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Thursday, February 16, 2023 -- Biden Takes A Victory Lap, The Unhinged Left, Parents Fight Back

Biden Takes A Victory Lap


President Biden is really proud of himself, and he wants everyone to know it.  He delivered an address to the nation moments ago, stating how he got really tough. . . after watching a communist Chinese spy balloon take off, drift across the Pacific, enter U.S. airspace over Alaska, move into Montana and cross the continental United States.


Biden told the American people that he shot down three additional objects, although we have no idea what they were.  Seriously -- he literally said that. 


“We don’t yet know exactly what these three objects were,” Biden said.  “The intelligence community’s current assessment is that these three objects were most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation or research institutions studying the weather.”


So, just to be clear, he waited days to shoot down the one object that we absolutely knew was an enemy spy balloon, and then decided to “shoot first and ask questions later.” 


How many Americans are going to sleep comfortably tonight knowing that our demented president is randomly shooting things out of the sky? 


That’s not leadership.  It’s a terrible attempt at “CYA.”


When Biden concluded his prepared remarks, White House reporters immediately peppered the president with questions.  Biden wandered aimlessly around the stage before walking off without answering a single one.




The Unhinged Left


The pressure leftists feel when they get up in the morning to be even more insane than the day before must be absolutely incredible.  Because somehow, they manage to do it.  Every day seems to bring new instances of “peak woke insanity.” 


For example, after the horrific shooting at Michigan State University, many Americans instinctively offered prayers for the victims and those impacted by this senseless act of violence. 


But one liberal politician lashed out in an “official statement,” saying, “F--- your thoughts and prayers. . .  Thoughts and prayers without action and change are meaningless.”  He went on to demand immediate gun control legislation.  Just another example of the left’s growing hostility toward faith and guns.


More laws restricting your Second Amendment rights won’t make any difference because left-wing, Soros-funded prosecutors aren’t enforcing the laws we already have.


Here’s another example. 


When a pro-family organization promoted the benefits of the traditional, nuclear family (a married mother and father raising children), a left-wing politician attacked the organization as an “extremist group,” and claimed it was advocating “dangerous and un-American beliefs.”


What’s “extreme” and “dangerous” is what’s happening today in many public schools.  Students are being “transitioned” by teachers and school administrators without their parents knowledge, often with horrific consequences. 


What’s “un-American” is that “public school groomers” are covering up sexual assaults and threatening to put parents in jail for not “affirming” a child’s confusion.  Meanwhile, Christian teachers, who support parents by resisting these insane policies, are the ones getting fired.  That’s un-American!


And then there’s the constant left-wing assault on free speech.  A group of scientists – and I use that term loosely – recently decided that some words are just so offensive they have to be banned.  Here some examples of these “harmful terms” and the suggested alternatives: 


Man – Sperm producer

Woman – Egg producer

Male/Female – Human / XX or XY individual

Mother/Father – Parent / Egg-donor / Sperm-donor

Alien – Non-indigenous species


This is being done in order to avoid “emphasizing hetero-normative views,” presumably because many on the left no longer find heterosexuality to be normal.


In much the same way that the loony left is losing people like Bill Maher, evolutionary biologist and professional atheist Richard Dawkins rejected this nonsense, saying:


“I shall continue to use every one of the prohibited words. I am a professional user of the English language. . .  I am not going to be told . . . which words of my native language I may or may not use.”




Parents Fight Back


Speaking of leftist insanity, a public library in Pocatello, Idaho, recently started hosting drag queen story hours for children.  So, parents, local churches and pro-family groups got together and decided to fight back.


Just before Saturday’s drag queen story hour was set to begin, a group of local residents showed up early and took all the seats.  Loonies who brought their children to the event were unable to get in and were turned away because the room was full. 


And while the drag queens read their LGBQT-affirming children’s books, many in the audience quietly sat in their chairs reading their Bibles.  The event ended early after about 30 minutes. 


This conservative sit-in is a perfect example of nonviolent resistance, and exactly the kind of thing we need more of!




Biden’s Billion Buys Death


When Joe Biden took office, one of the first things he did was restore taxpayer aid to the Palestinian Authority.  Over the course of the past two years, the Biden/Harris Administration has sent nearly $1 billion of your hard-earned money to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. 


And since Biden started giving them more money, the killing of Israeli Jews has increased 900%.  When a radical Palestinian Muslim kills a Jew, the Palestinian Authority literally pays a stipend to the terrorist’s family. 


Donald Trump cut off the corrupt Palestinian Authority.  In the last year of his administration, only three Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks.  But last year, after Biden’s billion-dollar bailout of the Palestinian Authority, 31 Israelis were killed.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on.  Your money is being used to finance the Palestinian’s evil “pay-to-slay” scheme and support schools that teach Palestinian children to hate Jews.  (Here and here.)  It’s disgusting and outrageous!


The way the Biden Administration treats the murderers of “Palestine” compared to the hardworking Americans of East Palestine, Ohio, tells you everything you need to know. 


I hate to say it, but for the good people of East Palestine, Ohio, to get Biden’s attention, they will, sadly, need to take down those beautiful American flags outside of their homes and replace them with LGBTQ flags or Ukrainian flags.  Then the millions in aid they deserve will start flowing from Joe, Kamala, Buttigieg and the left.


It seems illegal aliens, trans activists, radical BLM activists and foreign terrorists rank higher than hard-working Americans, who are being crushed by Biden’s failed economic policies.


If your name is Bob or Harry and you take a lunch box to work, you’re struggling to pay the mortgage and probably skipping breakfast now, you’re out of luck.




The Start Of Something Big?


Something is happening in Wilmore, Kentucky, about 20 miles south of Lexington.  This small town of about four thousand people in the heart of the state might seem like an odd place for a big event. 


But thousands of people from neighboring communities, and as far away as Hawaii and Canada, are turning up, day after day.  Even the network news is talking about it.  So, what’s going on? 


Well, there’s a spark of revival taking place at Asbury College.  It started during the regular chapel service on February 8th.  But this was no ordinary service.  When it ended, for reasons that can’t be explained, many students decided to remain in the chapel to praise Jesus.


They have stayed there worshiping and praying every hour of every day since.  Now they are being joined by thousands of people flocking to the Asbury College chapel. 


And it appears to be spreading.  Something similar started happening this week at Cedarville University in Ohio, about 180 miles north of Wilmore, Kentucky.


I hope and pray this is the start of something big – another Great Awakening in America. 


We don’t know all the details.  We don’t know the staying power.  And, of course, there are critics.  Every revival that has ever occurred was met with resistance. 


But from everything I have read and seen, these students are worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and praising His son, Jesus, who came to earth, died for our sins and rose again. 


In 2023 in America, I don’t think we can be too picky.  This all started with a miracle -- students went to chapel and didn’t want to leave!  The Lord works in mysterious ways.