bat.”  Lies.


“The COVID vaccine will prevent you from getting sick.”  Lies.


“Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation.”  Lies.


“Men can get pregnant.”  Lies.


“The border is secure.”  Lies


This is what they do, and there’s never any accountability. 


The New York Times should change its motto to, “All the lies fit to print.”  The Washington Post should change its motto to, “Democracy dies in lies.”  




Uniparty Tricks


Joe Biden is going to address the nation tonight regarding the crisis he created in the Middle East.  He will reportedly call for a massive $100 billion aid package


We’ve been telling you that this is what the Uniparty has up its sleeve.  By Uniparty I mean the entire Democrat Party working with elements of the GOP. 


They’re going to tie the war in Ukraine with the attack on Israel and ask Congress to immediately pass a massive funding bill, mostly for Ukraine, with a little money for border security.  (Press reports I’ve seen suggest Israel might get $10 billion.) 


But the last item alone -- border security -- tells you what a joke this is. 


There will not be one penny for real border security.  It may be labeled as “border security,” but it will be spent to more quickly process the mobs illegally coming into America every single day. 


Don’t believe any politician, even Republicans, who says otherwise.


Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) went on Fox News yesterday and was very clear about what they intend to do.  He said the country is united behind Israel, “so that desire to stand with Israel will overwhelm any other negative feelings” toward the rest of the package.


Well, he deserves points for honesty. 




Biden’s Hostage Crisis: Day 12


I want to revisit something we noted yesterday because it’s certain to come up again in Biden’s remarks tonight.


Before this war started, the Biden Administration had given $730 million to UNRWA, a corrupt U.N. agency that supposedly assists the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  It’s clear that we’re not getting a good return on that investment.


Now the people who run Gaza just killed 31 Americans and have taken a dozen or more hostage.  What does Joe Biden do?  He’s giving them another $100 million


The appropriate thing would have been to say:  “Free our citizens now or we will cut off all funds and you’ll never see another dime!”


He's not being tough.  He’s being “Appeasement Joe.” 


If one was a real cynic, it would be easy to conclude that he is giving Hamas a $100 million ransom to get our hostages back, just like he gave Iran $6 billion in a hostage deal.


Here’s something else that Biden said in Israel yesterday that he may repeat tonight, “The vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas.  Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.”


That’s just dead wrong and delusional!


Hamas does in fact represent the Palestinian people.  Hamas is in power in Gaza today because the Palestinian people voted for Hamas


Moreover, a poll taken last year found that:


  • 69% of Palestinians opposed the so-called “two-state solution.”
  • 69% opposed peace talks with Israel.
  • 59% supported terrorist attacks against Israelis.
  • And if elections were held in the Palestinian territories, Hamas would win 55% to 33% over President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party.


Does our “foreign policy genius” of president not know any of that?




The Leftist Death Cult


I was thinking about the leftists arrested on Capitol Hill yesterday, on our college campuses and in the streets of major cities cheering on Hamas.  They weren’t troubled at all by the slaughter of Israeli babies


That shouldn’t really surprise us.  They’re also all in on dead American babies in all nine months of pregnancy, so at least they’re consistent.




Stand With Israel


If you are looking for a way to show your support for Israel, here’s something you can do:  Take part in the Light For Israel campaign tomorrow evening. 


There is a growing movement for pro-Israel Americans, and especially Christians, to light Shabbat candles tomorrow evening before sundown.  Light one candle for Israel and one candle for America.  Take a picture of the candles and post it on social media.


In this time of great sorrow and growing darkness, the world needs more light!




Free Speech Under Attack


Conservative blogger Douglass Mackey was arrested on January 27, 2021 – just days after Joe Biden took office. His crime?  He posted Twitter memes mocking Hillary Clinton and progressive voters during the 2016 campaign.  


He has spent the last three years fighting for his freedom.  But yesterday Mackey was sentenced to seven months in prison.  


Seven months in prison for mocking Hillary Clinton.


I hope and pray this travesty of justice is overturned on appeal.


What Hillary Clinton and her Deep State allies did to Donald Trump and the entire country with the Russian collusion hoax was exponentially worse!  They spread lies through the government and the media accusing the president of being a traitor.  They polarized the entire country over a lie! 


Sure, Hillary’s campaign and the DNC got fined.  One FBI lawyer got a slap on the wrist. Peter Strzok got fired.  But Special Counsel John Durham couldn’t get a single conviction, let alone send anyone to jail for seven months! 


So, the left did it again. 


During the 2020 election, 51 top former FBI and CIA officials and their media allies spread disinformation to the American people by censoring the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  They lied to us and said the laptop was Russian disinformation.  That had a massive impact on the 2020 election. 


Polling shows that if Americans had known the truth about Hunter’s laptop, 30% of voters would have been “less likely” to vote for Joe Biden.  That’s potentially tens of millions of votes!


But nobody was charged in that scheme to defraud and disenfranchise Americans.


This is just another example of how the left has weaponized law enforcement to crush us and ruin our lives, while their radical allies get off scot-free.  


That ought to anger every American, even those who have some disagreements with our views.  It’s no wonder so many Americans believe we’re becoming a police state


We aren’t just “headed in the wrong direction.”  We’re on the road to totalitarianism! 


We need an immediate course correction!


We must redouble our efforts to defend our rights and our country from the neo-Marxist left!




Tune In To Family Talk


Please make every effort to tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today.  On today’s broadcast, I discuss one of the left’s favorite lies -- toxic masculinity --with author Dr. Owen Strachan.


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