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Thursday, June 3, 2021 -- The Books On COVID, Another Russian Attack, Remembering Tiananmen Square

The Books On COVID
Have you pre-ordered Dr. Fauci's new book, "Expect the Unexpected:  Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward"?  It's reportedly only 80 pages long.  But I am sure it will be required reading by America's cultural and globalist elites. 
Not since Governor Andrew Cuomo shared his wisdom on the COVID-19 pandemic in "American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic" has there been such anticipation of a new book.
Cuomo committed one of the biggest blunders of the COVID-19 pandemic when he "seeded" New York's nursing homes with COVID-19 infected patients.  The elderly and frail predictably soon fell ill with the virus.  Tens of thousands of them died. 
I can make a good case that Cuomo should be in prison.  His nursing home blunder was criminally negligent.  His cover-up of the truth was obstruction of justice.
Coincidentally, "truth" is one of the subjects of Fauci's book.  No wonder the book is only 80 pages long! 
Fauci repeatedly lied during the pandemic, most notably on the question of whether U.S. taxpayer money went to the Chinese communist Wuhan lab for "gain of function" research.  Fauci played word games repeatedly in his congressional testimony.
Ultimately, the persistence of Senator Rand Paul and Senator John Kennedy, as well as the relentless work by Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson among others, led to Fauci admitting U.S. funds did go to the Wuhan lab.  But, Dr. Fauci assures us that the Wuhan scientists have assured him that none of the funds were used for dangerous research.
I predict Dr. Fauci will be out before his book is. The Biden Administration will want to cut its losses. The 90-day investigation Biden has ordered into the origins of the Chinese communist virus will likely end with no firm conclusion.
Certainly, the Chinese government will never admit wrongdoing. In fact, they will continue promoting their relentless propaganda around the world claiming the virus originated in the U.S.
Meanwhile, we must never forget what we already know are the facts: 

  • After communist China knew COVID-19 was deadly and spreading from person to person they lied to the world about it. 
  • Finally, even though travel within China was severely restricted, the communists allowed hundreds of thousands of their citizens to travel abroad in the early months guaranteeing every nation would be impacted.

Another Russian Attack
Last month, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a serious cyberattack.  Our intelligence agencies immediately suggested it had all the marks of a Russian operation -- either the Russian government or a private hacking gang.  Or, what I think is most likely, a relatively independent gang doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin's government. 
But Joe Biden, who built his campaign on the lie that Donald Trump had been compromised by Russia, inexplicably relieved Putin of any responsibility.  Sadly, the demanded ransom was paid. 
America's enemies around the world saw how vulnerable our energy supply is, particularly under an administration that seems intent on taking down our energy industry. 
Now in recent days, another attack has occurred on American soil, this time against our food processing infrastructure. This cyberattack hit JBS, the world's largest meat processor. Almost immediately, 20% of meat processing in the U.S. was shut down. JBS operations in Australia and Canada were also impacted.
Leaks from our intelligence agencies indicate that this attack also originated in Russia.  It appears, as of today, that this attack will have a minimal impact on our meat supply. But we shouldn't miss the larger point here. 
If you are an enemy of the U.S., or enemies of the U.S. working together, and you're preparing for war, there's no better way to determine how vulnerable our basic infrastructure is than having a criminal gang hack our vital infrastructure and assess how effective the attack was and what we did in response. 
At the White House yesterday, an American reporter awakened from their slumber managed to yell to Biden as he was leaving the room, "Do you think Putin is testing you?"  As Biden was shuffling off the stage, he stopped, turned around and responded, "No."  But Biden has no way of knowing that for certain.
Here's the bottom line:  It strains credibility to think these attacks coming out of Russia are completely independent of Putin's government. We are suffering attacks on vital infrastructure, but as far as anyone can tell there is no reaction from the U.S. 
As one national security expert put it, "It's time for the United States to start putting heads on spikes when it comes to confronting and dismantling ransomware groups."
I agree.  These aren't just kids hacking computers.  These attacks on vital infrastructure are acts of war.
Remembering Tiananmen Square
Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.  For weeks, thousands of Chinese students had been protesting in Tiananmen Square demanding more freedom.
The communist regime had declared martial law in late May, and on the evening of June 3, 1989, Chinese soldiers began operations to end the demonstrations.  As the Soviet Union was in the process of liberalizing, Beijing's dictators doubled down on their brutality.  Hundreds or even thousands were slaughtered in Tiananmen Square.  
Just as we will likely never know the full truth about what happened at the Wuhan lab, we will never know the full truth of what happened in Tiananmen Square.
I recall this history because it is a good reminder of what we are dealing with in communist China today.  Sadly, I have no doubt that if tens of thousands of students rallied in Tiananmen Square for more freedom today the results would be the same.  
This is an oppressive communist regime that is engaged in genocide.  It does not share our interests or our values.
At the time, there were all kinds of predictions that the Tiananmen Square protests would cause communist China to unravel, just as the communist bloc in Eastern Europe was unraveling. 
China was much weaker then.  We could have applied serious pressure.  But as time passed, we went back to chasing the "almighty dollar," and communist China became a major world power. 
We've heard over and over that communist China has no territorial ambitions, but that's all it's doing now.  From India to Australia, Japan to Vietnam, Beijing is threatening its neighbors and expanding its influence, even telling us that the U.S. Navy has no right to traverse the seas
And why not? 
The butchers of Beijing got away with the Tiananmen Square massacre.  They got away with seizing Hong Kong.  Almost immediately after communist China violated the treaty it made over Hong Kong's sovereignty, it was "back to business as usual."  The world shrugs as communist China suppresses free speech, oppresses religious liberty and commits genocide against ethnic minorities.
But as I have repeatedly argued, trade with communist China has not changed communist China.  It has changed us.
I'm proud of the fact that I aggressively fought communist China's influence in America and spoke up for Chinese dissidents in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre.  And I will continue to do so.
June marks the end of the Supreme Court's term, and this is the time when it usually announces decisions in its biggest cases.  There were no major announcements from the Supreme Court today.  But there are a number of pending cases with major implications for the values we cherish.  We will keep you posted.