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Thursday, May 7, 2020 -- Collusion Case Collapses, National Day Of Prayer, God Bless Texas

Collusion Case Collapses

The alleged case of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign has utterly collapsed.  This isn't exactly breaking news, but it is absolutely essential that the American people know the truth about their president and his persecutors in Congress and within the Deep State.
Earlier this week, acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell notified Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that 6,000 pages of deposition transcripts taken during Schiff's investigation of alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 campaign were ready for release. 
Schiff response?  He's not ready to release the transcripts. 
Sources tell Fox News that the transcripts all show the same thing:  "Not one of the 53 witnesses could provide evidence of collusion."  And, of course, we know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller came up empty handed, too.
Here's the bottom line:  Adam Schiff lied.  He has lied repeatedly to the American people about FISA abuse and his contacts with Eric Ciaramella and other witnesses in the impeachment charade. 
Remember, the House Intelligence Committee interviews were taking place while Schiff was going on national talk shows every Sunday saying things like this, "Yes, there's ample evidence of collusion in plain sight." 
Well, there never was any evidence of collusion, and one witness after another – 53 of them in total – told Mr. Schiff just that.  Yet he and Nancy Pelosi and the left-wing media and their Deep State allies kept pushing a false narrative to the American people that their president was a traitor.
No one with Schiff's record of deceit should be anywhere near the Intelligence Committee, much less leading the Intelligence Committee!
The lesson of Watergate was that no one, not even the president, was above the law.  Certainly, no president can be below the law. 
As Attorney General Barr recently said:
"I think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history.  Without any basis [the FBI] started this investigation of his campaign, and even more concerning, actually is what happened after the campaign . . . to sabotage the presidency."
Every American -- Republican, Democrat, Independent -- should be outraged by this coordinated attempt to smear, undermine and overturn a duly-elected president and his administration.
National Day Of Prayer
Today is the 69th annual National Day of Prayer.  President Trump issued a proclamation commemorating the importance of this day.  Here is an excerpt:
"Today, as much as ever, our prayerful tradition continues as our Nation combats the coronavirus. . . In the midst of these trying and unprecedented times, we are reminded that just as those before us turned to God in their darkest hours, so must we seek His wisdom, strength, and healing hand. . .
"May we never forget that prayer guides and empowers our Nation and that all things are possible with God.  In times of prosperity, strife, peace, and war, Americans lean on His infinite love, grace, and understanding.  Today, on this National Day of Prayer, let us come together and pray to the Almighty that through overcoming this coronavirus pandemic, we develop even greater faith in His divine providence."
Here are several events taking place today: 


  • Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Tim Scott will join Pastors Greg Laurie and Jack Graham for an event at 7:00 PM ET on and at
  • The National Observance, featuring Pastor Rick Warren, Will Graham, Bishop Harry Jackson and many others, will be broadcast at 8:00 PM ET.  You can watch it here

I couldn't help but reflect this morning on how the National Day of Prayer was treated during the Obama years.  The hostility toward the event was so overt, it was scandalous. 
Barack Obama canceled the White House events, and when Franklin Graham was invited to speak at the Pentagon, progressive allies of the Obama/Biden White House forced the Army to cancel his event.
What a contrast to the Trump/Pence White House, which has hosted National Day of Prayer events every year.  That's just one reason among many why the Trump/Pence Administration continues to receive such strong support from the evangelical community, as I explained yesterday in an interview with Western Journalism.   
The Shutdown's Health Risks
Many progressive politicians are constantly suggesting that it is too soon to reopen the country because coronavirus is still out there and more people may get infected.  Well, we can't hide in our homes forever, and it may not even work anyway.
Yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that he was "shocked" to learn that 66% of new Covid hospitalizations involved people who have been observing social isolation.  "This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home," Cuomo said.
Who knows how they got infected, but perhaps we have reached the point of diminishing returns.  Moreover, medical experts are also beginning to ask serious questions about the negative health risks associated with the ongoing shutdown.
As we noted yesterday, preliminary research suggests that many Americans have not been getting the medical care they needed over the past six to eight weeks. 
For example, there has been a 45% to 66% drop in chemotherapy treatments and 70% to 90% drop in new cancer screenings.  The study suggests that nearly 34,000 "more people will die of cancer due to lost healthcare services during the coronavirus shutdown."
Emergency room doctors are reporting a disturbing lack of heart attack and stroke patients.  Why?  Because people are afraid to go to the hospital, and they are dying at home.
Millions of people around the world are expected to develop tuberculosis and die as a result of the shutdown.
Former Food and Drug Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who has been somewhat of an alarmist on Covid, warned today that he fears a significant measles outbreak later this year because many parents are not taking their children to routine pediatrician visits.  Last year, measles killed more than 140,000 people around the world. 
"So there's a public health consequence on the other side of this, and we have to start weighing those and asking ourselves just how much we're willing to tolerate," Gottlieb said.
That's a very good question, and one the American people will likely have to settle at the ballot box this November.
God Bless Texas!
Yesterday we told you about the case of salon owner Shelley Luther, who was sent to jail for reopening her business so she and her employees could feed their children. 
I am pleased to report that the Texas Supreme Court has ordered Luther to be released, and Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order ensuring that jail time "is not a punishment for violating" coronavirus restrictions.
Just another clear contrast in the way conservative and progressive politicians are handling this crisis. 
Elections have consequences, my friends.  Just ask Shelley Luther!  If she were in California, Illinois or New York, she'd still be in jail.