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Thursday, June 13, 2024 -- Another Terrorist Arrested, Contemptuous Garland, He Can't Swim

Another Terrorist Arrested


Around 1:30 AM yesterday morning, New York City police officers pulled over an SUV with obstructed license plates.


When officers searched the vehicle, they found an arsenal of weapons: a loaded gun with nine loaded magazines, NYPD gear including body armor, knives, handcuffs, a blow torch, and a Metropolitan Transportation Authority vest. Needless to say, the driver, Judd Sanson, was arrested.


But there’s more.


Sanson promoted radical Islamic views on social media, and presumably a lot of Jew-hatred, too. On one of his weapons he carved, “You left me no choice, I am sorry, You gon [sic] learn today,” and the Arabic word for, “Allah, forgive me.”


This shocking incident is yet another disturbing example of what is happening inside our country. It comes on the heels of the arrests of eight terrorists from Tajikistan, who crossed the border illegally and shouldn’t have been here.


Only God knows how many like Sanson we have produced in our own sick culture and how many more we have let in.


And again, why New York City? Why did several of the Tajikistan terrorists go to New York City? Well, it’s always been Ground Zero for terrorists. It is Ground Zero now for pro-Hamas radicals. And it is Ground Zero for anti-Semitic attacks on Jews.




Contemptuous Garland


Yesterday afternoon, Attorney General Merrick Garland was found to be in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena. The next step is to wait and see if the Justice Department will prosecute him. Hmmm, it’s a close call.


Just kidding! Of course, they won’t!


But the bigger picture here is what happens when a Democrat wins the presidency. They make sure all those left-wing attorneys at the Justice Department are unleashed full force against Republicans.


For example, the acting associate attorney general (the number three guy at the Justice Department) quit his high-powered Washington, D.C., job to help Alvin Bragg prosecute Donald Trump. And Biden’s Justice Department is still hunting down grandmothers who briefly walked through the Capitol on January 6th, while at the same time prosecuting as many pro-life activists as possible.


Garland has nothing to worry about, thanks to the two systems of justice.


But Donald Trump’s former trade adviser, Peter Navarro, and Trump’s former White House adviser, Steve Bannon, were charged and convicted for defying a congressional subpoena. Navarro is already in jail, and Bannon is likely to end up there.


Do you recall when former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from key decisions that involved the Trump White House? Sadly, his premature surrender of his authority enabled virtually every leftist attack on Trump because they flowed out of that decision.


I know Jeff Sessions, I like him. He was one of our best voices against illegal immigration in the Senate. Unfortunately, there’s just no fight in too many of our dogs.


Nevertheless, kudos to House Republicans for at least trying to apply the principle of equal justice under the law.




He Can’t Swim


William “Lia” Thomas wanted to swim in the upcoming summer Olympics against women. But World Aquatics, the governing body for major water sports competitions, adopted a policy that bans men from competing in women’s swimming for the obvious reason – it’s not fair.


Thomas objected to the policy and appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This special sports court said, “No.” It’s a victory in a battle we shouldn’t have to fight, but we are thanks to the left’s increasing insanity. (Again, it’s the left, not the right, that is waging a culture war against America.)


Some media outlets are reporting that Thomas was banned from the Olympics. That’s not true.


William “Lia” Thomas has every right every other man has to compete against men and become competitive in men’s swimming. He has no right to make absurd claims about who or what he is and force women to race against him.


The fact that our elites embrace this insanity is a marker of just how much the neo-Marxist left is leading us off a cliff.


By the way, William Thomas, who was allowed by the NCAA to cheat his way to the top of women’s swimming, ranked – wait for it – 462nd in men’s swimming. He was at best just a “mediocre” male athlete. But by pretending to be a woman, he became the NCAA’s “women’s” national champion, breaking multiple records set by female swimmers in the process.


Now, to my friends at the New York Post, who do an outstanding job on so many issues, stop referring to “Lia” as “she” or “her.”


The Post also refers to the transgender shooter in Nashville, who killed three adults and three children, as “they.” There were no accomplices. Only one person, indoctrinated in transgender hate, went into the school.


This nonsense is not only morally wrong, it is grammatically wrong, too. Any news outlet that refers to a man as “she” or to a woman as “he” or to a single individual as “they” is part of the problem.


Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!


Stop encouraging this insanity!


Don’t let anyone force you to lie!




We Are Winning


In spite of the entire media combine, well-funded left-wing groups, and the Biden administration constantly pushing the trans agenda, they are losing the hearts and minds of the American people.


In 2017, only 53% of Americans agreed with the statement, “A person’s gender is determined by the sex they were assigned at birth.”


That’s obviously loaded wording. Nobody “assigns sex at birth.” The doctors and hospital staff observe the sex of the baby and make note of it. That’s why parents, even those who haven’t majored in biology (yes, I’m referring to you, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson), are thrilled and say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”


Nobody looks at their new-born baby and says, “I have no idea what it is. Guess we’ll have to wait several years for the baby to figure it out on their own.”


Well, today, 65% of Americans say that gender is determined by sex at birth. That’s still too little, in my opinion, but it’s a 12-point swing in the right direction. And the other 35% are voting for Joe Biden. I’m only slightly exaggerating.


Even Democrats are moving slightly in the right direction, though they are still way out of step with Republicans and Independents. In 2017, only 30% of Democrats said sex at birth determines gender. Now, that’s up to 39%.


So, even though the question was framed in such a way as to confuse people and boost pro-trans responses, more Americans are clearly rejecting this transgender insanity.




Leftists Get Stupid


The annual Congressional Baseball Game took place last night. The GOP team won 31 to 11. But during the game, a group of climate change fanatics stormed the field. They were tackled and removed by the police.


You may recall that seven years ago, an angry leftist with a hit list showed up at the field where the GOP team was practicing. He tried to assassinate as many Republican members of Congress as he could, and he grievously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise.


So, when a bunch of people jump out of their seats and rush the field where dozens of congressmen are playing, they’ve done a really stupid thing.


In addition, pro-Hamas supporters in the stands unfurled a “Free Palestine” flag and chanted anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric during the national anthem. That earned the Islamic radicals a police escort out of the stadium.




More Weakness


President Joe Biden is back in Europe for the G7 summit. Once again, he skipped dinner with other world leaders. He’s done this before. (Here and here.)


Everyone knows why. He can’t fly long distances and then attend a dinner with a lot of unstructured discussions. It’s just more evidence of Biden’s declining physical and mental health.


But one of the main reasons Biden is at the summit is to commit the United States to a 10-year security agreement with Ukraine in order to tie Donald Trump’s hands if he becomes president. Biden is hoping this long-term deal will prevent Trump from finding a suitable way to end this war.


What he has done to America cannot go on for another four years!




Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom


In this week’s Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I examine the latest “scandal” involving secret recordings of Justice Samuel Alito.


What “scandalous” things did Alito say? Listen to the podcast to find out!