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Thursday, June 27, 2024 -- Another Baffling Decision, Asking Too Much, Biden's Border Insanity

Another Baffling Decision


Today, the Supreme Court dismissed an abortion-related case from Idaho, involving a conflict between federal regulations and state law. The Biden administration is twisting federal regulations in an attempt to turn hospital emergency rooms into abortion centers, and Idaho is defending its pro-life laws.


In her concurring opinion, Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote that significant changes to the facts of the case make it “imprudent to answer these important questions now.”


Justice Samuel Alito strongly disagreed, writing, “This about-face is baffling. . . Apparently, the Court has simply lost the will to decide the easy but emotional and highly politicized question that the case presents. That is regrettable.”


The “silver lining” here is that this case is far from over. The court’s majority voted to send the case back to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and made no decision at all on the merits.




Debate Night


The first 2024 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take place tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET. CNN is hosting the debate, while Fox News and the big three networks will also air the debate.




Are We Asking Too Much?


Many people who support Donald Trump are hoping that he will restrain himself at tonight’s debate, resist taking Joe Biden’s bait, and won’t show any anger. I hope he can pull that off. Although there will be plenty of times when it would be appropriate to show some righteous anger over what Biden is doing to our country.


But consider this: Joe Biden has deployed the full resources of the Justice Department to destroy Donald Trump and his family. He used a corrupt Manhattan district attorney to hold Trump hostage in a courtroom hour after hour, day after day, while making speeches Trump can’t respond to.


Could you stand 10 feet away from a man who sent federal agents to raid your home, go through your wife’s underwear, and remain calm?


Could you stand 10 feet away from a man who is doing everything he can to destroy your family and remain calm?


Could you stand 10 feet away from a man who, even though you committed no crime, is trying to ensure that you die in prison and remain calm?


I don’t think I would be able to stay cool, calm, and collected if I were just a few feet away from the man who, for years, has spread the lie that I praised neo-Nazis.


That’s a very big ask. It’s a supernatural request to make of Donald Trump.


I have been in six presidential debates with members of my own party. I promise you, it’s a challenge to keep your cool.


But this isn’t just any presidential debate. This is a debate with a man who is trying to destroy the country Donald Trump has loved his entire life.


Trump helped revive New York City after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He fought to fly the biggest American flag he could at Mar-a-Lago. And after Joe Biden and his Deep State allies stole an election from him, Trump has had to watch as the neo-Marxist left takes America apart block by block.


So, if Donald Trump can get through this debate without showing any anger, he’s a better man than me.




The First Of Many


As I noted yesterday, the 2020 election was influenced by an infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence experts. It turned out to be a Biden campaign disinformation dirty trick. And since it worked last time, they’re doing it again.


We now have the first of what will no doubt be many “expert” letters promoting Biden’s reelection.


Sixteen economists just released a letter claiming that Donald Trump’s economic policies will “reignite inflation.” Of course, Biden’s media allies dutifully hyped the letter.


But here’s what the talking heads didn’t say: All 16 economists are Democrats, and many are Biden donors. One of them, George Akerlof, is married to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, which raises the question of whether this letter is another Biden dirty trick.


So, buckle up. It won’t be long before 20 historians sign a letter saying, “The greatest threat to democracy in history is Donald Trump.”


You can expect a letter from dozens of foreign policy experts warning that Donald Trump will get us into multiple wars and get your children killed overseas.


There will be a letter signed by a cadre of former military officers claiming Donald Trump will destroy our alliances.


And a coalition of concerned proctologists will issue a manifesto alleging that Donald Trump will give you hemorrhoids. Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the point.


Ignore the left’s fearmongering. Remember all of the insane, hyperbolic predictions from 2016? None of that happened! In fact, the exact opposite happened.


The economy was strong, inflation was under control, the border was under control, Israel was signing peace agreements with its neighbors, and the world was relatively calm.




An Appeal To Faith


Donald Trump addressed the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s conference this past weekend. He warned about the left’s growing hostility to faith and pledged to strongly defend the First Amendment rights of Christians.


While the neo-Marxist left is smearing men and women of faith as “Christian nationalists” and claiming they are a danger to the country, Trump declared, “Americans of faith are not a threat to our country; Americans of faith are the soul of our country.”


The former president proudly defended the sanctity of life and pledged to keep men out of women’s sports.


Trump also begged Christians to flock to the polls “in the largest numbers ever” to save our country. He warned, “Christians cannot afford to sit on the sidelines,” adding that if Joe Biden gets four more years, “Christianity will not be safe in a nation with no borders, no laws, no freedom, no future.”


He also zeroed in on how Catholics are under siege from this “devout Catholic” president. Trump spoke about the pro-life activists Biden is aggressively hunting down, including the appalling prosecution of Paulette Harlow, a 75 year-old grandmother who is in poor health.


Trump said, “Many people are in jail over this. … We’re going to get that taken care of immediately — [on the] first day.”


In virtually every speech, Joe Biden tells radical transgender ideologues that he has their back. Donald Trump is telling Christians every way he can that he has our back. And he has a record to prove it.




Poll Position


Quinnipiac University just released the results of its latest poll. In May, Quinnipiac’s poll had Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 48% to 47%. Now, it’s Trump 49%, Biden 45%. Among independent voters, Trump leads 51% to 41%.


So, in the 30 days since his conviction in Alvin Bragg’s kangaroo court, Trump has gone from being one point down to four points up.


But wait. . . There’s more!


The New York Times has a new poll out that shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 48% to 44%. In April, they were tied.


Here’s even more bad news for Biden. The Times poll finds that 26% of likely black voters support Donald Trump. At this point four years ago, only 5% of black voters said they supported Trump. And 68% of voters believe Joe Biden is too old to be president.




Biden’s Border Insanity


I have repeatedly warned that Joe Biden’s open borders are a major national security threat. Biden is allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter the country, and we have no idea who many of them are. It would be foolish to assume that our enemies are not exploiting this massive vulnerability.


And, of course, they are.


NBC News reports that federal agents are scrambling to find hundreds of illegal aliens who “were brought [to America] by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network.”


The report indicates that more than 150 of the illegal aliens have been arrested, while others spread across 17 states are being monitored and “may be arrested soon.” But at least 50 are still at large, and authorities have no idea where they are.


By the way, it’s just been confirmed that the suspect in two murders in Texas is an illegal alien.




Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom


In this week’s Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I expose how radical secularists and neo-Marxists have been rewriting our history to erase America’s deep religious heritage.


As you will hear in this episode, President Ronald Reagan wasn’t afraid to fight back against the left. We must not be afraid to fight for our values today.


Listen to the podcast here.