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Thursday, May 4, 2023 -- Biden's Influence Peddling, The Left's Insurrection, National Day Of Prayer

Biden’s Influence Peddling


Joe Biden’s decades of influence peddling make him the epitome of the Swamp’s pay-to-play political corruption that the American people utterly despise.  “Middle Class Joe” is now a multi-millionaire with an estimated net worth of $15 million.  But all that hard work cashing in on his political connections may be about to crash his career.


While the focus recently has been on Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings (which, of course, implicate his father), Senator Charles Grassley and Representative James Comer are demanding that the FBI release records from 2020 that implicate “then-Vice President Biden in an alleged bribery scheme with a foreign national.”


This information comes from a whistleblower inside either the FBI or the Department of Justice, who claims these details are being hidden from the public. 


According to the whistleblower, the information “describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.”


Rep. Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, issued a formal subpoena for a key document – an FBI FD-1023 form used during interviews with sources – related to a June 2020 FBI investigation. 


That means the FBI had potentially damaging information about Joe Biden during the middle of the last presidential campaign, which somehow never leaked. 


Sen. Grassley pointedly noted that the form is not classified.  So, there’s no reason for the FBI to claim it is related to national security or to so heavily redact it that it is useless to congressional investigators. 


Grassley added that the “FBI’s recent history of botching politically charged investigations demands close congressional oversight.”  That’s putting it mildly.  The FBI is in dire need of serious reform!


This is the same FBI that sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop for many months and then groomed Big Tech into believing it was Russian disinformation!


The Biden White House is pushing hard for a massive new FBI headquarters to be constructed outside of Washington, D.C.  No Republican in Congress should vote to reward the FBI with a new headquarters until the Bureau is radically reformed!




The Left’s Insurrection


I want to revisit the left’s ongoing assault against the Supreme Court. 


Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court over 31 years ago.  The smears and attacks he and his family endured during his confirmation hearings were disgusting and outrageous. 


But the attacks on Clarence Thomas never ended.  Joe Biden started those smears 31 years ago when he led the Democrats’ efforts to torpedo Thomas’s confirmation. 


Biden’s left-wing allies are continuing those attacks today.  The left regularly goes after Thomas’s wife, Ginny.  Now, they’re going after his great-nephew!   They’re also going after Chief Justice John Roberts’ wife, Jane.


There are plenty of issues to explore with the court’s liberal justices, too!


Writing at The Stream, Mark Judge, a friend and classmate of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, reminds us that Democrats and their neo-Marxist allies accused Kavanaugh and his friends of being gang rapists! 


This was brought up in Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings without any proof at all because it never happened.  That’s how low the left is willing to go to control the court. 


By the way, it’s been largely forgotten, but the wanna-be assassin who tried to kill Justice Kavanaugh also identified as transgender and went by the name “Sophie.”


The demonstrations outside the justices’ homes are still happening.  The left isn’t demonstrating to get publicity.  There’s no publicity anymore. 


The purpose is to make life miserable for the justices, for their families, their friends and their neighbors.  They’re hoping that all the pressure will finally “break” a conservative justice, forcing him to retire in frustration. 


That’s why Joe Biden doesn’t call for this harassment to end.  That’s why his Justice Department doesn’t enforce the law against demonstrations at the homes of federal judges.


The goal is multifaceted.  Maybe they can intimidate conservative justices to moderate their opinions, hoping it will take the heat off the court.  The timing of this latest assault on Thomas, Gorsuch and Roberts is certainly very curious.  June is when the Supreme Court generally issues its biggest decisions.


But what if all this doesn’t work?  What if the conservative majority continues to put the Constitution first? 


Well, then the left’s goal is to make the court hated by the average American.  They want to delegitimize the Supreme Court so that if they win the next election, they can pack the court or impeach justices.


I agree with Mark Judge.  I don’t see much indication yet that conservatives are prepared to fight back against the left’s war on the Supreme Court.  In its own way, this is a neo-Marxist insurrection against one of the co-equal branches of government – and the very institution most directly responsible for safeguarding our constitutional rights.




Assaulting Our Military


Sadly, we have had to report regularly on the unbelievable and outrageous things happening in our military at the hands of the Biden Administration and the woke officers it has promoted. 


They are telling officers how to interact with “pregnant men.”  They are using drag queens to help combat the recruiting crisis.  How’s that going to help? 


They’ve infected the military base schools that educate the children of our soldiers.  They’re teaching all the horrible junk the rest of the country is trying to get out of our public schools.


But I haven’t said often enough what I want to say now.


We must not confuse Biden and his army of neo-Marxist culture warriors with the brave young men and women who have volunteered to defend us.  When we are asleep with our families in our homes, they are on the watchtower, often away from their families, keeping us safe. 


They will bear the brunt of Biden’s weakness.  They have already been sacrificed at the altar of his incompetence. 


When we criticize what Biden is doing wrong, we are not criticizing the U.S. military.  We are criticizing what is being done to the U.S. military.




Fox News Implodes


It was bad enough that the top brass at Fox News dumped Tucker Carlson.  He was by far the most effective spokesman for conservative values in the media complex.  He not only filled the void of Rush Limbaugh’s passing, he was smack in the middle of prime time TV. 


While Fox News was trying to silence Carlson, they have deeply hurt their own network.  Fox’s ratings have collapsed since Carlson was forced off the air.  It’s down 70% with the key 25-54 year-old demographic.


But virtually every day since Carlson was dismissed, there have been anti-Carlson leaks to the left-wing outlet Media Matters.  Their goal is to destroy all conservative media.  So, how is Media Matters getting these leaks?  Did it bug the Fox News studios? 


No, they are likely coming from sources inside Fox, who don’t want to merely silence Tucker Carlson, they want to destroy him.


My friends, we are in a war.  It’s moments like this that remind us just how powerful and determined the forces on the other side are. 


We should all be praying for Tucker Carlson to be restored to the airwaves soon as a leading voice for our values. 


By the way, does anyone think that the timing of all this -- 18 months before the most consequential election in our history -- is a coincidence?




National Day Of Prayer


Today is the 72nd annual National Day of Prayer.  Click here to watch the National Day of Prayer Broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM ET. 


First established by Congress in 1952, President Ronald Reagan signed legislation in 1988 designating the first Thursday of May as a day of national prayer.


At a prayer break in 1984, Reagan famously warned, “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”


Please join Carol and me in praying for America.  Pray that we would turn our hearts to God and rediscover the timeless values of Faith, Family and Freedom.