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Thursday, May 13, 2021 -- Biden's Open Borders, Your Lying Eyes, AWOL Leaders

Biden's Open Borders
After 500,000 illegal aliens crossed our southern border this year, some media outlets yesterday reported that the Biden Administration had "seen the light" and would begin construction of a small portion of border wall. 
I was skeptical when I saw the report, and I was right to be skeptical.  The administration rushed to reassure its radical left-wing base that it is only reinforcing a levee.  There will be no additional border wall construction. 
In fact, the Biden Administration announced last month that it is reallocating funds that Trump set aside to build the wall.
This administration has zero interest in stopping the crisis at the southern border.  To them, mass illegal immigration is not a crisis.  They want not 500,000 but millions of illegal aliens pouring into the country because these future voters will be grateful to the left. 
That's why amnesty is a top priority for the left.  It is central to their long-term strategy to fundamentally transform America.
Please stand with me now as we fight the left's radical open borders agenda.
Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes
Our founding fathers intended the "free press" to be a vital check against overreaching government.  Unfortunately, the "mainstream media" is anything but a "free press" dedicated to good government. 
And it's striking just how confident this administration is that the media are willing partners in its agenda.  It's the sort of thing you see in totalitarian regimes, particularly under communism.
For example, the Biden White House has spent more time trying to avoid referring to the border as a "crisis" than securing the border.  Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, insists with a straight face that the border is closed. 
But we just learned that 178,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in April, and many more were not apprehended. Plus, many who were caught are being allowed in. 
That IS NOT a closed border!
Meanwhile, as gas stations were closing left and right in more than a dozen states, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm denied that we had a gas shortage, saying, "We have a supply crunch."  Oh, okay. That's makes it all better.
There are multiple states where 50% or more of the gas stations are closed. There are lines that go on for blocks.  Fights are breaking out as people get frustrated waiting for $7 a gallon gas. 
And the Biden Administration refuses to admit that their hostility to pipelines is wrong.  In fact, their allies like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are still trying to close even more pipelines!
Every small business owner in America will tell you that they are having an extremely hard time finding people willing to take available jobs.  It's not surprising that a person who can get paid almost as much or more staying home will do so instead of going to work. 
But the White House continues to insist that there is no evidence that unemployment benefits on steroids have anything to do with the fact that there are eight million job openings but only 266,000 people were willing to accept job offers last month.
And if you had any doubt at all that the media were eager "team players," we learned this week that they must clear certain reports past the Biden White House, which reserves the right to edit quotes or veto their use entirely. 

No self-respecting journalist would ever agree to such a demand. But there are virtually no journalists in the "mainstream media" today.  They are partisan hacks, more than happy to spread the administration's propaganda.
The Left vs. Israel
Not long ago, Israel enjoyed broad public support in America.  But like so many things, the left has ruined that too.
When Hamas started firing rockets at Israel this week, Andrew Yang, who is campaigning for mayor of New York City, issued a statement defending Israel.  He was immediately attacked by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who denounced Yang's statement as "utterly shameful." 

I guess AOC is cheerleading for Hamas. 
It wasn't long before "#YangSupportsGenocide" was trending on Twitter.  Now Yang is rushing to show how "balanced" he is between the Jewish state and the terrorists.
Meanwhile, the State Department dispatched a top diplomat to the region yesterday, attempting to broker a ceasefire.  And Biden said the bare minimum expected of an American president – that Israel has the right to defend itself. 
Well, that was too much for the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.  AOC attacked Joe Biden for "taking the side of occupation."
The progressive movement, which is the ascendant wing of the Democrat Party and represented by AOC's socialist squad, is rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.  It will have serious implications for Israel and the United States in the decades ahead.
But none of Biden's assurances to Israel should be taken seriously as long as he remains committed to giving Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief, which the ayatollah will inevitably use to replenish Hamas' missiles!
Blinken's Blunder
As we reported yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken insisted that Israel had "an extra burden" to avoid civilian casualties.  To be clear, Israel always goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties.  But Blinken has it completely backwards. Israel is not putting civilians at risk – Hamas is! 
Hamas is committing war crimes by deliberately locating its weapons and rocket launchers in civilian areas.  Hamas does that because they are evil and because they know we will pressure Israel with misguided demands "to avoid civilian casualties," while Hamas continues to indiscriminately fire rockets at Israeli civilians.
But a sovereign state has an obligation to defend its citizens, which Israel is doing.  It is absurd for any nation to demand that Israel handcuff itself in conflicts against barbaric terrorists who are intentionally risking civilian lives. 
AWOL Leaders
As you know, Rep. Liz Cheney was voted out of her leadership role yesterday.  She's also at risk of being voted out of office.  Her approval rating in Wyoming has plummeted, and it's not hard to understand why.
Cheney seems to believe that her main opponent is Donald Trump, not the Biden/Harris socialist makeover of America.  Since the election, Cheney has only made headlines for attacking Trump, who is supported by the vast majority of her party. 
And that brings me to another prominent Republican, George W. Bush.
Where is "W" in this battle for our country?  In recent weeks, he has been busy attacking the GOP with the same rhetoric that leftists use against us, the same leftists who tried to destroy his presidency. 
Conservatives rallied to Bush's defense.  Why is he not coming to ours? 
I have seen nothing from Bush about Biden's failures, whether its empowering Iran or undermining our religious liberty or attacking law enforcement.  Does Bush have no opinion at all on the left's effort to push critical race theory in our schools?
There is only one issue that seems to motivate him -- more immigration into the U.S., at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed.
And to think that before Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce his campaign for president, GOP elites were attempting to convince us that we needed a third Bush presidency (Jeb!) to save the country.