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Thursday, January 18, 2024 -- Deep State Data Grab, You Are The Target, Johnson Stands Firm

Deep State Data Grab


Kudos to House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan! He continues to do outstanding work exposing the Deep State’s threat to our liberty. Here’s the latest.


We told you before how Bank of America surrendered the financial information of many customers at the FBI’s “request” following the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill. The scandal is much bigger.


Chairman Jordan and House Republicans investigating the weaponization of government have discovered that a Treasury Department office known as FinCEN, which tracks terrorists and money laundering groups, was unleashed on the American people under the guise of investigating January 6th.


This Treasury office went to multiple banks and demanded the financial information of customers based on a very long list of key search terms. What were the banks told to look for?


The search terms included words like “Trump,” “MAGA,” “religious texts” (that would include the Bible), and subscriptions to “media containing extremist views.” Well, who defines what’s extreme? (See below.)


Several sporting goods stores, like Bass Pro and Cabela’s, were on the list. The banks were also instructed to search for certain merchant codes to identify purchases, including firearms.


So, anyone exercising their First Amendment rights by buying a Bible and anyone exercising their Second Amendment rights at Bass Pro in January of 2021 may have been swept up in this massive Deep State data grab.


No court would ever approve such a broad search warrant! This is the exact opposite of what search warrants are supposed to be.


It’s the stuff of totalitarianism!


Some are suggesting that the banks “voluntarily complied” with the government’s “request.” The government never merely “requests” anything.  This is the same tactic the FBI used to get social media companies to suppress free speech and information about COVID.


The FBI “requested” that Facebook and Twitter suppress “Russian disinformation” about Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Of course, we now know that the FBI had Hunter’s laptop and knew it was real the year before. They lied about it being “Russian disinformation.” The FBI suppressed the truth to protect Joe Biden, hoping to “rig” the 2020 election!


Every American ought to be furious about this kind of government abuse, especially given the totalitarian impulses of the neo-Marxist left.




You Are The Target


I know some people might be tempted to just shrug it all off. DON’T! This is another piece of an obvious and dangerous pattern.


Deep State operatives, who are tools of the left, tried to smear Donald Trump as an agent of Russia with a fake hoax.


They hid Hunter Biden’s corruption to rig the election.


They worked with social media companies to censor dissenting views on COVID and suppressed our First Amendment rights.


They are attempting to cancel the presidential election in multiple states by taking the greatest threat to the Deep State’s power – Donald Trump – off the ballot.


They are persecuting him in multiple venues.


They are working with banks to cancel conservative individuals and organizations.


Remember when former Senator Sam Brownback’s religious liberty group had its bank accounts shut down? This is happening to other conservative organizations. Why?


The left is aggressively trying to bankrupt the NRA, and it is violently attacking pro-life organizations.


None of that has anything to do with Donald Trump!


But the totalitarian left is desperately trying to shut down any discussion of normal conservative views and values.




Biden Enlists The SPLC


Need more evidence of the left’s intention to silence conservatives? Multiple agencies throughout the Biden administration have enlisted the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left organization, to identify so-called “domestic extremists.”


Well, who does the SPLC think the “bad guys” are?


The SPLC has smeared multiple conservative organizations, including the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, Moms for Liberty and the American Family Association, as “hate groups” or “extremist groups.”


Remember when Biden’s FBI targeted concerned parents at school board meetings? What did that have to do with Donald Trump?


Remember when Biden’s FBI targeted conservative churches? What did that have to do with Donald Trump?


Remember when Joe Biden attacked not just Donald Trump, but MAGA supporters as “semi-fascist”? That’s 75 million Americans who believe in making America great again.


You don’t have to agree with everything Donald Trump says. But he is 100% correct when he says the left is coming for people like us. And to do that, they have to stop him first.




Johnson Stands Firm


President Biden summoned congressional leaders to the White House yesterday to demand more money for Ukraine. The latest Ukraine bailout has been tied to additional support for Israel and funding to address the border crisis.


While some Senate Republicans are negotiating another quasi-amnesty with Chuck Schumer, Speaker Mike Johnson is standing firm. During an interview with Laura Ingraham last night, Speaker Johnson said:


“I looked right across the table from [Biden] in the Cabinet Room, and I said, ‘Mr. President, you have the authority right now to end this catastrophe. It’s your actions that created it.


“‘We have documented 64 instances of you taking executive actions with your agencies that created this catastrophe. Mr. President, it’s on you to unwind it. We don’t need new laws. You can do it right now.’”


Speaker Johnson is absolutely right!


The first thing Joe Biden did on Day One of his administration was to cancel construction of the border wall. That tells you everything you need to know. And now illegal aliens are literally thanking Biden for allowing them to enter the country.


The speaker also put a resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday condemning “the national security and public safety crisis” the Biden administration “created along the southwest border.” It passed on a bipartisan vote of 225-to-187 with the support of 14 House Democrats.




The Return Of Obama


The left is in full-blown panic mode as more and more polling indicates that Joe Biden is a one-term president. They’re not even trying to hide their fear anymore.


Yesterday, Kamala Harris said she is “scared as heck.” And she’s not the only one. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said she is “terrified” about the 2024 election. In fact, she is so “terrified” that she may be ready to take matters into her own hands.


There are new reports that Michelle Obama met with the CEOs of big hedge funds back in 2022 and said then that she was planning to run for president. She also reportedly surveyed leading Democrats about the possibility of her candidacy.


Some suggest that this continued open speculation is a warning to Joe Biden to step aside before he gets humiliated. And it’s noteworthy that Barack Obama was never very keen on the idea of Joe Biden running – not in 2016 or in 2020.


But here’s something we must all keep in mind: Concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health are specific to him, and focusing on Biden’s age and health is all wasted effort the moment he’s off the ticket.


Our focus must be on the failed policies of Joe Biden and his left-wing allies. They are the same failed policies that any Democrat will pursue and put on steroids if they have power.


It is dangerous to have a president with Biden’s domestic policies, not because he doesn’t know where he is on the stage at any given moment, but because they are radical and extreme.  And his foreign policy is nothing but appeasement and weakness.


It isn’t Biden’s senility that leads him to say his top priority is restoring abortion on demand in every state of the union. It’s his radical leftism, and that is not specific to him. Any Democrat who replaces him will push for the same insane things.




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


In this week’s “Defending Faith, Family and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I expose the left’s bigoted alarmism over so-called “Christian nationalism.”  The real threats we should be worried about are neo-Marxism and secular globalism.