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Thursday, July 16, 2020 -- The Blue Back Trump/Pence, Progressive Anti-Semitism, Confronting Communist China

The Blue Back Trump/Pence
As we noted last week, Vice President Mike Pence spoke to a gathering of police officers in Pennsylvania and unapologetically declared, "We back the Blue!"  Yesterday, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) returned the favor and formally endorsed President Trump's reelection.
This is a significant endorsement, my friends.  Biden has taken great pride in his relationship with unions.  And NAPO endorsed the Obama/Biden ticket in 2008 and 2012.  It did not endorse Trump in 2016. 
So why is the group turning its back on Biden now?  Because Biden has turned his back on law enforcement.  He refused to meet with them.  And he refuses to defend law enforcement in any meaningful law.
Some people may think that was a stupid move.  But listen carefully:  The progressives who control Joe Biden and today's Democrat Party don't want the police endorsing him.  That's not the coalition they are putting together. 
That's why any idea that Biden would be a "mainstream" or "moderate" Democratic president like Bill Clinton is totally absurd.  He's building a radical coalition that wants to defund the police.  Of course, Biden won't say that, but he has said that police budgets "absolutely" should be cut.
Once upon a time, Joe Biden would have bragged about his police endorsements.  Now he finds their support radioactive.  And that tells you everything you need to know about the stakes this November!
Please stand with CWF right now as we stand with President Trump!
In related news, I am pleased to report that the Justice Department is seriously stepping up its efforts to crack down on the brutal gang MS-13. Indictments were issued earlier this week against more than 20 gang members in New York and Nevada. 

In addition, the Justice Department is charging Melgar Diaz, considered a top MS-13 leader, with terrorism charges.
It is worth remembering that MS-13 became such a horrible plague to many communities because of the lax immigration policies of the Obama/Biden years.
Progressive Anti-Semitism
We've been warning for quite some time that there is not only growing anti-Israel sentiment on the progressive left, which is the rising force in the Democrat Party, but also rising anti-Semitism on the progressive left. 
It riddled the Sanders campaign.  Multiple examples of raw anti-Semitism were exposed among his staff.  Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and AOC have Democrats shaking in their boots because they are the future of the Democrat Party, and they are staunchly anti-Israel.
We have also seen growing anti-Semitism in the Black Lives Matter movement.  When Ferguson erupted after the shooting of Michael Brown, it didn't take long before the crowd was chanting anti-police, anti-American and anti-Israel slogans.  They tried to link the plight of minorities in America to the plight of Palestinians in Gaza
It has also been disturbing to see an epidemic of anti-Semitism among prominent black entertainers. 
For example, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made headlines recently for posting quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. 
Former San Antonio Spurs star Stephen Jackson defended DeSean Jackson for "speaking the truth."
Rapper Ice Cube tweeted out a series of anti-Semitic images recently.  Now he's attacking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for daring to condemn his blatant prejudice.
TV host Nick Cannon was fired by ViacomCBS after a recent interview with another well-known anti-Semite, rapper Professor Griff.  Cannon seemingly embraced a series of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including the idea that blacks are the real Semites.  
Cannon also said that whites and Jews were "closer to animals, they're the ones that are actually the true savages."
After ViacomCBS fired Cannon, popular black radio show host Charlamagne Tha God said that Cannon's firing proved that the Jews "have the power." 
Where's the Anti-Defamation League?
Where is Senator Schumer?  
Where is Speaker Pelosi? 
Where is Joe Biden? 
Confronting Communist China
China is a growing threat to freedom and free speech not just in Beijing or Hong Kong, but everywhere around the world.  As we have noted before, the NBA and major American corporations are censoring themselves and punishing American employees who dare to speak out against the brutal communist regime.  (Here, here and here.)
Now there are reports of Chinese security officials making direct video calls to Chinese nationals living in other countries who are critical of China.  They are telling dissidents to shut up or their relatives back home may pay the price. 
In one such call, a Chinese police officer told a dissident in Australia:
"You need to remember you are a citizen of the People's Republic of China. . .  if China wasn't great and strong, you would have no status. . . You are still governed by the law of China, do you understand?"
Do you get that?  China thinks it can enforce its laws to silence criticism of the regime wherever it wants!  And it is.  A coalition of human rights groups in Canada recently warned:
"Academic freedom and freedom of expression of university students in Canada speaking out on China has been increasingly stifled, as many individuals fear that Chinese government or consular agents are monitoring their speech or their activities."
I remember meeting a Chinese dissident in my office some months ago.  He told me about the six men who were watching him 24 hours a day.  They followed him wherever he went, and he saw them so frequently he knew they were Chinese agents.
In related news, Attorney General William Barr today warned that communist China has launched an "economic blitzkrieg" aimed at replacing the United States as the world's sole superpower.  Barr also called out several iconic American corporations by name for "bowing to Beijing."
There are also reports today that the Trump Administration may impose a travel ban on members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families.  Such a move could potentially prevent more than 90 million Chinese communists from entering the United States.
What's In A Name
This morning, I read a really thought-provoking and only slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion for the new name of the football team that used to be known as the Washington Redskins.
As we all know, the old name offended left-wing sensibilities because Native Americans suffered at the hands of white European settlers.  So what about groups being oppressed today?
Let's call the Washington football team the "Washington Uighurs."
Nike is a big corporate sponsor of the Washington football team.  And many of their shoes are made by essentially slave labor in China, probably even by imprisoned Uighurs.  At least that way, Nike could give the Uighurs in China's forced labor camps some recognition for all their hard work!
Here's another idea:  Perhaps every player on the "Washington Uighurs" football team, as a sign of their commitment to social justice, could wear the name of a Uighur on their jersey who has been killed by the Chinese communist regime.
Why do I suspect that the left-wing mob attacking America will be unwilling to attack communist China by renaming the "Redskins" after China's victims, the "Uighurs"?