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Thursday, March 25, 2021 -- Left-wing Intolerance, Kamala In Command, Media Bias

Left-wing Intolerance
For basketball fans, it's March Madness time.  And the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles are on a roll at the NCAA tournament.  The Number 15 seed Golden Eagles have knocked out Number 2 Ohio State and the Number 7 seed Florida Gators. 
But not everyone is happy about the stunning success of the Golden Eagles, and I don't mean just Ohio State and Florida fans.
USA Today's Race and Inclusion Editor Hemal Jhaveri wrote an editorial Tuesday suggesting that Oral Roberts should not be allowed to participate in the NCAA tournament because its players adhere to traditional Christians values.  
Students voluntarily attend Oral Roberts University.  But Jhaveri is upset that they pledge to maintain certain standards of personal conduct one might expect from a Christian school.  She accused the school, and by extension the basketball team, of being bigots and against the values of the NCAA.  By the way, 11 of the 16 players on the team are young men of color.
Now, we know what the NCAA's values are.  We've seen the NCAA abuse its power to intimidate states from passing laws to protect religious liberty. 
My friends, it's the USA Today editorial that is bigoted and intolerant.  And you don't have to be a sports fan to understand the threat it represents to all Christians. 
If Christian basketball players can't take part in an NCAA tournament because their views are "wildly out of line with modern society," as Jhaveri put it, then why should evangelical Christians be allowed to manage your bank?  Teach at your school?  Be a lawyer in our courts?  Or a representative in Congress? 
I have been warning Christians for decades that the left's mantra of tolerance, which it uses to seduce young Christians, is nothing but a Trojan horse.  The left is increasingly intolerant of traditional Christian values, and its goal is to drive us out of the public square and into the closet.    
For years the left insisted, "You can't legislate morality."  Well, the left is doing exactly that – forcing its morality on us! 
No society has neutrality as its leading value.  Every society stands for something. Communist China stands for the values of Karl Marx and Chairman Mao.  Iran stands for the values of the ayatollah and his version of Islam. 
America was built on Judeo-Christian values.  But now radical secularists, in the name of tolerance and inclusion, are arguing that Christian basketball players should be excluded from college sports.
Men and women of faith must wake up and defend their rights, while they still can.
Kamala In Command
The Biden Administration is desperate to appear serious about the border crisis, a crisis they created.  As we have noted before, they did this intentionally.  They intend for millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country.  They just want to do it in a way that doesn't cause a political backlash. 
But if you have any doubts that this is intentional, just look at yesterday's big White House announcement.  President Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as his border czar.  Supposedly, her experience as the top law enforcement official of California played a major role in the decision.
Well, if your goal is open borders, then nobody is more qualified to handle that program than Kamala Harris.  Yes, Harris was attorney general of California, a state full of sanctuary cities and a sanctuary state itself.  And Harris is all in when it comes to protecting illegal aliens from law enforcement.
Demoralization among the Border Patrol and ICE is sky-high.  Many agents are expected to retire, and the government may not be able to fill their jobs. That demoralization is a way to effectively abolish ICE, just like the left's demonizing of police, leading many officers to quit or retire early, is a way to effectively defund the police.
Well, Harris, who is now in charge of the border, has compared our brave immigration enforcement agents to the KKK.  What do you think the child of an ICE agent must feel when she learns about the KKK in school and learns that the vice president of the United States compared her father or mother to the KKK?
The Boulder Jihad
Boulder mass murderer Ahmad Alissa had his first court appearance today.  The judge ordered him to be held without bail.  His defense attorney requested a psychiatric evaluation based on claims that he is mentally ill.  While Alissa currently faces 10 counts of first-degree murder, prosecutors indicated that they plan to file additional charges.
Obviously, we don't know yet what those charges could be, but there is plenty of evidence to suspect this was an anti-Semitic hate crime.  Let's review what we know. 


  • Alissa condemned America as a racist and Islamophobic country.
  • His family is from Syria, one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the Middle East.
  • He drove more than 20 miles from his home in Arvada to Boulder in order to attack the King Soopers store.  That strongly suggests it wasn't a random attack, but a planned attack.
  • Why King Soopers?  It advertises itself as a "one-stop shop for Kosher groceries." 
  • The Boulder Jewish community thought of King Soopers as "our grocery store."
  • Passover starts this week.

Media Bias
I know this won't come as a big surprise to anyone, but the America media's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic was incredibly biased and negative. That's not just my opinion, but the findings of a major study that surveyed global media outlets and compared the coverage of COVID-related stories around the world.
How bad was it?  According to the analysis


  • 51% of international media presented a negative tone in their coverage of the virus.
  • 53% of the coverage in regional U.S. media (your local paper) was negative.
  • 64% of reports in scientific journals was negative.
  • But 87% of the pandemic coverage in national U.S. outlets (think the Big Media networks, CNN and the New York Times) was negative.

Interestingly, it began to change right around the time that Pfizer announced its vaccine was 90% effective, which was less than a week after the 2020 election. 
But why would the American media have such a dire outlook on everything? Well, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, we also had another pandemic running rampant in America, and it was especially prevalent in major media newsrooms – Trump Derangement Syndrome.
In order to damage and defeat Donald Trump, the American media (the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) had to make the news about the pandemic as terrible as possible.  It worked.  Progressive mayors and governors used the horrible headlines to justify shutting down their economies and locking up the residents of their cities and states.
But even now, the media still can't change course entirely because it's too early for Biden to take credit for anything.  All he's doing is pushing out the vaccines that Donald Trump and Mike Pence developed!
Biden's Press Conference
After taking more than a week to prepare, President Biden finally gave his first formal press conference and took questions from the media.  It was difficult to watch. 
The media spin was happening in the room, as reporters did their best to pitch softballs to Biden.  Nevertheless, he whiffed many.  He seemed confused and befuddled, and often fumbled for his notes. 
But the "nice guy" Joe Biden couldn't help taking a cheap shot or two.  Asked about the border crisis, he said that no president would ever let poor migrant children starve in the desert, other than Donald Trump. 
That's a disgusting lie, especially from a guy who claims he wants to unite the country.
But there was something else that I found particularly jarring during the exchanges on immigration.  There was no one in that room speaking for the average American taxpayer who will be significantly impacted by the influx of hundreds of thousands of undereducated, low-skilled workers.