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Thursday, March 4, 2021 -- So Much For "Mr. Nice Guy," Attacking Old Glory, Iran Strikes Back

So Much For "Mr. Nice Guy"
During her run for the White House, Hillary Clinton made it clear early on what she thought about half the country.  She called Trump supporters "irredeemable and deplorable."
Joe Biden tried to come across as an old-style moderate, and he's talked a good game about unifying the country.  But now that a number of states are taking measures to rollback pandemic restrictions and reopen their economies, Biden's "Mr. Nice Guy" schtick is gone. 
He said lifting restricts now was "a big mistake" and the result of "Neanderthal thinking."
Really, Mr. President?  I'll tell you what Neanderthal thinking is -- it's just another word for stupid. 
But Biden and his gang are so stupid they refuse to believe an unborn baby is a human being who deserves to be protected under the law.
They are so stupid they think there are dozens of genders, and that biological boys who claim to be girls should be allowed to compete in girls' sports and use girls' locker rooms.
They're so stupid they think open borders – even during a pandemic – is a good idea.
They're so stupid they think putting COVID patients in nursing homes is a good idea.
They're so stupid that they think Iran can be trusted.  (More on that below.)
The list goes on and on.
By the way, what's wrong with the president?
Biden's verbal gaffes seem to be getting worse.  We're more than 40 days into his administration, and he still has not held a solo press conference.  Obama did his first press conference at 20 days, and Trump did his first press conference at 27 days.
After Biden finished speaking during an online event last night, he offered to take a few questions from lawmakers.  Instead, the White House pulled the plug on him.  It abruptly cut the live feed and shut down the event.
Even some Democrats seem to be questioning his capabilities.  (Here and here.)
Attacking Old Glory
Why can't the left stomach our national anthem and the American flag? 
In the last couple of years, the left has gone from demanding that we respect the right of an athlete to protest during the national anthem to now attacking athletes who refuse to take a knee during the national anthem. 
For example, the leftists who run U.S. Soccer Federation Athletes' Council recently voted to repeal the rule that required players to stand during the national anthem.  That was bad enough. 
But then they had the audacity to remove the one person on the board who dared to defend America and our flag, Seth Jahn, who just happens to be a disabled veteran of Native American descent. 
To his credit, Jahn isn't backing down.  He told Fox & Friends:
"The only mass discrimination in our country is [against] conservative voices – whether White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native [American], gay, straight conservative. They are shamed for the ideals they hold and their voices are suppressed, and I'm tired of it."
You're not the only one, Mr. Jahn! 
I know a lot of patriotic liberals.  It wasn't that long ago when we could disagree about certain issues, while remaining united in our love for America.  Unfortunately, the ideological left has ruined that too.  Many progressive socialists are almost universally anti-American now. 
We're getting another example of this in Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., which is increasingly controlled by leftists.
The Fairfax County Planning Commission evidently felt that it needed to dictate the size and quantity of flags that homeowners could have on their property.  Seriously, with everything else going on right now, this somehow rose to the top of the commission's agenda.
According to Daniel Gade, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, the new size proposed by the commission was smaller than the flags that are draped over the coffins of our fallen heroes when they arrive at Dover Air Force Base. 
But score one for red-blooded Americans in deep blue Fairfax County. The Planning Commission was on its way to passing this obscene measure, but there was such outrage by local veterans and patriots that the commission backed off.
A Good Investment
My friends, we must fight back against the radical left!  And that's exactly what we're doing every day here at CWF.  We help elect candidates who are pro-life, pro-religious liberty and who will fight for America first!  We are a great investment.
And you need to know that there are good things happening when it comes to election reform.  For example: 


  • Significant reform measures have passed the Georgia legislature.  (Here and here.)
  • In Arizona, a judge has ordered Maricopa County to turn over 2 million ballots and election equipment for an audit by the state legislature.
  • The Supreme Court appears likely to uphold state laws against ballot harvesting and out-of-precinct voting. 

We must restore common sense and integrity to our elections . . . and to Congress!
Stand with CWF now!
Cuomo's Performance
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is on his way to winning another Emmy after he delivered a masterful performance at yesterday's press conference.  His voice broke numerous times as he apologized for making several women feel incredibly uncomfortable.  We'll see if it does anything to help his approval rating.
Sadly, Cuomo and the left-wing media have been much more emotional about these charges of sexual harassment than they have about the thousands of deaths in New York's nursing homes. 
Cuomo has never apologized for all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who died because of his politically correct stupidity.  His voice has never broken for the pain and suffering he inflicted on so many New Yorkers. 
And it's very telling that the media are so upset about a few unwanted kisses when his claim to fame is that he was the "kiss of death" to New York's elderly.  But they are going after Cuomo now over sexual harassment in order to avoid exposing other liberal governors who have their own nursing home scandals.
Iran Strikes Back
Just days after Joe Biden hit Iranian-backed militias in Syria, another base housing U.S. troops in Iraq has come under attack.  A U.S. contractor was killed. 
When Iran targeted U.S. forces when Donald Trump was president, he took out their terrorist mastermind, General Qasem Soleimani.  Tehran took notice and stopped its attacks. 
Why are the Iranians suddenly so emboldened?  Why did they recently attack an Israeli ship?  Why are their Houthi allies in Yemen stepping up attacks against Saudi Arabia
I suspect it is because Tehran knows that Washington is once again attempting to restrain Israel and is eager to cut another nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic. 
It remains to be seen just how much Biden is willing to have America pay for that "deal" and how much suffering the ayatollah will inflict on the Middle East.