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Thursday, March 7, 2024 -- The State of the Union, Trump's Challenge, Say Her Name

The State Of The Union


President Biden is delivering the annual State of the Union address tonight. He will likely continue the long tradition of presidents declaring, “The state of our union is strong.” It’s possible, if not likely, that he might add, “But our democracy is under attack.”


There are many different people in America, and the state of the union for them varies widely. For example, what’s the state of the union for taxpayers? It’s rock bottom.


You seldom hear anyone thanking the millions of hard-working Americans who are paying all the bills. If anything, taxpayers are demonized and excoriated for not “paying their fair share.”


The Democrat Party will fall on its sword over hiring more IRS bureaucrats to harass more and more taxpayers. They go to bed every night worried that there’s a dollar in your pocket they haven’t figured out how to confiscate for their big government socialist schemes. 


There isn’t an industry in America they haven’t declared war on -- the energy industry, the medical industry, the auto industry, the mining industry, the trucking industry. Every day, many hard-working Americans get up worried that their industry will be the next one with a target on its back. The only employer Democrats like is the federal government.


What is the status of patriotic America? It is morose and totally demoralized. We’re governed by people who think America was never great.  Our schools are teaching our children that America was evil at its founding and is full of systemic racism today. 


Entire sports teams protest our national anthem. We have produced the least patriotic generation in the history of our country.


What about national security America?  It’s never been more precarious. Our troops are led by a woke Pentagon that is more concerned with “pregnant men” (who don’t exist, by the way), than it is with winning the next war. 


We’ve spent decades fighting “no-win wars,” and now our enemies are ahead of us in critical ways like technology, weapons systems, and production that will take years to catch up.


What if you’re in the Pentagon and still believe that the purpose of the military is to fight and win wars? Your life is terrible. You can’t get young Americans to volunteer because of the leftist indoctrination in our schools.


You’ve watched homosexuals and transgender individuals get promoted because of their oddness, while patriotic, God-loving Americans are passed over. Maybe you should show up to work in a dress.


How about migrant America? They’re doing great. Illegal aliens who cross our border have hit the jackpot, whether they came here with good intentions or bad. They’re getting free food, free housing, free healthcare, and a free education for their children.


Schools in America won’t accommodate parents unless they are migrant parents. In that case, they will bend over backwards to ensure migrant children don’t get left behind, never mind that your children are falling behind.


How about trans America? I’ve never seen so many men in dresses celebrating. The idea that a boy can be trapped in a girl’s body -- something that was unheard of 15 years ago -- is now the preeminent belief of our elites. 


It is everywhere -- on TV, in our public libraries, and even in elementary schools. Transgender activists danced topless on the White House lawn. Their flag flies outside of churches.


What about abortion America? Well, if you’re in that group, life’s never been better. You are standing proudly -- even if it is on a mountain of dead babies. The Biden administration and the Democrat Party will do anything for you. They will even put your opponents in jail for decades.


Your blood money is sought after by left-wing candidates at every level of government. They crave the endorsement of the abortion industry the way candidates used to crave the endorsement of the American Legion.


I don’t know about you, but I think America deserves better.  I know America must do better.




A Low Bar


Some commentators are speculating that there could be a huge audience for Biden’s address tonight -- just to see if he can make it through without seriously messing up. I could be wrong, but I think there is little chance of that happening.


I have no doubt that they are giving him some sort of “treatment” before big events like the 2020 debates and high-profile speeches like tonight’s address. It’s not something they can give every day, or they would. But it gets him through an hour or two.


It’s the only thing I can think of that explains the difference between the Joe Biden we regularly see who struggles to get off a stage, mumbles incoherently, misidentifies countries, and talks to dead people and the Joe Biden who, on rare occasions, seems somewhat coherent and energetic. 


I don’t think you’ll see the first Joe Biden tonight. But how?


It’s not gone unnoticed that there are many days when there is nothing on the White House calendar after lunch time.  Perhaps he’s being put into a deep sleep every day. (That’s a joke, I think.)


I fully expect Biden to be at the top of his game tonight. But whatever they’re giving him, they should make it available to the public.




Trump’s Challenge


After their Super Tuesday victories assured their eventual nominations, Donald Trump challenged Joe Biden to debate him “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.”


Biden’s campaign declined, saying they would have a conversation about debates “at the appropriate time.” They also suggested that Trump tune in tonight to the State of the Union address.


Trump accepted that invitation and announced he will be providing a live, play-by-play response to Biden’s address on his Truth Social platform.




Say Her Name


If Biden mentions the border at all tonight, it will only be to blame the crisis on Republicans for not accepting the Senate’s so-called “border security” deal. But whatever Biden says, I do not expect the name “Laken Riley” will ever cross his lips.


But her name was spoken in the Capitol today and her life was honored when the House of Representatives voted on the Laken Riley Act. This legislation, sponsored by Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA), requires Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain illegal aliens who commit various crimes.


This commonsense bill passed 251-to-170. It should have been unanimous, and every House Republican voted for it. 


The fact that 80% of House Democrats voted against it (all 170 “No” votes came from Democrats) speaks volumes about today’s Democrat Party. They want open borders and they don’t care that criminal illegal aliens are loose on our streets, terrorizing innocent Americans.


Unfortunately, the Laken Riley Act isn’t going anywhere in the Senate. Yesterday, Democrats blocked a vote on a similar piece of legislation.




Biden Sends Troops To Gaza


Once again, the Biden administration is interfering in Israel’s war against Hamas.  There are breaking reports today that, under the guise of expediting humanitarian aid, Joe Biden has ordered the U.S. military to build a port in Gaza.


Presumably, there will be someone at the port to receive and distribute the aid. How are they going to guarantee that this additional aid doesn’t end up in the wrong hands? We know that UNRWA, the U.N.’s main relief agency in Gaza, is corrupt and full of Hamas terrorists and Hamas sympathizers.


I hope and pray that our military personnel do not become targets for radical jihadists.  


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israeli army officers today that Israel will continue to resist international pressure to stop the war.  Netanyahu declared that Israel will finish the job by taking out the last Hamas strongholds, saying, “Whoever tells us not to act in Rafah is telling us to lose the war, and that will not happen.”




Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom


In this week’s “Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I discuss the shocking murder of nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal alien from Venezuela. The blame for this tragedy falls at the feet of President Joe Biden and his reckless open-border policy.