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Thursday, November 10, 2022 -- What's Next, Biden Emboldened, McCarthy's Moment

What’s Next?


Republicans haven’t yet nailed down the House, and we won’t know the final outcome in the Senate until after the Georgia runoff election next month. 


But we do know this:  In a matter of days, the lame duck Congress will return to Capitol Hill, and we’re facing major dangers.


Before adjourning in September for the campaign season, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer declared that he had “an extremely busy agenda” planned for the lame duck session of Congress. 


That agenda includes annual “must-pass” appropriations bills, the National Defense Authorization Act and whatever else the radical left can jam through.


One key item on Schumer’s agenda is forcing a vote on the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.”  This legislation is a serious threat to religious liberty.  (You can read more about it in this James Dobson Family Institute public policy update.)


Other potential disasters include the Equality Act, and perhaps a last-ditch effort to pass the pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act before Democrats lose total control of Washington. 


In addition to the fact that Chuck Schumer is setting the agenda, a number of moderate Republican senators are retiring at the end of the year.  It’s anyone’s guess as to how they will vote on these terrible bills.


I know we’re still trying to process the results of Tuesday’s elections, but there’s no rest for the weary!  There are brutal battles right around the corner, and the fight for Faith, Family and Freedom never ends. 




Biden Emboldened


Perhaps the greatest disappointment to come out of Tuesday’s muddled elections is that Joe Biden’s disgusting demagoguery seems to have been rewarded.  Apparently, accusing half the country of being fascists works. 


Clearly, Joe Biden feels emboldened.  His triumphalism was on full display during yesterday’s White House press conference. 


In his opening remarks, Biden vowed to resist efforts by Republicans to cut Social Security and Medicare.  There is no effort to cut them!  The campaign is over, but Biden is still stuck on that lie.


When he finally took questions from reporters, the first question Biden was asked was what he intended to do to address the fact that 75% of Americans feel like our country is off track and headed in the wrong direction. 


Biden’s response:  “Nothing. . . I’m not going to change.” He went on to argue that we just don’t know yet about all the good things he’s done for us.  Even one liberal CNN commentator felt Biden’s answer was “insulting.”


Biden again claimed that he was serious about uniting the country.  But when asked about his relationship with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Biden said, “I haven’t had much occasion to talk to him.” 


Really?  It’s difficult to bring people together when you’re not interested in talking to them.  It’s even harder when you’re too busy calling them “semi-fascists.”


When asked about congressional investigations into his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings, Biden laughed it off as “comedy.” 


Almost every day something else about the Biden crime family comes out.  The stench of this corruption scandal only gets worse.  But it’s just a joke to Joe Biden, and there’s no follow-up questions from the media.  That’s what happens when you have a room full of Democrats interviewing a Democrat.




One Reporter Speaks The Truth


Today News Africa correspondent Simon Ateba, one of the reporters at the White House yesterday, wrote a scathing column about the “rigged” press conference.  Just consider these excerpts:


“Many things at the White House are rigged, especially press briefings or press conferences. Questions are often sent in advance by the same set of reporters who get called on all the time. . .  For the people watching at home, it all appears to be normal. . . In reality, it’s a show, a sham, the appearance of normality. . .


“When I first arrived in the United States, having watched CNN for years, I came to believe that the racists and the bad guys in the United States were the Republicans. . .  But in the Biden White House, as I have struggled . . . to be treated with the same dignity as others, I came to realize that the Republicans were not the racists and the horrible, awful people I was told they were.”




Liz Cheney’s Awful, Horrible, Really Bad Election Night


Turncoat RINO Liz Cheney and her Never Trump friends had a terrible night Tuesday.   


Virginia Congresswoman Elaine Luria, one of Cheney’s Democrat allies on the January 6th Committee, was defeated by CWF-endorsed Jen Kiggans.  


Cheney’s friend and co-conspirator Evan McMullin was crushed by Mike Lee in the Utah Senate race.  McMullin pretended to be “independent,” but his campaign had only one purpose:  To deny Senate Republicans a majority by taking away a safe seat. 


That’s why McMullin’s campaign was bankrolled by left-wing Democrats.  That’s why Utah Democrats endorsed him. 


Meanwhile, Mitt Romney acted like a total arse and refused to endorse his fellow Republican senator.  Why would he do that? 


If Romney harbors any delusions about seeking reelection in 2024, I suggest he reconsider.  I am eager to raise money for a serious primary challenger, and I won’t be alone in that effort.


Gov. Ron DeSantis’s huge victory was a spectacular repudiation of Liz Cheney.  Earlier this summer, Cheney said she would never support DeSantis for president. Something tells me Ron DeSantis isn’t losing any sleep over Liz Cheney.


Cheney endorsed Democrat Tim Ryan in the Ohio Senate race.  He lost bigly to Trump-supported J.D. Vance.


Cheney tried to meddle in the Arizona governor’s race by actively campaigning for Democrat Katie Hobbs.  It backfired, giving Kari Lake her biggest fundraising night of the campaign.  Cheney will be crying in her beer again after Lake wins this race.


Cheney blasted Republicans who have been critical of the FBI.  Well, two of the most critical conservatives – Sens. Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson – were just reelected.


Liz Cheney’s only objective seems to be blowing up the conservative movement that makes the Republican Party relevant at all.  If Liz Cheney could wave a magic wand and make the America First movement disappear, the Republican Party that remained would be a shell of what it is today. 




McCarthy’s Moment


As House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy measures the drapes in the Speaker’s office, I hope he takes some time to seriously consider the moment we are in and his own responsibility for Tuesday’s disappointing results.


An interesting survey was released several weeks ago.  It should have set off alarm bells, but it went largely unnoticed.  It found that 56% of voters did not believe the GOP had sufficiently explained why it deserved their votes.


I’ll say this much for Joe Biden and the Democrats:  They had a unifying theme – defending democracy from Donald Trump and the “semi-fascists.” 


Can anyone articulate what the GOP theme was? 


There was an effort to recreate the magic of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.  But the rollout of the “Commitment to America” was bungled and delayed, and it was soon forgotten and never talked about.  I don’t recall reading about even one Republican candidate actually running on it.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”