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Thursday, June 25, 2020 -- Burn It Down, Taking Action, Good News

Burn It Down?
In yesterday's report, I highlighted President Trump's strong stand against the left-wing mob that wants to destroy our historic monuments, symbols of America's founding, as they ultimately seek to destroy America as we know it.  That's not hyperbole, my friends.
Hawk Newsome, the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York, was on Fox News yesterday.  Newsome, who has a law degree, takes his inspiration from the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. 
During an intense interview with host Martha McCallum, Newsome declared:
"If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.  All right?  And I could be speaking . . . figuratively.  I could be speaking literally. . .  I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary."
Note the phrase "by any means necessary."  It was popularized by radical black activist Malcolm X, and has been adopted by the violent left-wing group that goes by the acronym "BAMN," which seeks to fundamentally transform America By Any Means Necessary.
Again, my friends, our country is at a tipping point, and a Biden victory this November would empower this radical anti-America movement.
Stand with me as we stand with President Trump!
Taking Action
Four hundred National Guard troops have been mobilized in Washington, D.C., to provide backup to local police and other federal law enforcement agencies. 
They are preparing to combat left-wing anarchists who have threatened to tear down the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park tonight.  President Trump has vowed that it won't happen.  We will report on any developments tomorrow. 
In related news, the Justice Department is prosecuting more than 70 cases against rioters.  The charges range from arson to murder.  And kudos to Rep. Louie Gohmert for urging the Justice Department to use the RICO statutes to prosecute the radical left.
President Trump is attending a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore on July 3rd.  I'm sure it will be a magnificent display of patriotism.  But not everyone is happy about it.
Native American activist Nick Tilsen denounced Trump's visit and Mount Rushmore, calling it "a symbol of white supremacy, of structural racism," adding that it includes "the white faces of the conquerors who committed genocide."  So Mount Rushmore is as evil as the Emancipation Memorial and must be destroyed too. 
George Washington is featured on Mount Rushmore because he led the birth of the nation, which the left says was an evil act. 
Thomas Jefferson is there because he oversaw America's westward expansion.  Well, the left insists that led to a genocide of Native Americans, and Jefferson was also a slave owner, as was Washington.
Abraham Lincoln is on Mount Rushmore because he preserved the Union and freed the slaves.  Teddy Roosevelt is there for his role in making America a leading industrial power. 
Mount Rushmore won't be as easy to destroy as other statues or monuments, but that won't stop the left from trying.  Some so-called "progressives" have been wanting to blow it up for years.
Mayhem In Madison
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was forced to call out the National Guard yesterday after a mob in Madison vandalized state property, destroyed two historic statues and seriously injured a progressive state legislator. 
Democrat state Sen. Tim Carpenter was beaten to the ground by demonstrators, got up, stumbled a few feet and collapsed with a concussion. 
It took Gov. Evers 11 hours to comment on the destruction of the statues and the assault on Sen. Carpenter.  Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes condemned the left-wing mob for assaulting Carpenter, tweeting:
"Very disappointed to see what happened to my friend Senator Tim Carpenter last night. We have a common purpose to bring justice . . . and individuals can't be reduced to collateral damage in the process, especially those on the proper side."
In other words, when you're assaulting legislators make sure you're getting those on other side, not your own guys.  How's that for calming tensions?
Biden Lied
Last month, Joe Biden was asked on "Good Morning America" what he knew about the Michael Flynn investigation.  Biden initially said that he knew nothing about it. 
After being pressed further, Biden pretended as though his hearing was failing him.  "I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted.  I'm sorry," he said.  "I was aware that they asked for an investigation.  But that's all I know."
That was a lie.  And we know that thanks to newly released notes taken by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok after that infamous January meeting in the Oval Office. 
Keep in mind that the FBI wanted to drop the investigation against Flynn, but Strzok intervened to keep it alive.  So what do we know from Strzok's notes?  

  • We know that Barack Obama wanted "the right people" to handle the case, probably the same people who handled Hillary's email investigation, and that would be Peter Strzok.  
  • We know that former FBI Director James Comey thought Flynn's calls with the Russian ambassador "appear legit." 
  • And we now know that it was Joe Biden who suggested Flynn be investigated under the 1799 Logan Act, which no one has ever been prosecuted under before. 

Biden wasn't merely "aware" of the investigation; he was the one who came up with the absurd idea of using the Logan Act to persecute Gen. Flynn!  And, yes, Flynn was persecuted by the Obama FBI!
Either Biden lied on "Good Moring America" or more than just his hearing is failing him. 
Good News
The Senate yesterday confirmed President Trump's 200th judicial nominee.  That's huge news, my friends!  It's a major milestone in President Trump's promise to appoint conservative judges to the federal courts.
For the first time in 40 years, there are no judicial vacancies remaining on the critical appeals courts.  These courts rank just below the Supreme Court, and the vast majority of important cases end there.
This is another example of how President Trump and the Republican Senate majority are keeping their promises to restore balance to the courts and uphold the rule of law. 
As I have argued many times, this issue alone is reason enough for every values voter to support President Trump and Vice President Pence this November.
Let me remind you that Justice Ginsburg is 87 years old.  Later this summer, Justice Breyer will turn 82.  The next president will likely make one, perhaps even two, Supreme Court appointments.
Just imagine what President Trump and a conservative Senate could achieve with four more years.
Please stand with me now as we stand with President Trump!