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Thursday, October 13, 2022 -- Bidenflation Strikes Again, Biden's Border Lie, Biden's Quid Pro Quo

Bidenflation Strikes Again


This morning’s report on the consumer price index showed inflation is running at a very hot rate of 8.2%, which was worse than economists had predicted. 


Worse than that, the “core inflation” measure, which excludes volatile energy and food prices, shot up to 6.6% -- the fastest increase in 40 years.


This is the last report on inflation -- a top concern for voters -- that we will get before the midterm elections.  It will hang like an albatross around every Democrat’s neck for the next 26 days.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s approval rating is below 50% on 10 leading issues.  On the most significant issues like the economy, jobs and immigration, he’s below 40%.  He won’t be any help to Democrats on the campaign trail either.


We must slam the brakes on Biden’s disastrous agenda!


Help CWF take back the House and Senate!




Biden’s Border Lie


Remember about a year ago when photos suggested that Border Patrol agents on horseback had whipped Haitian migrants attempting to illegally enter the country?


With no effort to get the facts, President Biden, Vice President Harris and Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas all ran to microphones and viciously smeared these brave Border Patrol agents.  Referring to the agents on horseback, Joe Biden said, “I promise you, those people will pay.”  


But it was even worse than that.  They used this incident to smear and libel the whole country.  They said the photo was evidence of “systemic racism” and white supremacy.  Kamala Harris said it brought back memories of the great evil of slavery when black slaves were whipped.


Well, it wasn’t long before more information came out.  The photographer who took the pictures said no one was whipped.  Those were reins used to control the horses.  The Border Patrol agents were simply doing their jobs. 


Nevertheless, the Biden Administration investigated the agents for months.  This summer the Department of Homeland Security released a 500-page report that concluded there was “no evidence that [Border Patrol agents] involved in this incident struck, intentionally or otherwise, any migrant with their reins.”


Nobody ever apologized to the agents, and the issue was swept under the rug.


But now we have learned something else.  Not only were Biden, Harris and Mayorkas wrong, they were lying. 


Hours before they went to the microphones, a top official at the Department of Homeland Security emailed Secretary Mayorkas and other department leaders telling them what the real story was based on the photographer’s statements that no one was whipped.  They ignored the message and stoked racial hatred anyway. 


There is considerable irony here:  Mayorkas wanted his department to create a “disinformation board,” yet he was pushing disinformation!  The board fell apart after the person he hired to lead it was also caught pushing disinformation.


What happened to the Border Patrol agents was disgusting.  But America was the real victim here.  These leftists ran with their false narrative that the entire country is racist and evil. 


I have called for Joe Biden to be impeached over the humanitarian and national security disaster he deliberately created at the southern border by refusing to enforce our immigration laws.  Secretary Mayorkas must be impeached for lying about his own agents and for lying to the American people.


But that won’t happen as long as Biden’s open borders Democrats control Congress.


Stand with CWF now!  Help me elect more America First conservatives!




Biden’s Quid Pro Quo


As you know, Saudi Arabia recently announced a major cut in oil production.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that gas prices have surged lately.  The national average for a gallon of gasoline is almost $4.00, and many places are well above that.


Biden Administration officials called the Saudi leadership and begged them to delay the production cut for just one month – until after the midterm elections.  The Saudis ignored Biden’s pleas and did what they felt was best for their own interests. 


Now Biden is threatening Saudi Arabia with “consequences.”  Multiple Democrats in Congress are pushing legislation to cut off military aid to Saudi Arabia. 


Once again, Biden’s policies make no sense. 


  • He’s stopping American energy companies from drilling our own oil, but he’s begging the Saudis to drill more.   
  • Biden doesn’t want Saudi Arabia to manipulate the price of oil, but that’s exactly what he’s doing by releasing massive amounts of oil from our emergency reserves.
  • Why do we give the Saudis military aid?  To counterbalance Iran, which is waging a proxy war against Saudi Arabia through rebels in Yemen.  Do we want the tyrants of Tehran controlling the Middle East and its vast energy supplies?


But there’s something else: This was a quid pro quo for political benefit. That’s exactly what Democrats alleged when they impeached Donald Trump over his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. 


Of course, they were wrong.  Trump was simply trying to find out more about political corruption in America.  Biden is trying to save his party at the polls!




Speaking Of Not Making Sense. . .


During a speech in Colorado yesterday, President Biden said the following while discussing the service and heroism of our men and women in uniform:


“I say this as a father of a man who won the Bronze Star, the Conspicuous Service Medal, and lost his life in Iraq. Imagine the courage, the daring, and the genuine sacrifice — genuine sacrifice they all made.”


Biden desperately wants to be seen as a Gold Star father.  But there’s one problem:  Beau Biden, who did serve in Iraq, did not die in Iraq


Now, I don’t want to believe that Biden would lie about something like that.  Far more disturbing, I fear he really may not remember the facts of own son’s death.  


God bless Beau Biden for his service.  My condolences to Joe Biden for losing a son who served our country.  But will someone please try to stop him from further humiliating himself? 




The Unhinged Left


We’ve been saying in this report for quite some time now that this is not your father’s Democrat Party.  It has been taken over by neo-Marxists who want to shut us up and lock us up.  Here’s the latest example.


Tina Ramirez, a candidate for the Virginia state Senate, celebrated Columbus Day by tweeting, “I teach my daughter real American history. I refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history.” 


Her tweet was noticed by a progressive activist who called Child Protective Services claiming that Ramirez was “teaching her child to be a racist.”  (By the way, Ramirez is Hispanic and her daughter is black.)


But where would this progressive get the idea that you can use government agencies to go after normal Americans?  He’s been taught by the best – by directors of the FBI, by the IRS, by the January 6th Committee, by the attorney general and by the president of the United States.




The Left’s War On Choice


Speaking of attacking normal Americans, the Democrat war on crisis pregnancy centers continues.  Kamala Harris recently praised left-wing state officials for “taking on” crisis pregnancy centers. 


The left’s storm troopers like Jane’s Revenge are physically attacking crisis pregnancy centers and the churches that support them. 


Sen. Elizabeth Warren demanded that crisis pregnancy centers be shut down.  (By the way, I forgot to wish Senator Fauxahontas a “Happy Indigenous People’s Day.”) 


Now, Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada has set up a taxpayer-funded website so people can rat out their local crisis pregnancy centers that empower women to have a choice other than abortion. 


Sisolak’s action comes a month after Nevada Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto called CPC’s “fake clinics.”  She’d rather women go to the “real” clinics so more innocent babies are destroyed.


Help CWF defend life and stop the left’s assault on crisis pregnancy centers!




What’s At Stake This November?


Everything!  I know many Americans are tired of hearing “This is the most important election in history.”  But in these challenging and uncertain times, when the country is at a tipping point, and our cherished values are under relentless assault. . . 




To understand what’s at stake this November, please check out my latest interview with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute.