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Thursday, October 12, 2023 -- Colleges In Crisis, Day Of Rage, Clarity On War Crimes

Colleges In Crisis


This past week has been a tremendous moment of shame for dozens of America’s once proud institutions of higher learning.  Harvard University is at the top of the list, but it is by no means alone. 


The “nonbinary” president of the New York University student bar association expressed her “unwavering and absolute solidarity” with the Palestinian resistance, adding that “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life.”


The National Students for Justice in Palestine celebrated Hamas’s savagery by declaring the vicious attacks to be “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance.”  The Islamic supremacist group also claimed that 180 of its 230 chapters issued some kind of statement supporting the attack.


How does this radical organization, a Hamas front-group, have 230 student chapters across the country?


Sadly, university presidents, almost universally, failed to condemn delusional and outrageous statements by extremist student groups.  Far too many issued statements like that of Vanderbilt University Chancellor Daniel Diermeier, who decried the “violence in the region” and bemoaned the “deeply layered and nuanced complexity” behind it.


Apparently, Chancellor Diermeier is struggling to understand the deep layers and nuanced complexity of beheading babies!


There’s nothing deep, nuanced or complex about it.  The terrorists of Hamas are evil! 


But too many of our academic elites can’t bring themselves to say that, and that is a HUGE problem.  The neo-Marxist ideologies of CRT and DEI are a big part of that problem


Sadly, we know that significant numbers of students hate America because they are being taught to hate America.  So, it makes sense that they would hate Israel, too, for the same reasons.  The United States and Israel are the twin pillars of Western Civilization, and students are being indoctrinated to hate our civilization.


The prevailing opinion on these campuses is that “words are violence.”  If you say, “There are only two genders,” that’s violence.  If you say, “We need a wall at the border,” that’s violence.  They use this absurdity to censor conservative students and to keep conservative speakers off campus. 


But when there was actual violence, savage violence by bloodthirsty animals (who, by the way, would eagerly kill most of these naive professors and students), they look at the violence and say, “We support that!” or they issue statements that fail to condemn it and gloss over it.




Resisting The “Resistance”


We know Israelis have endured tremendous fear in the past week, and we know the Israel Defense Forces will extract a heavy price for their dead.


Jewish students at Harvard, Vanderbilt, New York University and on college campuses all across America are also living in fear. 


They feel the hatred from the students who immediately sided with Hamas.  We know America is not immune from radical Islamic terrorism.  (See below.)  And it is now painfully obvious that thousands of Hamas sympathizers are walking among us and occupying our university campuses.


There is, thankfully, growing resistance to this blatant anti-Semitism. 


When Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey showed up at a pro-Israel rally and called for a de-escalation of violence on both sides, he seemed stunned when the crowd angrily booed over his idiotic remarks.


Larry Summers, a former president of Harvard University and adviser to Presidents Clinton and Obama, blasted Harvard’s silence about the disgusting letter issued by 31 pro-Hamas student groups.  Summers wrote, “In nearly 50 years of Harvard affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today.”


Harvard graduate and billionaire investor Bill Ackman and at least a dozen CEOs are refusing to hire anti-Semitic students who support the terrorists of Hamas.


Last month, we told you that the University of Pennsylvania was under fire for hosting a Palestinian literature festival that was full of anti-Semitic speakers. 


Four thousand people signed an open letter of protest, demanding the university leadership condemn the blatant anti-Semitism that was on full display during that event. 


This is a university where so-called “microaggressions” are punished, but a conference of anti-Semites is okay.  And after Hamas viciously murdered innocent Israelis, UPenn President Liz Magill said nothing beyond posting platitudes on social media about “Indigenous Peoples Day.”


If you don’t understand the moment we’re in, but feel compelled to virtue signal on behalf of indigenous peoples, you are incapable of leading a major institution!


Now, Marc Rowan, chairman of the Apollo investment firm and a board member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, is telling donors and alumni to close their checkbooks until there are major changes at the University of Pennsylvania, beginning with the resignation of President Magill.


Several years ago, I was invited to speak to a Jewish group at Duke University after the student newspaper published a front-page story asking if there were “too many Jews at Duke.”  I was able to speak, but we had to hire extra security because of the threat of violence from radical left-wing students.




“Day Of Rage”


A top Hamas leader is calling for Muslims all over the world to join the “jihad” against Israel and rise up in the streets tomorrow, Friday the 13th, in a “day of rage.” 


That will be a particularly dangerous time for Jews as Friday night into Saturday is the Sabbath, and thousands of Israeli Jews go to the Temple Mount, which is frequently a flashpoint for Muslim violence.


Multiple police departments are on alert.  The New York Police Department has ordered all officers to report for duty tomorrow. 


I am not aware of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security moving to a heightened state of alert, something it used to do routinely.  But these days, they don’t seem interested unless they can tie it to “MAGA.”


The most recent DHS message states that “no specific and credible threats have been identified at this time.”  That was two days ago.  I assume they know about Hamas’s call for a “day of rage,” but they are probably too busy chasing down pro-life activists.




More Biden Lies


I watched Joe Biden yesterday as he addressed a White House meeting of Jewish leaders.  While publicly expressing support for Israel, he is already beginning to pressure the Israeli government, and it will get worse in the weeks ahead. 


And, as he has done so many times before, Biden once again exploited a tragedy for his own gain.  He told the audience, “I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.”


But within a couple of hours, the White House had to “clarify” his remarks.  Biden DID NOT see pictures of beheaded children.  So, why would he say that? 


Once again, Joe Biden made it all about Joe Biden. 


Just like telling grieving families at Dover Air Force base that his son, Beau, died in combat, Biden wanted his Jewish audience to know how much HE suffered because HE saw the pictures of dead babies.  But HE didn’t see any pictures!


We are being led by a pathological liar.  We can’t trust ANYTHING this man says!




Clarity On War Crimes


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an American Jew, is accusing Israel of war crimes from the comfort and safety of his Washington, D.C., office.  If only Bernie Sanders was the only one doing so. 


Sadly, his mindset has infected many so-called “leaders” in the West.  This mindset seems to believe that Western values are a suicide pact that allows our enemies to do whatever they want, while we’re supposed to fight by rules that satisfy the editorial board of the New York Times


We would never have won World War II if we followed such asinine rules.


When your enemy is using civilians as human shields, you are exonerated from war crimes.  Anything that happens to those civilians is on the heads of their terrorist captors. 


Hamas kidnapped Israelis to use them as hostages and human shields.  In addition, they are using every civilian in Gaza as a human shield.  That’s the real war crime.


When Hamas puts weapons in hospitals, schools and mosques, those are the real war crime.


When Hamas indiscriminately fires thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, hoping to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, that is the real war crime.


So, I don’t need lectures from the likes of Rashida Tlaib about the plight of Palestinians.  It took her five days and public shaming from Fox News to finally condemn Hamas, but she still couldn’t do it without condemning Israel!


I don’t know if Bernie Sanders attends a synagogue, but I would urge him to do so . . . so they can vote him out!