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Thursday, May 12, 2022 -- Biden's Formula Crisis, The Left's Pro-Abortion Extremism

Biden's Formula Crisis


America's baby formula crisis is continuing with no end in sight.  It's almost impossible to imagine the anxiety that parents with newborns, as well as pregnant women just days away from their due dates, are feeling right now knowing there may not be an adequate food supply for their infants. 


There are stories emerging all over the country of desperate moms and dads driving for hours, burning Joe Biden's $4.50 a gallon gas, trying to find a store with baby formula for their infants.


For four years, I worked closely with the Trump White House.  I have no doubt what Donald Trump would do if this happened under his watch. 


He would bring in the CEOs of the formula manufacturing companies and demand answers.  He would tell the FDA bureaucrats, whose regulations are causing much of this crisis, that they have 48 hours to fix this or they're fired. 


Of course, the media would howl about Trump's "heavy-handed" and "authoritarian" tactics.  But American mothers wouldn't be worried about how they're going to feed their babies today.


So, what is the Biden Administration doing?  Not much, evidently.  The White House can't even name their point person who is supposedly coordinating a solution to this crisis.


This week, Democrats rapidly moved legislation to the Senate floor.  It was a bill allowing abortion on demand during all nine months of pregnancy.  That was Chuck Schumer's priority.  (More on that below.)


How about Speaker Nancy Pelosi?  She's always telling us how much she cares about children.  Well, House Democrats announced yesterday that they will hold hearings on the baby formula crisis . . . in two weeks


When Joe Biden requested more money for Ukraine, Washington politicians quickly approved a $40 billion aid package.  One observer suggested that maybe America's mothers should dress their babies in Ukrainian army uniforms if they want to get the attention of congressional Democrats. 


One House Republican has discovered pallets and pallets of baby formula.  But there's just one problem.  The Biden Administration has shipped it all to the southern border, so it can be given to illegal aliens.


This is what America looks like with a president who puts our country last.


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The Left's Pro-abortion Extremism


Abortion is a hot topic right now.  If you find yourself arguing with friends, family members, neighbors or complete strangers about the abortion issue, here's something to keep in mind: 


Very few Americans believe there should be no restrictions on abortions, that abortions should be paid for by the taxpayers, and that doctors and nurses with moral objections should be forced to perform abortions. 


If you're debating someone like that, just stop.  You're not going to change their mind.  Don't waste your time.  The real issue is that vast majority of Americans want reasonable restrictions on abortion.  Unfortunately, Roe v. Wade doesn't allow that.


With the Supreme Court ready to overturn Roe, the pro-abortion left is panicking.   So yesterday, every Senate Democrat but one (West Virginia's Joe Manchin) voted for the most extreme pro-abortion law imaginable. 


They not only voted for legislation to preserve Roe v. Wade, they voted to go way beyond that by repealing every state restriction on abortion.  There are dozens of pro-life laws across the country, and 49 Senate Democrats just voted to repeal them all.

(Click here to see how your senators voted.)


Thankfully, this radical bill failed to pass.  But if Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi had their way, all limits on late-term abortions would be gone.  All parental notification laws would be gone.  All 24-hour waiting periods would be gone.  All informed consent laws would be gone.


It's absolutely clear who the real abortion extremists are.  Democrats want as many abortions – as many dead babies – as possible.  Now that's extreme!


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The Week Under Biden


As the latest inflation report revealed that Americans are still suffering under budget-busting, sky-high prices, and as gasoline prices surged yet again to a new record high, Joe Biden just canceled a massive sale of oil and natural gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. 


Most of us understand how supply and demand works.  The less supply you have, the more the price goes up.  By canceling the leases, Biden is making sure there is less supply.  That means Biden is making sure you're going to pay even more at the pump.


Vladimir Putin didn't do that.  Joe Biden did that! 


. . . . . . .


In spite of Attorney General Merrick Garland's testimony to the contrary, new evidence indicates that the FBI did in fact target and investigate concerned parents who showed up at school board meetings.  The Bureau took calls from a "snitch line" and opened files on individuals concerned about the nonsense being taught in their schools. 


Not only did Garland likely commit perjury, this is further evidence of how the left once again weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI not against our enemies, but against the American people.


. . . . . . .


Speaking of Garland, late yesterday he finally got around to ordering the U.S. Marshals to provide additional security at the homes of Supreme Court justices.  Perhaps he acted after reading a new poll that found 76% of Americans oppose the left's demonstrations outside the justices' homes.


These demonstrations are illegal for a reason.  And the public clearly understands that they are intended to intimidate and to obstruct justice. 


. . . . . . .


The National Science Teaching Association recently held sessions instructing kindergarten through high school teachers on how to "Queer Your Classroom."  It's exactly what it sounds like – incorporating the radical gay agenda into science. 


Among other things, teachers are instructed not to refer to children as "boys and girls" or "ladies and gentlemen."  One instructor said, "When we talk about the electromagnetic spectrum, I connect the word 'spectrum' to how gender and sexuality can be a spectrum."


Years ago, Dr. James Dobson and I warned that there was a gay agenda aimed at children.  We were laughed at.  But we were right.


We've been told that you can't "teach values" in school because, "Whose values will be taught?"  Well, no society is "values neutral."  Someone's values will win out. 


Conservatives have been mocked lately for using the word "grooming."  It's absolutely clear that the left is determined to use the schools to indoctrinate, to groom your children with a worldview that goes well beyond reading, writing and arithmetic.