Campaign for Working Families

Thursday, February 23, 2023 -- Trump Delivers, Biden's Radical Racialism, Talk About Privilege

Trump Delivers


As we noted in yesterday’s report, Donald Trump delivered desperately needed water and cleaning supplies to the beleaguered residents of East Palestine, Ohio.  He later visited a local McDonald’s where he bought lunch for the fire department, the police department and anyone else who happened to be there!


More importantly, Trump also delivered Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.  After nearly three weeks of inaction and relative silence, Buttigieg finally showed up in East Palestine this morning.


What Trump did concentrated the minds of the Biden Administration.  That’s a good thing for this devastated community and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas, which may be impacted by this chemical disaster for quite some time. 


In spite of all of Biden’s talk about the “working man,” it turns out that working-class Americans of all races are abandoning the Democrat Party


Working-class people don’t believe America is evil


They don’t want global institutions running their lives. 


They don’t believe in open borders


They don’t believe unborn babies are blobs of tissue to be discarded at whim


They don’t believe in dozens of genders, and they’re not obsessed with stoking racial division.  (See next item.)




Biden’s Radical Racialism


When Democrats jammed through tens of billions of dollars for an army of tens of thousands of additional IRS agents, Joe Biden swore they would only go after “the rich.”  Well, we’re not that stupid. 


We recently learned that the IRS is now going after tipped workers – you know, the single mom working at the local diner.  But now we’re learning something else that’s far more disturbing. 


President Biden has signed several executive orders that purportedly seek to promote “racial equity.”  Sounds fair enough, right? 


Well, it is essential that you understand that equity has nothing to do with equality.  In fact, it’s frequently the exact opposite.


For example, a major insurance company recently announced that it was awarding grants to organizations that promote “healthy food equity.”  But organizations led by white CEOs were explicitly banned from participating in the program, even if a majority of the organization’s staff happened to be people of color. 


Normal people would call that “racism.”  But today’s leftists call it “equity.”


In the name of “equity,” left-wing school districts have refused to tell certain students that they had won major academic awards.  Other schools are canceling honors classes entirely. 


In the left’s warped mind, success must be punished in an attempt to mandate equal results.  Normal people could call that “communism.”  But today’s neo-Marxist left calls it “equity.”  Sadly, this perverse mindset is infecting everything, even medicine.


So, what does all this have to do with the IRS? 


Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about algorithms.  They’re programming rules used to determine certain results.  “Algorithms” were always the excuse when Big Tech was caught censoring conservative sites or comments.  Miraculously, the algorithms never seemed to target liberals.


There are alarming reports that the Biden Administration has directed the IRS to alter its audit program algorithms to ensure that more white and Asian taxpayers are subject to audits. 


Why are Asians included?  Some progressives claim that Asians are “white adjacent” or “just as bad as whites,” I suppose.


Can the Biden Administration get any more neo-Marxist in its relentless effort to divide us into tribes so the left can increase its power? 


The problem with the IRS is not that their audits are “racially inequitable.”  It’s that the government is spending too much and the tax code is too complex! 


But Biden’s bureaucrats are burning the midnight oil, and this is what they’re up to.  Are they going to develop an algorithm to guarantee that all 72 genders are equitably audited?


By the way, Biden’s racial equity order also extends to artificial intelligence (AI).  That’s only guaranteed to make Big Tech’s left-wing bias even worse, if that’s possible.




Talk About Privilege


Sam Brinton just can’t stay out of the headlines.  He first made news when Joe Biden made history by appointing Brinton as the first open “gender fluid” individual to hold a top post in the federal government. 


Months later, Brinton made news again when he was arrested for stealing women’s luggage at multiple airports.  Sadly, it seems Mr. Brinton has a lot of problems, including an inability to tell the truth.  (Here and here.) 


Was this some sort of “cross-dressing clothing reparations”?  We know that transwomen (biological men pretending to be women) are taking away real women’s rights, invading their privacy and crushing their dreams


But for a “non-binary” man to think he has a right to take women’s clothing, that must be some kind of progressive “non-heteronormative privilege” that I’m unaware of.


Well, Brinton’s back in the news.  Evidently, he’s been afflicted with “luggage kleptomania” for several years. 


If only Joe Biden and his staff had some remote indication, some small clue of Brinton’s troubles, perhaps they could have gotten him some help before it all spiraled out of control.  But I digress. . .


Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian fashion designer, is accusing Brinton of stealing her luggage at Washington’s Reagan National Airport in 2018.  Her husband filed a police report at the time, but nothing came of it. 


Now, she’s bringing the receipts. 


After hearing about Brinton’s arrests for stealing women’s luggage, Khamsin recently posted several pictures of her designer clothing and Sam Brinton wearing her outfits!  She’s filed a new police report and also contacted the FBI.


As columnist Robert Spencer put it, “‘Non-binary’ Sam Brinton is not a hero of gender fluidity. He is a victim of our society’s fashionable madness.  He should not be treated as anything else.”




More Leftist Lunacy


A big part of the left’s war on normalcy is its war on language.  Progressives are trying to ban certain words like “male” and “female,” “mother” and “father” in favor of nonsense like “birthing person” and “sperm donor.”


One of the left’s favorite made-up words is “Latinx.”  It was invented to erase gender.  Instead of referring to “Latinos” or “Latinas,” we’re supposed to simply use “Latinx.”  But somehow “wise Latinx” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


And that’s why Hispanics have overwhelmingly rejected the absurd term.  Many, in fact, are offended by it because it is an assault on Hispanic culture and language. 


Well, now some “non-binary” leftist professor is claiming that Hispanic culture is “transphobic” and bigoted because Hispanics reject this made-up, nonsense term. 


That this so-called “professor” has the audacity to publish such a column is another example of the intolerant, totalitarian left attempting to force its values on the rest of society.


As Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders have said, the debate in America isn’t right versus left, but normal versus crazy.  And there’s no compromise, no middle ground with such lunacy.