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Thursday, June 20, 2024 -- Poll Position, Biden vs. Obama, Fauci's Follies

Poll Position


Earlier in the week, I urged readers not to get overconfident and become complacent about positive polling in the presidential race. Well, the latest Fox News poll offers a cautionary tale.


Among registered voters, Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump 50% to 48%. Even in a five-way race, Biden still wins 43% to 42%. Biden’s lead comes in spite of voters preferring Donald Trump on major issues like the economy, immigration, and the Israel/Hamas war.


I don’t know why Fox is still focused on registered voters five months from the election. No one should be doing registered voter polls at this point. We get better information from likely voter polls.


But, as we all know and tend to forget, whether the poll is registered voters or likely voters, what ultimately matters most is the Electoral College count.


For example, one recent poll in Arizona, which Biden continues to claim that he won, Trump is leading a head-to-head matchup by seven and by four in a multi-candidate race.


Moreover, polls show Trump leading in the swing states of Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, while he’s tied in Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and even in Minnesota, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 52 years!


If Donald Trump actually wins all those states, he would win the White House with 335 Electoral College votes to 203 for Joe Biden.




Biden vs. Obama


Rumors are circulating again that Joe Biden has an Obama problem. And, no, it’s Barack, who had to grab Biden’s hand and lead him off a stage recently. In this case, Biden’s problem is Michelle.


At a recent Turning Point event, Roger Stone reiterated his belief that Democrats will dump Joe Biden and replace him with Michelle Obama at their national convention in August. In fact, Stone said, “The chances are greater than they have ever been before that Joe Biden will be replaced.”


That’s just Stone’s prediction, but there has been a lot of speculation about this particular scenario for months now. Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom would be the left’s “dream team.”


If this swap actually materializes, it would solve Biden’s problems with black voters. I think it could also solve some other problems, like the GOP’s turnout difficulties and ensuring solid working-class turnout.


Ultimately, however, it might not make any difference at all. Previous polling found Trump defeating Michelle Obama by the same percentage as he was beating Joe Biden.




The Left’s Latest Power Play


Every future Republican president, if there is one, should look at how the Democrats are using their power and never again say, “Oh, no, we couldn’t do that.” Unilateral preemptive surrender is not how battles are won.


Case in point: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a regulation that limits foreign ownership in radio stations to no more than 25%. But over the past few years, George Soros has been buying up radio stations all over the country.


Now, Soros has his sights set on the Audacy network, which has more than 200 radio stations across the country and features several top conservative hosts, including Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Dana Loesch.


I’ll give you one guess as to why Soros is so interested in the Audacy network. (Hint: He would prefer the stations only talk about flowers, sports or celebrity gossip all day.)


However, the New York Post reports that the deal Soros is pushing would give him a 40% stake in the company, far exceeding the 25% limit. Unfortunately, the Democrat majority on the FCC appears inclined to accommodate Soros by granting him a waiver from that limit.


But there’s more.


The FCC is also trying to set new regulations for some political ads in this campaign, which contradict the rules established by the Federal Election Commission. Some FEC commissioners are furious, and they are telling the FCC, “Get back in your lane. We regulate political ads, not you.”


Meanwhile, the left’s impulse toward censorship is on full display once again. Joe Biden has created a special task force to aggressively push back on so-called “cheap fakes” – you know, videos that show Biden being Biden.


Presumably, it won’t be long before FBI agents start pressuring social media companies to censor the truth again.




Biden vs. Musk


The Biden administration has gone after Elon Musk in every way it can. For example, Biden repeatedly snubbed Tesla while promoting domestic manufacturing of electric cars. Biden’s Justice Department sued SpaceX for discriminatory hiring practices. But get this: the charge against Musk was that he showed favoritism towards American citizens rather than “refugees.” That sounds like “America Last” to me.


Well, there’s more.


In 2020, the Trump administration awarded Musk $900 million to provide high-speed internet to rural Americas in the least served areas of the country. But since 2021, Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly denied Musk any money to carry out this needed service.


Instead, Biden announced his own $42 billion federal program to expand rural internet service, and after three years, he’s helped exactly no one.


Way to go, Joe!




Fauci’s Follies


You might want to sit down for this one. Saint Fauci of The Science has admitted a mistake!


In an interview with CBS, His Scientific Eminence finally confessed that locking our children out of our schools for so long was wrong. Curiously, I don’t recall Fauci The Magnificent being much of an advocate for reopening the schools until right after the 2020 elections.


But in his defense, I will note that the Fabulous Fauci once declared, “I had nothing to do [with school closures].” And he is probably right. We know the radical teachers’ unions were really in charge of COVID policy.


Joe Biden gave teachers priority in getting COVID vaccines. But that didn’t matter. They still demanded that schools stay closed. And we later learned that the teachers’ unions even had veto power over recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.