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Thursday, February 2, 2023 -- Hunter Claims His Laptop, National Security Concerns, Take The Gloves Off

Hunter Claims His Laptop


There’s an extraordinary story this morning involving Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” 


As you know, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and the entire left-wing political and media complex spent months telling us that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” and we couldn’t believe anything we heard or read about it.


Hunter even denied that the laptop was his.  He also suggested it might have been stolen.  When Donald Trump tried to talk about it on 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl stopped the conversation and accused him of lying.  (Has Stahl ever apologized to Trump and the American people for that horrific example of journalistic malpractice?)


Of course, the media were lying to us, and one by one “mainstream media” outlets finally had to concede that the laptop was in fact real.  The only “disinformation” was all the lies they, the FBI, Big Tech and other Democrats spread by denying the laptop was real in order to cover for the Bidens. 


That brings us to today. 


In an example of chutzpah on steroids, Hunter Biden is now claiming to be the victim, alleging that the contents of the laptop were stolen and used to defame him!  His high-powered lawyers have sent letters to the Justice Department and the IRS sicking daddy’s investigative agencies on his critics. 


They are demanding state and federal investigations of at least half a dozen people, including Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repair shop owner who initially agreed to fix Hunter’s laptop. 


By the way, I’m sure the timing of this letter is just a total coincidence given that House Republicans are set to hold hearings next week on the Biden family’s corruption and Hunter’s laptop will be “Exhibit A.”


The level of audacity here is absolutely stunning!  You rarely get such a clear example of blatant obstruction of justice, but that’s exactly what’s going on.


The truth of the matter is that nothing was “stolen.”  Hunter signed a work order giving Mac Isaac access to the laptop and he voluntarily gave up his password.  Moreover, the agreement also states that if a computer isn’t picked up after 90 days, the item is considered “abandoned” and becomes the property of Mr. Mac Isaac. 


But at least we can all agree on this point:  Hunter Biden has finally admitted that the “laptop from hell” is in fact his laptop. 




National Security Concerns


Here’s an interesting fact that caught my attention:  Hunter Biden’s lawyers also addressed their letter to a top Justice Department official responsible for national security


What does Hunter’s laptop have to do with national security? 


Well, when a variety of congressional committees, including the Democrat-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, asked for information about the classified material that Joe Biden left scattered around various locations, their requests were denied on the grounds that it could jeopardize national security. 


Hunter Biden has never been in elected office.  He’s never been employed by any intelligence agency.  But we know that he had access to these classified documents, and it’s possible he even used them in his business dealings. 


The bottom line is that Hunter knows, and I suspect other prominent Biden family members also know, that the proverbial you-know-what is about to hit the fan, and they are desperately trying to cover their own hides.




An Important Difference


It was reported yesterday that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell kicked Senators Mike Lee and Rick Scott off of the important Commerce Committee because they challenged his leadership of the GOP caucus. 


Meanwhile, on the other side of Capitol Hill, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is kicking Ilhan Omar, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees.  And therein lies the tale. 


There are some good conservative senators and some relatively bad House Republicans.  But on the whole, we are much more likely to be satisfied with what the House majority does than the current United States Senate.




Take The Gloves Off!


The House Judiciary Committee held an important hearing yesterday on the utter chaos at the southern border.  Many commentators, including some on Fox News, have been saying that everyone understands that what’s happening at the border is a total disaster, and there is a growing chance there will be a bipartisan effort to solve it. 


Of course, that sets off all kinds of alarm bells for me, and makes me yearn for the days when Rush Limbaugh rallied grassroots Americans to stop so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.”  These “reforms” always granted amnesty and never actually secured the border.  But the establishment keeps pushing for a deal.


Well, based on what we saw yesterday, the chances of any “deal” on the border aren’t good.


House Republicans brought witnesses to testify about the real life consequences of open borders and illegal immigration -- parents who have buried children from fentanyl poisoning and law enforcement officials to talk about out-of-control crime and how people have lost control of their own property.


But Democrats on the committee weren’t interested in the suffering of their fellow Americans.  They accused Republicans of being bigots who hate migrants and people of color. 


Sadly, far too many Republicans have been browbeaten into not saying the obvious:  The neo-Marxist left that controls today’s Democrat Party does not like the current population of the United States because it is too resistant to their radical schemes.  So, they are replacing that population with millions of illegal aliens. 


One of the reasons they are so opposed to Red states sending migrants to big Democrat cities is because they don’t need any more Democrat voters there. They need them in rural and swing districts. 


We need to make sure everyone understands this:  The left is attempting to “fundamentally transform America” through open borders.  It is attempting to remake America with a different population to ensure that you are part of a permanent minority that is dying out.  That’s not hyperbole.  Joe Biden has bragged about it.


But many conservatives are afraid to say that because the left will call us “bigots,” the worst thing you can say about someone in America today.  Yet, that’s exactly what they just did, and they do all the time!


They will continue to smear us until we take the gloves off and hit back the same way. 




Timeless Truth


Remember the iconic TV personality, Mr. Rogers, who so many American children grew up watching? 


One of the songs that he sang has gotten a lot of attention lately, and is taking social media by storm.  (Watch it here.)  Why is that? 


Well, Mr. Rogers wanted to assure little boys and little girls that they would stay little boys and little girls, and that only boys would become dads and only girls would become moms. 


If Fred Rogers were alive today, I would make him surgeon general because he clearly had a much firmer grasp on reality and basic scientific knowledge than today’s woke, so-called “medical professionals.”