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Thursday, November 9, 2023 -- Education Isn't The Problem, Honoring Our Heroes, Defending Faith, Family & Freedom

Hillary & Hitler


Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving.  Given the split that has erupted within the Democrat Party over Israel, her lack of any condemnation of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and the growing anti-Semitism within her party and on our university campuses is revealing. 


But during an interview yesterday, Clinton had the audacity to claim that we have another Hitler in our midst rising to power, and he must be stopped at all costs.  Of course, she was referring to Donald Trump.


I’m tempted to ignore her hyperbolic insults, but we can’t.  This is a teachable moment.


What did Hitler do?  He imprisoned his political opponents.  That’s exactly what Hillary’s party is trying to do now, and they intend to do it before the 2024 election. 


Hitler stopped people from speaking freely.  That’s exactly what the left is doing now.  They’re using the government to censor free speech online.


Hitler told pastors, “You can preach as long as you preach the party line.”  That’s what Joe Biden is doing now.  He’s telling Christian ministries that they must toe the line on the left’s radical ideology.


The Nazis disarmed their political opponents, especially Jews.  That’s what the Democrats are doing today with their repeated demands for “gun control.”


At all costs, communists and Nazis fight to control the streets.  Only they can hold mass protests to intimidate their opponents.  The 2020 riots were “mostly peaceful protests.”  Antifa is a figment of your imagination.  But the January 6th demonstration -- that was an “insurrection.”


Speaking of Nazis, today marks the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht – the “Night of Broken Glass – when the Nazis staged a nationwide assault on Jewish shops, homes and synagogues.  Sadly, we appear to be going through a slow-motion Kristallnacht 85 years later.




Importing Hate


As I have said before, there is a direct link between Joe Biden’s open borders and America’s growing anti-Semitism crisis. 


About one in ten Americans express anti-Semitic attitudes.  That’s sad, but it is one of the lowest percentages of any country in the world. 


In contrast, a study by the Anti-Defamation League found rampant anti-Semitism in Latin America and the Middle East -- the very places where many people crossing our border are coming from. 


Every day, 7,000 to 10,000 people illegally cross our border.  And, as a result, every day the population of America becomes more anti-Semitic. 




Bad Messaging


Since October 7th, U.S. soldiers have been attacked at least 40 times by Iranian proxies, and more than 40 of our soldiers have been injured in these attacks. 


Yesterday, the Biden Administration responded militarily for a second time to send a message to Iran.  It was the wrong message.  Both times they bombed warehouses where weapons were stored only after ensuring no one was in the warehouse. 


Oh, they’re sending a message to Iran, alright.  It’s a message of fear and weakness.  Iran attacks us 40 times and Biden only hits back twice?  Apparently, the Biden White House thinks you can fight a war without killing anyone. 


No one has the backs of our soldiers in Iraq and Syria.  If we don’t have their backs, bring them home!


At the same time, the Biden Administration is sending another message.  They’re already pressuring Israel to create the infrastructure of a new Palestinian state


So, what’s the message here from the Biden White House?  Invade Israel, kill innocent civilians, rape Israeli women and decapitate babies and you get a state!


No punishment for Iran and rewards for Iran’s terrorist ally, Hamas.  That’s not leadership.  That’s appeasement. 


And speaking of “bad messaging,” anytime you hear a Middle Eastern “journalist” from any news outlet reporting inside Gaza, you’re probably hearing from a Hamas sympathizer or actual Hamas member. 


We are learning now that photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters, CNN and the New York Times were embedded with the murderous terrorists during the October 7th raid against Israel.  They literally accompanied the terrorists during the attack.




Voice For Freedom


Last evening, my wife, Carol, attended an event at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Voice for Freedom Coalition, a coalition of over 250 organizations acting as a voice for the 240 Israeli hostages held by Hamas. 


It was shocking, sobering, and eye-opening for her to hear from the families of those kidnapped.  One told of attending seven funerals of loved ones.  Another described her last conversation with her son, which was followed by the sound of gunshots.


October 7th was the single worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, and yet the utter barbarism and brutality of that day has faded from the headlines.  The vast majority of the victims were grotesquely tortured.


Pre-term babies were cut from their mother’s womb and then stabbed to death.  Babies were baked to death in view of their parents, who were then massacred.  Women’s breasts were cut off.  The manner of killing innocent civilians was varied and gruesome, but the message was clear. 


We must stand with Israel and her people, the apple of God’s eye. This is not a time for “bothsidesism” to explain away the horrific attacks of Hamas militants on unarmed Israeli families.


Attendees were encouraged to contact their members of Congress (202-224-3121) to demand more focus on the hostages and more action in support of Israel. 


One pastor admitted that many of his fellow pastors have been eerily silent.  We desperately need to let our Jewish friends and neighbors know that we stand with them and are concerned for their welfare.


Finally, there will be a March For Israel on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, November 14th, as a time for Jews and Christians to stand together in solidarity.  Please come to this march if you can.


Then, on November 17-19, Jews and Christians across the country will join together in a “Weekend of Prayer” for the release of the hostages.  As one speaker pleaded, “We need a miracle.  We can’t release them in our own power.”  Our God is a miracle working God, as another reminded us. 


Please join Carol and me in this critical effort.  And please share this message with friends and family members and your fellow worshippers.




Viva Vivek!


Compared to the first two debates, last night’s GOP debate in Miami, Florida, was a tremendous improvement.  In my view, Vivek Ramaswamy dominated the night. 


He started strong with the best opening statement I have heard in years!  After another disappointing election, Ramaswamy called for the resignation of RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, and he lit into the “lamestream media” moderators, saying:


“Think about who’s moderating this debate.  This should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk. We’d have 10 times the viewership, asking questions the GOP primary voters actually care about. . . [Instead] We got Kristen Welker here.  You think the Democrats would hire Greg Gutfeld to host a Democratic debate?”


Ramaswamy zeroed in on Welker for spreading the total lie of “Russian collusion,” which the left used to try to steal the 2016 election. 


Foreign policy dominated the debate, and Ramaswamy drew a sharp contrast on the issue of continued U.S. involvement in Biden’s Ukraine quagmire.  He slammed Nikki Haley as “Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels,” adding, “We’ve got two of them on the stage tonight.”


That last comment was a reference to a recent controversy surrounding Gov. Ron DeSantis’s boots.  But his point was valid – there are elements in the GOP still yearning to be the War Party.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump spoke to thousands of people just 30 minutes away in Hialeah.  On immigration, Trump again demonstrated what makes him so unique.  He said what exactly what most Americans are thinking:


“If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists, then we don’t want you in our country, and we are not going to let you come into our country.” 


On foreign policy, Trump said: 


“We have never been closer to World War III, and for only one reason:  We have incompetent people talking on our behalf. . .  Job number one is to make America safe again.  For four straight years under the Trump Administration, I kept America safe.  I kept Israel safe.  I kept Ukraine safe.  And I kept the world safe.”


This week’s Morning Consult poll of Republican primary voters finds Trump at 63%, DeSantis at 15%.  No other candidate received double digit support. 


In related news, Dr. Jill Stein announced today that she is running for president as the Green Party candidate. 


And Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced he is retiring from the Senate, virtually guaranteeing that the GOP will pick up his seat in 2024.  He also hinted at a possible a third-party presidential run, saying he will be “traveling the country to see if there is interest in creating a movement to mobilize the middle.”